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Holy shit it's a NEW Eros X!!! What with all the re-presses of the first three era-defining cuts, I almost got complacent and nonchalantly brushed this aside. Turns out it's a brand new addition to North England's worst kept secret in edit history....

This buy-on-sight collection of homages to the raw, decadent & formative birth of club music moves towards the final chapter with four more tracks mining proto-house, electronic disco and raw, primal dance grooves. Maybe over time we'll concern ourselves with the originals (I know some of you will now! - ed), but I'm happy for the time being just to enjoy the vibe. A1 revisits a proper heavy slice of disco-boogie; female vocal-led with BIG bass, piano vamps and a seriously tight groove - it's impeccable! A2 sees a heavily electronic palette cross the streams of disco and house; with extended percussion bridges giving way to ridiculously out-there lead hooks - where is Eros getting these from?! On side B we open with more HEA-VY disco; the instrumentation and vocal quality confusing me as to why this isn't more well known, while on B2, we get a wild MC guiding a percussive disco jam on B1. Keeping with the label's tradition, Eros 2X deserves a place in every disco and house lovers' home! 


Sil says: Eros has always been in my record bag AND in my playlists, at home and on the go. Always. The quality of these edits are second to none. This instalment is no exception.

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    Well, it's fair to say that this little baby's had us in overdrive at Piccadilly HQ over the past couple of days. Back in 2011 (lordy, is that four years ago?!) the Eros edit series became frequent flyers in our collective record box, getting a hammering from Silvestre, Kickin' Pigeon, Dave Walker and myself (Patrick) in those glitter tinted, strobe lit days. But that was then and this is now. Can the Eros stable still bring the heat to your dancing feet? Hell yeah they can! Shifting the emphasis away from the electronic sleaze of early house music, EROS01X teleports straight into the heart of the disco supernova that started it all, so break out your spandex, soul glow your 'fro and get ready to dance. On the A-side, the mysterious Eros hits us with a many headed hybrid of Chic's "Dance Dance Dance" and at least one other disco cut, here providing some extra soulful vocals over Nile and Bernard's corking arrangement. Don't be misled, this cut does nothing world changing, it just does it right! Perfectly looped, chopped and structured, sublimely mixed and engineered and with just the right amount of mind melting frequency tweaks, this is gonna demolish dancefloors.

    The B-side opens with the light and lively sounds of cowbell led percussion, before evolving into a killer disco funk groove packed with block party chatter and discotheque atmospherics. Now, where the Chic rework on the A-side just rode that groove forever, this cut sees our editor totally flip the script, soaking the track in echo, rocking the LPF, dropping reverb, chopping in a little plate delay and arming the rave sirens as he constructs the best disco edit I've heard in god knows how long. Amazing stuff! The B2 keeps the fire burning with a live and loopy rework of Isaac Hayes' "I Can't Turn Around" complete with pianos, clipped vocals and some truly lysergic flanger abuse. This is absolutely essential dancefloor tackle, and I for one will be rinsing this for years to come. Be warned!

    Various Artists

    Eros Volume 3

      Third and final EP from Eros, and it's another mindblowing four tracker of lost classics from the raw, decadent and formative birth of club music re-programmed for modern floors. This time the mysterious Eros focuses on pure Chicago house sounds from yesteryear. With the current obsession for slavishly retro reimaginings of a certain sort of Chi-Town sound (minimal, lush, strictly 808), it's nice to get back to original tracks here that have a certain amount of oomph to them. Track 1 features all the requisite Chicago house sounds (compressed bassline, squarewave acid, cheesy Korg M1 keyboard line, big fish little fish cardboard box groove, sirens... I reckon they just tried out all the drum machine presets on one tune!), plus a catchy vocal snippet. Track 2 sounds like Nitro Deluxe meets Inner City. Track 3 starts off typically house, then romps off on a disco-not-disco kinda slinky groove. Track 4 sounds like one of those late 80s Jive Bunny-esque sampladelic mash-ups featuring a whole host of underground house cuts - Italo or what?!

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