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    Luciano e Valerio, Giacomo e Michele: Odeon are the union of two couples of Roman brothers who are not easily defined.

    Take the mellow melodies of Talk Talk and the celestial guitar riffs of Cocteau Twins bound together with some heavy Goblin-inspired bassline and you’ll be close to picturing Odeon’s signature sound. Drawing from '70 Italian B-Movies' soundtracks, psychedelic rock and early 80s new wave, and combining analog synths, dreamy guitars, melancholy vocoder and drum machine-driven percussion, Odeon put together a debut album that sounds fresh and classic at the same time.

    Ethereal and mesmerizing, Galaxies is the perfect soundtrack for a sonic journey through dying stars and forbidden planets.


    Ltd LP Info: Gatefold Sleeve, 180g Vinyl.

    Odeon here on the exquisite Edizioni Mondo. "Rocket Launch" is epic on many levels. Beginning life as a proggy, 80s jazz rock collage with more than a hint of Stanley Clark to it; it soon transforms into a sprawling druggy cosmic-rock chugger, complete with rotating acid lines, huge guitar parts and Weatherall-patented groove. Panoram Partial get seriously wigged out and wild on their version; conjuring up something entirely unique and very difficult to cross reference. Tuneful yet highly metallic and processed to buggery whilst being somehow quite fluid and wholesome. It's left me scratching me head completely which is only a good thing! Edizioni Mondo mainstay L.U.C.A contributes two mixes, the first is a disco-not-disco midtempo reshape of "Rocket Launch". Carrying on like Eric Duncan mid mix, he retains the AM radio snippets of the OG before laying down a killer live bass and disco drum rhythm onto which various cosmic elements are placed on top. Finally, he touches up another new track, "Earth Polar Axis" into a breath taking magic carpet ride of shooting synth washes, ethereal pads and infectious bass. If you like expansive, wide-screen sounds which touch on the Kraut and the cosmic, with a nod to the dancefloor as much as the mind, then this my friends, is the record for you.

    Continuing his library inspired output on Edizioni Mondo, L.u.c.a returns with a brand new LP informed by a mystical naturalism. This is a whole new universe in the making, where rumbling magmatic atmospheres evolve gradually in a journey through an idealist new world, celestial interludes revealing a full take over of nature, with a pervasive library feel that dates back to the great Italian masters, carrying on Edizioni Mondo's legacy.  L.u.c.a. is Francesco De Bellis aka Francisco. Years ago he started putting together some selections for a friend of his: Luca. The intention was to pick songs to be played during car rides, and like any other kind of ritual, this too would come with strict rules. You'd have to go through the whole selection of 100 tracks without skipping, because every single one was important. Be it the sounds, the arrangement or its creativity, each track was there for a very specific reasons. It quickly became a monthly event which for several years evolved in a deep musical research without genre boundaries: Disco and psychedelic, soundtracks, library music, exotica, electronic and dance music, italo, new wave, pop or prog. Tracks of each and any historical period and provenance had been featured in this special compilations. But it wasn't always that easy to come up with the right piece and eventually Francesco started producing a few on his own to fill in the gaps. After six tracks, it was quite clear that there was a project developing, one in which he could finally experiment freely, leaving behind the rules that often come with dance tracks. Of course, no name could have been better than the one of his friend that had inspired everything? And so L.u.c.a was born.


    Patrick says: After a brief hiatus, L.u.c.a returns to Edizioni Mondo with the sprawling, psychedelic beauty of "I Semi Del Futuro". Inspired by nature, emotion, cinema and beauty, the Italian harnesses Morricone, Axelrod and Hazlewood to create an impressionistic masterpiece. Part cosmic country, part lounge funk, this is the soundtrack to your own spaghetti western - so saddle up.

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