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The Specials

Live At The Moonlight Club

    This gig was said to have been secretly recorded by Decca Records who had an office next door to the famous Moonlight Club in Hampstead, London and then somehow made its way into the hands of the bootleggers. More recently Horace Panter in his excellent account of his time with the Specials, Ska'd for Life, has stated that although the entire set was recorded the track Longshot Kick The Bucket, which had been recently added to the bands set list, was scheduled to appear on a live Moonlight Club compilation but for whatever reason the planned album failed to materialise. Whatever its origins there is no doubting that it captures the band in top form and is a great example of a sound that was to quickly take the nation by storm.

    The Chemical Brothers

    The Darkness That You Fear (RSD21 EDITION)



      The first new music from the duo since 2019's hugely lauded No Geography. Built around two distinct and disparate vocal samples and a woozy swirl of psychedelic sound, The Darkness That You Fear is the sonic equivalent of light at the end of the tunnel - a rush of hope and a pointer towards a brighter, more open future.The single will also be released on 12 inch vinyl on Saturday 12th June as part of Record Store Day 2021 (drop 1) alongside a B side which is as yet unreleased.


      Hyperspace (2020)

        Features 2 unreleased songs ‘Dark Places (Soundscape)’ and ‘I Am The Cosmos (42420)’. Brand new 2020 mixes of ‘Star’, ‘Hyperspace’, ‘See Through’ and ‘Die Waiting’, plus the St Vincent Remix of ‘Uneventful Days’ and ‘Saw Lightning’ (Freestyle Live). 


        says: A brilliant new issue of Beck's 2019 outing, hyperspace. With exclusive tracks and new mixes of the long-gone original, this is a superb document of one of the greatest musicians in the game.

        Norah Jones



          Black Friday on 11/27 we are releasing a limited edition 12” featuring some of Norah’s latest collaborations. Limited to 2000 copies, Playdate features Norah alongside Mavis Staples, Tarriona Tank Ball and Rodrigo Amaranteplus some solo songs of her own.


          Falling (With Rodrigo Amarante)
          I’ll Be Gone (With Mavis Staples)
          Street Stranger
          Take It Away (Featuring Tarriona Tank Ball)
          Playing Along (With Tarriona Tank Ball)
          I Forgot (With Rodrigo Amarante)
          Tryin’ To Keep It Together

          Taylor Swift


            Vinyl version of Taylor Swifts new album folklore .

            TRACK LISTING

            1. The 1
            2. Cardigan
            3. The Last Great American Dynasty
            4. Exile (featuring Bon Iver)
            5. My Tears Ricochet
            6. Mirrorball
            7. Seven
            8. August
            9. This Is Me Trying
            10. Illicit Affairs
            11. Invisible String
            12. Mad Woman
            13. Epiphany
            14. Betty
            15. Peace
            16. Hoax
            17. Lakes 

            Pink Floyd

            A Foot In The Door - Vinyl Edition

              ‘A Foot In The Door - The Best Of Pink Floyd’, is a collection of classic Pink Floyd tracks. This specially remastered compilation also features newly created artwork from Storm Thorgerson. This is the perfect Pink Floyd album for both devoted fans and those discovering Pink Floyd for the very first time. Now available on vinyl for the first time, this career-spanning compilation features some of the bands best-known album tracks spanning 1967 – 1994, as well as the UK Top 10 single ‘See Emily Play’. Newly mastered for vinyl in 2018 by longstanding Pink Floyd associate James Guthrie, with Joel Plante, and with lacquers cut by Bernie Grundman, the 2-LP version features a re-edit of ‘Time’ from the CD, with the ringing alarm clocks at the start of the track reinstated. The original artwork, art directed by the late Storm Thorgerson, has been amended by Pink Floyd Creative Director Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis with Peter Curzon, to include alternate versions of the photographs used in the CD version. 

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              Hey You
              See Emily Play
              The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
              Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
              Have A Cigar

              Side B
              Wish You Were Here
              Time/Breathe (Reprise)
              The Great Gig In The Sky

              Side C
              Comfortably Numb
              High Hopes
              Learning To Fly

              Side D
              The Fletcher Memorial Home
              Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5 (edit)
              Brain Damage

              Talk Talk

              The Party's Over

              Talk Talk's musical journey took them from early 80s synth-pop to early 90s post-rock resulting in a diverse and stimulating legacy. This 1982 release showcases the synth-pop/new wave side to the band. After supporting Duran Duran on their 1981 tour, they released the single Mirror Man, as well as their two UK Top 40 hits Today and Talk Talk – all of which are included amongst other great songs on the album.

              Their debut album, The Party's Over was released in 1982 and produced by Colin Thurston, who was a former engineer for David Bowie but was better known for producing Duran Duran's first two albums.

              A product of its time, the album is classic synth-pop teamed with lyrical depth that went on to be synonymous with lead singer, Mark Hollis.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side 1
              1) Talk Talk
              2) It’s So Serious
              3) Today
              4) The Party’s Over

              Side 2
              1) Hate
              2) Have You Heard The News
              3) Mirror Man
              4) Another Word
              5) Candy

              Talk Talk

              It's My Life

              The band’s breakthrough record It’s My Life saw the arrival of producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Friese-Greene, who became a significant creative force in the band and an unofficial fourth member for the remainder of its existence.

              It’s My Life saw the band seek a less synthesized sound and less New Romantic image, which included keyboardist Simon Brenner leaving the band. The new sound gave the band commercial success, with the title track becoming a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. It went on to be covered by No Doubt in 2003 reaching number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and remaining on the chart for 28 weeks.

              The album also contained the single "Such a Shame" (a song inspired by the book The Dice Man) which became a Top 10 hit across Europe. A third single, "Dum Dum Girl", was also a success in Europe and NZ in particular.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side 1:
              1) Dum Dum Girl
              2) Such A Shame
              3) Renée
              4) It’s My Life

              Side 2:
              1) Tomorrow Started
              2) The Last Time
              3) Call In The Night Boys
              4) Does Caroline Know
              5) It’s You

              Talk Talk’s classic albums ‘Spirit of Eden’ and ‘The Colour of Spring’ get re-issued on 180g heavyweight vinyl cut from the original analogue master, together with a DVD featuring the album delivered as a 96kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo mix. The DVDs both feature one extra track … ‘Spirit of Eden’ has the ‘b’ side ‘John Cope’ while ‘The Colour of Spring’ includes the ‘b’ side ‘It’s Getting Late In The Evening’.

              Also released on CD with updated artwork - art directed by Mark Hollis - 'Spirit of Eden', 'The Colour of Spring', 'It's My Life' and 'The Party's Over'.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: One of Elbow-man, Guy Garvey's favourite ever albums, this has a drifting but heavy, otherworldly vibe.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. The Rainbow (1997 - Remaster)
              2. Eden (1997 - Remaster)
              3. Desire (1997 - Remaster)
              4. Inheritance (1997 - Remaster)
              5. I Believe In You (1997 - Remaster)
              6. Wealth (1997 - Remaster)

              Bonus DVD With Vinyl:

              1. The Rainbow
              2. Eden
              3. Desire
              4. Inheritance
              5. I Believe In You
              6. Wealth
              7. John Cope

              Pink Floyd

              The Wall - Vinyl Edition

              One of the most acclaimed concept albums of all time, The Wall from 1979 is renowned as Roger Waters’  masterpiece dealing with abandonment and personal isolation. Adapted for cinema by Alan Parker featuring Bob Geldof in the lead role, and featuring the unique artwork of Gerald Scarfe the album also yielded the hit single Another Brick In The Wall Pt2.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: Double album/concept album etc, etc. What never gets written about this amazing LP is that unlike its more indulgent, long-songs predecessors, this is a record crammed full of concise, melodic ditties! Classic song after classic song. Incredible.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side 1:
              1. "In The Flesh"
              2. "The Thin Ice"
              3. "Another Brick In The Wall" (part 1)
              4. "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives"
              5. "Another Brick In The Wall" (part 2)
              6. "Mother"

              Side 2:
              1. "Goodbye Blue Sky"
              2. "What Shall We Do Now?"
              3. "Morning Lust"
              4. "One Of My Turns"
              5. "Don't Leave Me Now"
              6. "Empty Spaces"
              7. "Another Brick In The Wall" (part 3)
              8. "Goodbye Cruel World"
              Side 3:

              1. Hey You (2011 - Remaster)
              2. Is There Anybody Out There? (2011 - Remaster)
              3. Nobody Home (2011 - Remaster)
              4. Vera (2011 - Remaster)
              5. Bring The Boys Back Home (2011 - Remaster)
              6. Comfortably Numb (2011 - Remaster)

              Side 4:
              1. The Show Must Go On (2011 - Remaster)
              2. In The Flesh (2011 - Remaster)
              3. Run Like Hell (2011 - Remaster)
              4. Waiting For The Worms (2011 - Remaster)
              5. Stop (2011 - Remaster)
              6. The Trial (2011 - Remaster)
              7. Outside The Wall (2011 - Remaster)

              Pink Floyd

              Wish You Were Here - Remastered Vinyl Edition

                On its release in 1975 Wish You Were here topped the album charts in both the UK and the US. Reflecting the bands thoughts of the time on the music business, and exploring themes of absence, Wish You Were Here contains the classic cut Shine On You Crazy Diamond, a tribute to founder member Syd Barrett.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side 1:
                1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1 - 5) 
                2. Welcome To The Machine 

                Side 2:
                1. Have A Cigar
                2. Wish You Were Here 
                3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6 - 9) 

                Pink Floyd

                Dark Side Of The Moon - Vinyl Edition

                  Originally released in 1973, 'The Dark Side of The Moon' became Pink Floyd’s first number 1 album in the US, remaining on the chart for 741 weeks between 1973 and 1988. One of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed albums of all time 'The Dark Side of The Moon' also introduced The iconic album cover artwork by Hipgnosis featuring a prism representing the band’s stage lighting, the record’s lyrics, and the request for a ‘simple and bold’ design.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  says: As everybody now knows and accepts, this is an amazing album from start to finish.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side 1:
                  1. Speak To Me/Breathe (Breathe In The Air) (2011 - Remaster)
                  2. On The Run (2011 - Remaster)
                  3. Time (2011 - Remaster)
                  4. The Great Gig In The Sky (2011 - Remaster)

                  Side 2:
                  1. Money (2011 - Remaster)
                  2. Us And Them (2011 - Remaster)
                  3. Any Colour You Like (2011 - Remaster)
                  4. Brain Damage (2011 - Remaster)
                  5. Eclipse (2011 - Remaster)

                  Says Yoko: 'In this very special year which would have seen my husband and life partner reach the age of 70, I hope that this remastering/reissue programme will help bring his incredible music to a whole new audience. By remastering almost 150 songs spanning 8 of his most brilliant albums, I hope also that those who are already familiar with his work will find renewed inspiration from his incredible gifts as a songwriter, musician and vocalist and from his power as a commentator on the human condition'.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Imagine (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  2. Crippled Inside (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  3. Jealous Guy (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  4. It's So Hard (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  5. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  6. Gimme Some Truth (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  7. Oh My Love (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  8. How Do You Sleep? (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  9. How? (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  10. Oh Yoko! (2010 Digital Remaster)

                  John Lennon

                  Plastic Ono Band

                  Says Yoko: 'In this very special year which would have seen my husband and life partner reach the age of 70, I hope that this remastering/reissue programme will help bring his incredible music to a whole new audience. By remastering almost 150 songs spanning 8 of his most brilliant albums, I hope also that those who are already familiar with his work will find renewed inspiration from his incredible gifts as a songwriter, musician and vocalist and from his power as a commentator on the human condition'.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Mother (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  2. Hold On (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  3. I Found Out (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  4. Working Class Hero (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  5. Isolation (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  6. Remember (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  7. Love (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  8. Well Well Well (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  9. Look At Me (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  10. God (2010 Digital Remaster)
                  11. My Mummy's Dead (2010 Digital Remaster)

                  Brian Eno

                  Ambient 1: Music For Airports

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    says: From 1978, this album was Eno's first foray into ambient music production. Robert Wyatt guests on these wonderful drifting instrumentals.

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