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English alternative rock band The Blinders' return with third album, 'Beholder'.

The perfect introduction to their album, 'Brakelights' drips with a dark atmospheric intensity which equally lurks across the albums other 9 tracks. Beholder shares a frenetic energy with their previous albums, but there's a new depth both lyrically and musically to the album.

With a visceral urgency live to more than match the likes of contemporaries IDLES or Fontaines DC, The Blinders live shows are brooding and intense, recalling the dark atmospherics of The Bad Seeds or peak-period Bunnymen.


Barry says: Swimming with gothic influence, but kept moving along with propulsive percussion and throbbing post-punk bass, The Blinders' new outing 'Beholder' has all of the moody drive and melodic leaning of their previous two but refined into a finely honed melodic powerhouse. Reminiscent of several bands but with a sound all of their own.


1. Ceremony
2. Brakelights
3. While I’m SVll Young
4. At Any Hand But Hers
5. Always
6. Iggy Got Camaro
7. Waterfalls Of Venice
8. Nocturnal Skies
9. Swallowing Static
10. All I Need

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