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I Can See You Outside

    Composed as a disco soundtrack for condemned night clubs and empty venues, "I Can See YouOutside" is the latest single from Dubstar, a further collaborationwith Stephen Hague, who producedtheir earliest hits.
    Recorded at the end of the UK's first COVID-19 lockdown, it forms a companion piece with theirprevious single Hygiene Strip. While the previous song, “Hygiene Strip”, revealed an ordinary humanpredicament set within the extraordinary context of the pandemic, I Can See You Outside is a defiantexpression of optimism, and the resolution to transcend an existential threat. The EP features brandnew Extended and Dub remixes


    Side A
    1. I Can See You Outside
    2. I Can See You Outside (Dub Mix)

    Side B

    1. I Can See You Outside (Extended)



      It was the end of a century, and as the 1990s inevitably applied its brakes, Dubstar were sent flailing through the windscreen of popular music. Their third album, the unfortunately-titled Make It Better, lay bleeding at the side of the road, itself a casualty of one-too-many personal and professional traumas.

      In the following years there were some half-hearted attempts to record more music- even the occasional, low-key live appearance here and there- but it wasn’t until 2015 that Sarah Blackwood and Chris Wilkie found themselves formally reconstituted and writing new material in dedicated earnest. Not because it was expected, but because they couldn't help it.

      With the support and encouragement of legendary producer Youth, they began sessions for One, which represented the beginning of a new chapter in the Dubstar story, and one which has audibly benefitted from the passing of time. The album is generally considered to be the first worthy successor to their platinum-selling debut Disgraceful, and serves as generous compensation for the wilderness years, while promising even better things on the horizon.


      1. Love Comes Late
      2. Love Gathers
      3. Torched
      4. Please Stop Leaving Me Alone
      5. I Hold Your Heart
      6. Waltz No.9
      7. You Were Never In Love
      8. Locked Inside
      9. Why Don’t You Kiss Me
      10. Mant


      Not So Manic Now (Acoustic) / Free As A Bird

        "We’ve recorded an intimate and homely acoustic version of Not So Manic Now to celebrate the 25th birthday of Disgraceful.

        The b-side is a cover of Free As A Bird.

        Why? When our debut album came out in 1995, we realised that it was coincidentally John Lennon’s birthday, and when Not So Manic Now was in the Top 20, Free As A Bird was too, which gave us the unexpected privilege of being in the charts at the same time as the Beatles. Including it here seems to heightenthe nostalgia of the occasion, as it were."


        A. Not So Manic Now
        B. Free As A Bird

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