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Cuttin’ Headz new EP from long-time Martinez Brothers collaborator Argy and featuring a remixes from DJ Skull.

"The Numbers EP" came into fruition after spending an entire week digging for gems in the basement of a legendary vinyl store, indulging in white label bootlegs and lost classics from the 80s and early 90s, Argy left with a bag full of rare pressings and was immediately inspired to compose his next EP.

Riddled with obscure, 30-year-old vinyl fragments and noises "The Numbers EP" nods towards the UK rave scene, early Warp, US proto-house and NuGroove. All recorded with a live feel and classic instruments. While the title cut lays focus on acid bass, dynamic drums and trippy vocals, making for a warehouse friendly listen; "Tutti Fruti" employs a classic hip house vocal line, swinging rhythms and spiraling synths swells. "A.F.T.E.R" hits a darker edge via murky stabs, panicked snares and echoed vocal murmurs while Chicago house legend DJ Skull's remix (kicking off the EP no less), is the real money shot for a me: a proto-terrace roller with concentric b-line, tribal inflections and futuristic sheen. An excellent EP!

Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers

Shut The Door (Feat. Héctor Lavoe)

Louie Vega joins forces with The Martinez Brothers and revered Salsa singer Héctor Lavoe this week for the Latin bump of "Shut The Door". The Martinez Brothers have rapidly become two of the most in demand DJ’s and producer across the globe and here we see them make a welcome return to their Cuttin’ Headz imprint for one of their most accomplished projects to date. The ‘TMBLV Main Mix’ of ‘Shut The Door’ opens, offering a refined house feel fuelled by smooth chord swells and organic percussion as Hector Lavoe’s vocal contributions ebb and flow through the rolling groove. A ‘TMBLV Main Instrumental’ follows, stripping away the vocal contributions to the heady groove alone. The Martinez Brothers up-tempo energy fuelled production then shines through on the ‘TMBLV Beats Mix’ offering their dynamic and intricate drum arrangement style whilst the processing the Latin vocals from Héctor Lavoe showcases Louie Vega’s finessed additions to the composition. Lastly a ‘TMBLV Beats Instrumental’ closes, again tipping the focus solely over to the swinging drums and snaking subs.

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