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Capital Punishment


    If I were to tell you that a band of NYC teenagers who met in 1979 decided to form a band influenced by Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Eno, Chrome and released a privately pressed record, it would be enough to pique your interest. When you find out the band consisted of a future Supreme Court Justice for Arizona, a Professor of Slavic Studies, a Musician/Documentarian whose family built the Brooklyn Bridge, and an A-list world-famous actor the story goes from being about another rare, privately pressed recording that’s been re-discovered, into something that’s pretty incredible.

    Captured Tracks is thrilled to announce the reissue of Capital Punishment’s 1982 sole LP Roadkill. For a band of high school weirdos who actually got their shit together enough to make a completely uncommercial album with no means to sell it shows a lot of determination, persistence and perhaps insanity. But it’s always those kinds of weirdos who go on to do great things – just ask Judge Peter Swann, Professor Peter Zusi, Kriss Roebling and Ben Stiller


    01. Necronomicon
    02. Roadkill
    03. Confusion
    04. Muzak Anonymous
    05. All Just In Passing
    06. Delta Time
    07. Creatures Of The Dark (Night)
    08. Cosmos
    09. John’s Forgotten Land (Parts 1, 2, & 3)
    10. Necronomicon (Reprise)
    11. Waiting To See You
    12. Helen 

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