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New Vietnam & Singles

    CIVIC’s breakthrough first EP, ‘New Vietnam’, plus a collection of early singles originally released between 2018-19, available for the first time outside of Australia. Single LP in a standard jacket, pressed on clear vinyl.


    Barry says: Those of you that haven't heard CIVIC should give them a listen if you're into the more melodic end of the Discord releases. It's punk rock, but cleverly written and perfectly played so the result ends up more like Bad Religion than Bad Brains. Brilliant.


    1. New Vietnam
    2. Satellites
    3. Street Machine Dream
    4. Call The Doctor
    5. Shackled Man
    6. Burning Steel
    7. Flick The Station
    8. Pleasure
    9. Heat
    10. Needle In The Camel's Eye
    11. Selling, Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes
    12. Velvet Casino
    13. New Vietnam [Live]


    Taken By Force

      The Melbourne-based five-piece CIVIC return with their visceral new sophomore album ‘Taken By Force’ - aptly described by the band as “1984 meets Endless Summer.” CIVIC have reimagined the reckless intensity of proto-punk for an era of endless uncertainty and have become one of the most exhilarating bands to emerge from the Melbourne-scene in recent years. 'Taken By Force' was produced by Radio Birdman frontman Rob Younger and mixed/mastered by Mike Young (Eddy Current, Total Control).


      Future Forecast

        An origin story since time immemorial, this DIY garage rock five piece came together in 2018 through the traps of the Melbourne music scene. Bonding over a shared love of tightly coiled riffs and a collective musical ethos, Civic made a name for themselves through the intensity of their live shows, which would become local folklore.

        On ‘Future Forecast’, Civic pay homage to the classics, but pivot on them with avant-charged edge. It’s raw, searing guitars, pummelling rhythms, driving bass and vocals that lock into and synergize with their wall of sound. All of this is balanced by the raucous and restrained weaving of melodies and textures, and vocal variation which broadens their sound past any one genre label.

        There’s the horn-fuelled drive of album opener ‘Radiant Eye’, the power pop-laden hook of ‘As Seen On TV’, the emotively atmospheric and vocally subdued ‘Sunday Best’, all culminating with closer ‘Come To Know’, before ending in a tightly wound splay of feedback and groove.


        Radiant Eye
        Another Day
        As Seen On TV
        Just A Fix
        Tell The Papers
        Sunday Best
        Shake Like Death
        Back To You
        Hollywood Nights In
        Velvet Casino
        Come To Know


        Civic Jams

          Darkstar announce their fourth album ‘Civic Jams’ for release on Warp.

          On their most personal record to date, Darkstar counterbalance observations of their home with those of the community surrounding it. ‘Civic Jams’ is a photonegative of a dance record shaped by a dialogue between shoegaze atmospherics and UK bass music’s ‘hardcore continuum’. Darkstar find themselves at once looking homeward and venturing further into their own psychic hinterland with each record.

          They’ve covered a lot of ground from the introspective expanse of their debut ‘North’ [2010], to utopian visions of society in ‘News From Nowhere’ [2013] and the unique dynamics of a pre-Brexit northern England on ‘Foam Island’ [2015]. On their latest offering, home is within reach.

          Inspired by the intervening years, Darkstar (aka Aiden Whalley and James Young) show how the personal can be political and reveal more of themselves than they’ve ever done before. Imagine emotional realism built from spectral rave echoes, anchored in timeless songs of love and loss in the digital now and you’ve got it. Patterns of isolation are increasingly easy to fall into, especially when public spaces where people play, socialise, dance and protest are closed. ‘Civic Jams’ is about reminiscing over loss, whilst moving forward with those we love. It offers an abstract look at life’s nuances and the search to find something to hold on to and enjoy.


          A1. Forest
          A2. Jam
          A3. 1001
          A4. 30 Feat. Laura Groves
          A5. Wolf
          B1. Loon
          B2. Tuesday
          B3. Text
          B4. Blurred


          Those Who No

            Shortly after their debut, Melbourne's CIVIC return with their sophomore EP “THOSE WHO NO’ - a fatalistic slab of power pop for the modern set. Recorded on a stint in Geelong, with Billy Gardner (living eyes / ausmuteants / Anti Fade) once again at the helm, ‘THOSE WHO NO’ acts as a counter point to the gutter rock classicism and urban decay romantics of ‘NEW VIETNAM’, and shifts it’s focus towards genre experimentation, bleaker insular realities and modern personal warfare.

            Over four tracks Jim McCullough, Lewis Hodgson, Darcy Grigg, Roland Hlavka and David Forcier dance on the knife’s edge of mythology versus the mundane - an against all odds desperation that flirts with the anthemic yet only stokes the flames. Mid 70s glam and rock n roll tropes are pummelled beyond recognition referencing the past but predominantly pointing to the future. There are forces at work here and CIVIC aren’t a band merely content to play to their strengths - they are a true sum of their parts who get their kicks testing their limitations. (Ben Hepworth).

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 - Flick The Station
            A2 - Pleasure
            B1 - Heat
            B2 - Needle In The Camel's Eye

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