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PRR! PRR! - a crack squad of dance music mavericks operating out of Belgium, unveil the second installment in their Boosterpack © series. Showcasing the incredible talents of Buga, the two tracks carry on were Tera Octe left us last - high grade Ork music!

"You'll Be Found" takes the radioactive detritus of hardcore breaks and reforges it into a kryptonite-gilded stadium monster. Mixed to perfection, the compressed snares and thudding kicks sit wonderfully amongst rave stabs, sine swirls and a plenty of cheeky warehouse tropes.

"88 Limits" meanwhile is the serotonin flooding climax that evey DJ wants this Winter. Taking an unquestionably euphoric piano line, mangling it to oblivion then re-introducing it under a canopy of tuff Belgium electro-instrumentation and adding a vocal line even Sophie would be jealous off - Buga may well have just concocted the surprise dance hit of the year!

PRR! PRR! is one of the most reckless and out-there firms in dance music right now. Genius and uncompromising to the nth degree, their online radio shows, vinyl releases, bandcamp entries and overall presentation of their collective is one of the most enjoyable and envelope-pushing things in dance music right now... we love 'em! You should definitely check out their vibe...


Matt says: It's here! Marmite-rave record of the year from those wild cats at PRR! PRR! Divisive from start to finish... and coming to a Kickin' Pigeon DJ set this weekend - feedback reports due next week!


Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition 7" in blisterpack

Tera Octe


Finally something for all the rave goblins out there! A PRR! PRR! related imprint from Belgium, Boosterpack drops some fresh AF new heat from Tera Octe. This producer seems intent on scraping the slimiest sludge from the subterranean lairs; taking hints of Detroit's latest after-hours sub-genre and combining it with tropes of Belgium New Beat, gabba and horrorcore - if you've no idea what to expect, then strap in and prepare to delve deep!

A completely unique and new expression for strictly the most freakish and underground dance parties, "Deafcum" and "Trump" are like if you took the stop-start tension of hoover hardcore, the sound palette of gabba and new beat and the pitched-down grit of Detroit sludge. The result sounds a lot of what DJ David Goblin has been playing out on the acclaimed PRR! PRR! radio show (plus last year's "Ork Musik"). A total favourite with us here that bound to cause a stir at any end-of-year shin dig!

Limited quants, highly recommended! 


Matt says: Heard of ORK MUSIC yet?! DJ David Goblin graced out shelves with an early showcase towards the end of last year. Now Tera Octe is back to reaffirm the blueprint with a fresh array of primevil, orkish marching music - ready to traverse Mordor and vanguish the light. Seriously, you need to check this sound if you play on darker, EBM flavoured dancefloors.


Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition 7" in blisterpack

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