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Contiuing their stellar reissue series, Best Record Italy give us the fully extended versions of two Billy Woost heaters, previously only available on the Billy Woost album as 'one continuous edit'. While the megamix format might have suited jocks back in 77, struggling to make a seamless blend on a pair of Thorens while concentrating more important matters like groupies and mountains of nose drugs, times have changed and we much prefer the definitive versions, fully extended and as separate tracks. On the A-side "Vibrations" does the low slung disco funk thing with aplomb, dishing out wild clavs, punchy percussion, wordless female vocals and the odd seque into string-laced sequin tackle. Chuck in some killer drum breaks and a searing guitar solo and you're laughing! Flip it for the frisky and frothy "Baobab", an insanely Italian bit of loungey disco funk with a seriously sensual vocal. Prosecco disco anyone?


Patrick says: As Italian as it gets (without being Italo) these two extended Billy Woost cuts come correct with maximum funk breaks, Mediterranean vocals and sleazy clavinet.

It's a great week for boogie appropriation in the good ship Picc this week, and that excellent collection of Japanese city funk we're loving is now bolstered with an Italo boogie masterpiece from all the way back in 1983. Capturing the hearts of the Italian dancefloor, neon tinged quintet Touché took snapping synth drums, playful piano and a wriggling bassline and fused it into the funkiest Paradise Garage-style groover you could ever wish for. Treated vocals smooch their way through some innuendo laded lyricism, dancing around the trilling moog licks and leading us to the ecstacy of the big, bold chorus. Not only is this an officially remastered reissue of dynamite jam, but the flip hits us with a previously unreleased instrumental dub version to give you even more options for dropping this essential classic!

"'Ere y'are mate, got any Delirium records?" As it happens my poorly spoken but clued up, I have almost all the original Italo slammers on that fine imprint - but not this one! Much to my delight, the latest in a long line of killer reissues from Best Records is Neddy Smith's "Give It Up", a blue-eyed boogie slammer awash with percolating off-beat percussion, smooth synthwork and soulful piano. Chuck in an impassioned vocal and slick bassline and we're cruising for a grooving! But the musical magic doesn't end there as the B-side brings us "Liberated Woman", a smooth as silk groove with a dramatic chord progression and some frankly ridiculous lyrics about female empowerment and soap operas. Ace!

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