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Roberto Lodola is one of the first Italian deejay and producers devoted to the afro and balearic sound from the early eighties and still active in the north side of Italy. Best Record has rediscovered his first studio project from 1986 "Marimba Do Mar" with the precious addiction of two outtakes : Feeling Of The Sun and Hey George!. Four essential songs for everyone involved in the balearic genre, now very hard to find but finally reissued as a remastered limited edition !

Remastered reissue of one of the rarest boogie-funk oriented Italian releases : Matakena a one-off Italo Boogie studio project from the same producers behind "Kano". The plus on this one is the Instrumental version of Aphrodisiac that for strange reasons wasn't available on the original release.

It was only a matter of time before Best Records reissue department turned their attention to this ALL TIME CLASSIC! Originally released by percussion king Tullio De Piscopo in 1983, "Stop Bajon (Primavera)" became a favourite in Rimini Discotheques, the Balearic Islands and even Chicago during the early house days. Impressive stuff, but it doesn't even begin to tell you how unique this Italian anthem really is. Rolling toms, sharp rim shots and a solid kick combine for a groove that's both tough and sensual, while the the jazzy horns, twinkling Rhodes and cool synths convey a distinctly Mediterranean flavour. Chuck in the endless pulse of the one-note bassline, chanted nonsensical lyrics and great guitars and you've got a classic on your hands. An official anthem for Mancunian Balearic legend Moonboots, along with every other DJ worth their salt, this is totally legendary. This special limited edition release from Best Record Italy features for the first time the original acapellas (tracked down during tape restoration) plus the balmy fourth world Balearic bomb "Stadera", previously available only on the first Italian pressing.


Patrick says: Official remastered reissue of possibly the greatest track to come from Italy. Well Balearic, completely cosmic and kind of jazz funk, this summery scorcher is an essential part of any record collection. Bonus brilliance comes courtesy of the ace fourth world wonderment of "Stadera", previously only available on the original Italian pressing of the 12".

Best Italy hop across the Med to soak up the coastal cool of Cannes with a dope reissue of THE best cosmic boogie cut to be produced on French soil. Written in 1984 during the MIDEM conference in Cannes, "Ecoute Le Son Du Soleil" is a spacey and summery slice of Mediterranean boogie complete with well Balearic choral vocals and heavy use of the Publison DHM 89, an early harmonizer with a ton of weird energy. If you got down to Ahmed Fakroun's "Soleil Soleil", you'll be all over this similarly sunny groover. This limited edition reissue from Best Record Italy contains the vocal, instrumental plus the unreleased dub version and Yannick's radio jingles, a perfect tool for the playful jocks out there!


Patrick says: Brilliant Mediterranean boogie here from Best Italy, who head to Cannes with a reissue of Yannick Chevalier's red hot cosmic groover. Sunshine on a slab of wax...

Best have been consistently smashing it since they entered the reissue market a couple of years back, but every now and again the Italian imprint totally excel themselves. Well folks, this is one of those occasions. What we have here is an official reish of a undeniable Italo masterpiece from 1983 produced by dynamic duo, Francesco Paolini (Pasta DJ) and Alessandro Novaga (appearing here as Stopp). Entirely incendiary, "I'm Hungry" hits us with bubbling bass, bombastic sequencing and lightly jacking drum machines, laying the perfect foundation for some playful synth work and choice Italo vocals. Aside from its success in the Italian club scene, the track also became a massive dancefloor classic in Chicago thanks to regular Ron Hardy plays and spins on WMBX's Hot Mix 5 show. Backed with the equally awesome "Caramba Mix" (a dubbier, jacking variation with reversed vocals), this piece of house history will eat your other records for breakfast.


Patrick says: Best Records delight my Talking Drums fam with an official reissue of this squiggly Italo bomb which blew the doors off the Muzik Box in the hands of Mr Ron Hardy. Weapons grade banger folks.

Giorgio Gordano and Giorgio Dolce originally produced "KKK" back in 1983, and the track was taken into the hearts of the blossoming Balearic scene hovering around DJ Alfredo at Amnesia. It's as gentle and sweet natured as Italo disco can be, and of course it makes perfect sense that Best Records would dig it out of the archives and give it the shiny new reissue it deserves. The "Club Mix" of "KKK" is a feast of simple, charming programmed melodies and crisp drum machine rhythms with the innocence of the early 80s in its heart. The "Dub Mix" and "Bonus Beats" on the flip are handy for the technical DJs out there, but the "Club Mix" is where it's at for the lovers.

Contiuing their stellar reissue series, Best Record Italy give us the fully extended versions of two Billy Woost heaters, previously only available on the Billy Woost album as 'one continuous edit'. While the megamix format might have suited jocks back in 77, struggling to make a seamless blend on a pair of Thorens while concentrating more important matters like groupies and mountains of nose drugs, times have changed and we much prefer the definitive versions, fully extended and as separate tracks. On the A-side "Vibrations" does the low slung disco funk thing with aplomb, dishing out wild clavs, punchy percussion, wordless female vocals and the odd seque into string-laced sequin tackle. Chuck in some killer drum breaks and a searing guitar solo and you're laughing! Flip it for the frisky and frothy "Baobab", an insanely Italian bit of loungey disco funk with a seriously sensual vocal. Prosecco disco anyone?


Patrick says: As Italian as it gets (without being Italo) these two extended Billy Woost cuts come correct with maximum funk breaks, Mediterranean vocals and sleazy clavinet.

"'Ere y'are mate, got any Delirium records?" As it happens my poorly spoken but clued up, I have almost all the original Italo slammers on that fine imprint - but not this one! Much to my delight, the latest in a long line of killer reissues from Best Records is Neddy Smith's "Give It Up", a blue-eyed boogie slammer awash with percolating off-beat percussion, smooth synthwork and soulful piano. Chuck in an impassioned vocal and slick bassline and we're cruising for a grooving! But the musical magic doesn't end there as the B-side brings us "Liberated Woman", a smooth as silk groove with a dramatic chord progression and some frankly ridiculous lyrics about female empowerment and soap operas. Ace!

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