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With a bang, crash, smash and wallop, Bahnsteig 23 return, blazing a trail from Bethnal Green to Bengal with Jonny 5 at the controls. From the firepower on offer here, I can assure that Jonny 5 is well and truly alive (fuck you WALL-E), and he's been rooting through Benjamin's records in search of a new groove. That's right folks, our mechanised mainman is here to fuse the 80's industrial / synthpop / wave vibes we're used to hearing on Bahnsteig with the exotic elements of Indian music. "Bengali Dub" kicks the set off with the kind of Stadium-sized 80's pop groove Kissing The Pink and Tears For Fears traded in, but spices that Balearic bass with synth sitar licks and echoing vocals. "Simha" jumps straight out the sleeve of a Trunk compilation to twat us round the turban with its winding exotica groove, soaring, swirling strings and gramaphone fidelity, suddenly breaking down and freaking out thanks to additional fx fuckery and some off the wall loop use. Flip it for the big, beefy and Bollywood electrodisco of "Tum Tum", a massive bit of late night drama that gives you more twists and turns than your average round of Bop It.

Boom boom Bahnsteig, back in the basement! Jonny 5 in full effect here, sweeping through cinematic stompers, oddball ethno-wave cuts and snarling synth tracks. Setting the DeLorean controls for about 1984, Jonny rifles through his cassette collection for a quartet of frisky cuts ripe for a rework. "Kaka Kaka" is all vox on a keyboard, pneumatic drum programs and dramatic rhythms, kind of like Yello doing a Bond theme. "Black Hole" follows along with pitched down vocal wails, aspirate pipe work, full bodied synth bass and a suitably smacky tempo. Flipping the disc, "Stoned" hits us with the rampant sequences, laser fire and endless intensity before "Horizons Change" rips up some NDW/coldwave into a leather clad dancer for late in the session.

With a bang, crash and Technicolor whallop the 44th Bahsteig battlewagon pushes its way into the Piccadilly shelves, with none other than Horton Jupiter at the helm. A three tracker, 'BAH 044' trades in weird wave action, spangled space disco and slow and low voodoo bump, providing the left of centre DJ with all the arsenal he needs for club contortions. "Eclectic Day" opens the action with the kind of proggy sequences, jazzy drum fills and sprawling synthery you can only find on a German release, totally nailing that transportative dancefloor mode you discovered when Baldelli or Loda dropped a kosmische cut. Keeping with the spacey stylings "Smokin' The Roach" is an Italian slice of space disco which combines all the drama of Italian balladry with guitar arpeggios, a disco 4/4 and a control room full of synthesis. Finally we get to "The Box", a grumbling rumble of fuzzy bass, tumbling percussion and Cramps on quaaludes chord progressions that would certainly never have featured on the music video channel of the same name...probably a good thing...

If you're gonna go about making the weirdest, most warped psychedelic disco around, it only makes sense that you'll eventually run into Cherrystones. The only surprise is that it's taken this long for the deep digger to make his debut on Bahnsteig 23 - but what a debut it is! The set starts with the wrong speed, afro-cosmic sizzle of "Simba Dub", a percussion laced slow groover with waaaay out vocals and hot horns - must have tackle for me! "Belly King" transports us to the Middle East with spacey keys, jazzy rhythms and a tripped out cabaret aesthetic, before "ExOhSkeletons" gnarls things up nicely with plenty of punk aggression. Onto the flip and "Tropical Meat Wave" works your hips, lips and heels with a weird and warbled bit of sunkissed French folk funk - essential for fans of Good Plus I feel. "KonGkinG" keeps up the pace with some spangled disco rock monkey business before the buzzing scuzzing big beats of "BouncerC-nt With A Shit Tash" takes the medal for best track name and freakiest NDW punk funk jam of the week.


Patrick says: Another week, another essential release from Bahnsteig 23. As ever, we're on a weirdo tip, but Cherrystones ups the oddball ante seriously here with some seriously spannered frequencies. Twisting Afro-funk, French pop, punk, Turkish tackle and NDW inside out, Godsy has done it again.

Bahnsteig bang the box once again with a super-sick six shooter from Toulouse head Caissard DJ. Taking a whole lot of inspiration from worm-based, sand-psych sci fi dynasty Dune, Caissard slices and dices his way through pagan futurism, minimal wave, fourth world abstraction, dub cosmic, EBM and taiko drumming. "Bright Dance" opens the set with fluttering synth tones and fusion funk bass, summoning just enough proto house percussion programming to create the perfect New Age groover. Next up "Market Anthem" turns out tapey drum boxes, DIY synth keys and New Order style bass, marrying all the ingredients necessary to create bedsit pop at its finest. The side closes with the fourth world art punk of "La X5", a metallic blast of white funk which could easily pass for Byrne & Eno or Material. Sticking to the Bahnsteig 23 manifesto, things get absolutely bonkers on the flip, starting with the midtempo synth chug of "Arrakis (Melange Dub)". As seriously wiggy fx wrap you in their disorienting swirl, proggy synth lines, robotic percussion and low tempo thrusters work their machine magic. The dark wired vibe continues with "Demo-cracy", a warped out fusion of wailing psych vocals (think Grace Slick impersonating Cosey Fanni Tuti) and sleazy EBM that should melt minds in the witching hour. "The God Emporer" closes the set with the rhythmic intensity of a South East Asian ceremony, treating us to the occasional snatch of spoken vocal over taiko drumming and incessant chimes.


Patrick says: Bahnsteig 23's unflinching commitment to club weirdness continues in earnest here with a six tracker from France's Caissard DJ. Hypnogogic dream dance, tape wave, fourth world experiments, churning EBM and one whacko rhythm tool lie in wait for the intrepid audio explorer.

Phwooaar! Bahnsteig 23 come correct here with some seriously futuristic musica from Moscow's Beard In Dust. "More Acid" opens with a serious intent - new-jack-acid-tropicalia; like Art Of Noise, Jeff Phelps and Acid Arab all drinking lysergic punch in the Russian tundra. It's colourful, welcoming but drunk, twisted and slightly carnal. In other words in f***ing ace! The rest of the EP ain't bad either, "Pulsation" adopting a similar palette as it rolls out a tantalizing space-disco hybrid that switches up the obvious Italo-theme for a more Russian sounding scale set. "Back Again" sees squelchy synths and epic strings converge for a moving, gigantic saga set in some majestic setting like Lake Baikal while "Flowers" concludes the journey, landing in some mountain paradise with pre-chilled cocktails awaiting us, the log fire on full and a dizzying array of local delicacies to get stuck into. Ahh, it was worth the effort after all...

Rat-a-tat-tat...Sneaker's back! That's right, Dresden's hardest working floor freaker is here to do his thang all over again, bringing his wild style to the ramshackle home of all thing wonky, Bahnsteig 23. The German lets loose right from the off, taking us into tribal territories with the tumbling toms and tippling tabla of "Goddess", a weirdo wave groover with slippery synth bass, Eastern melodies and chanted vocals. Glance left and right, throw your best shapes and try to keep up when the synth solos sweep around the room. After a spot of flem-removal "Watumba" settles into thick polyrhythms, throbbing bass and strange, strained Euro-disco vocals. File this next to Camaro's Gang "The Beast Day" and Tantra's "Macumba" - total Talking Drums smasher right here! Over on the flip, our main man swaps Deutschland for France with a club ready flip on an as yet unknown cover of Space's "Magic Fly". Looping the intro to infinity (and possibly beyond), Sneaker works his way through subtle percussion adjustments and selective frequency tweaks before dropping into the mesmeric melodies we all know and love - stargazing disco at its finest my friends! Last but not least, "Do It" provides a pinging, popcorn style instruction to pull out your bendiest moves, mangling a totally odd bit of rapped French synth-pop for all the freaks on the floor. Top!


Patrick says: When I spun this wax on the shop stereo, "Watumba" prompted our Kickin' Pigeon to demand I produce it in my next prominent peak time set. Afro-cosmic insanity from the heart of Hamburg - of course I'm gonna drop it. Bahnsteig 23 bring the brilliance with another wonderfully wonky four tracker.

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