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A Good Christian / Abel

(Wanna) Be Free / On A Summer Night

At last we get a taste of those killer Surfing In Kansas edits aboard the good ship Piccadilly. The first two volumes, from A Good Christian and Abel respectively, brought us classy edits of disco, boogie, synth pop and Balearic-Industrial (officially a thing now), and this 7" serving sees Christian and Abel take a side a piece for some more edit excellence. 

On the A, Christian gives us "Wanna Be Free", a chunky and chugging bit of reggae disco, brimming with Afro-brass and hip twitching bass and boasting an ace conscious vocal. You're gonna swipe right. On the other side, Redlight and MFM man Abel Nagengast sticks his scalpel into a frisky bit of vocoder funk which is right on the tip of my tongue. The guitar goes Wikka Wakka, the drums slap and those vocals materialise through a fuck tonne of circuitry. It's the kind of Balearic pop that Moonboots blows your mind with when he can be bothered DJing.

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