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12 Stones

12 Stones

    Mixing the freshness and spontaneity of emocore with the power and intensity of groups like Incubus and Pearl Jam, Louisiana's 12 Stones can have it all. A great vocalist in Paul McCoy (who also appears on the Evanescence no.1) superb guitarist in Eric Weaver and a bass and drum axis of Aaron Gainer and Kevin Dorr that's second to none. The band's debut is both powerful and aggressive, but at the same time seething with anthemic qualities that will impress you straight away. They're young and talented and their producer Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Alien Ant Farm)is an enthusiastic fan - 'The enormity of this band is going to shock the industry'. Hyperbole aside this is a stunning debut.

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