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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Cool It Down

    It could only be called alchemy, the transformative magic that happens during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ most tuned-in moments in the studio, when their unique chemistry sparks opens a portal, and out comes a song like “Maps” or “Zero” or the latest addition to their canon, “Spitting off the Edge of the World featuring Perfume Genius” — an epic shot-to-the heart of pure YYYs beauty and power.

    A thunderstorm of a return is what the legendary trio has in store for us on Cool It Down, their fifth studio album and their first since 2013’s Mosquito. The eight-track collection, bound to be a landmark in their catalog, is an expert distillation of their best gifts that impels you to move, and cry, and listen closely.


    SIDE A:
    1) Spitting Off The Edge Of The World (feat. Perfume Genius)
    2) Lovebomb
    3) Wolf
    4) Fleez
    SIDE B:
    5) Burning
    6) Blacktop
    7) Different Today
    8) Mars

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Fever To Tell - 15th Anniversary Edition

      Vinyl reissue of their seminal, ground-breaking debut, Fever To Tell. The release will be the original album newly remastered by Stephen Marcussen on black 180g audiophile vinyl for the first time ever and five newspaper lyric posters with exclusive photos by Nick Zinner, Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs, Julian Gross, Patrick Daughters and Cintamani Calise.

      Franz Ferdinand / Yeah Yeah Yeahs

      Erol Alkan Reworks

        Way back when (approx 12 years ago), in those glory days of dingy basements and gaffa taped trainers, a whole new genreration of dancers were taking a journey of musical discovery at the the invitation of one Erol Alkan and his banging clubnight Trash. Electroclash, nu-disco, post-punk, punk-funk, nu rave, techno, there was a fair bit of techno, and indie cuts all rubbed shoulders, pogoed and made out in the middle of the dancefloor, getting totally fucked up as Erol threw them into the blender. This series sees the Phantasy man showcase his ear for a tune and hand for a killer rework with retrospective series of his best reinterpretations.
        On the A-side here we have Erol's "Glam Racket" take on "Do You Want To", the lead track from Franz' sophomore LP. Repeating the Mick Ronson styled guitar riff way beyond the point of sanity, Erol spends three minutes building dance floor tensions to fever pitch before unleashing an earbleeding drop of rabid, Justice-style distorto bass - huge! If that wasn't enough, when he eventually reinvents the ear-worm hook as a sort of backwards organ thingy, it totally flips ppl out. Flip it for "Zero", a spangled technoid reshape of Yeah Yeah Yeah's disco tinged single, which sees Erol utilising jacking drums, gnarly synths and tons of vocal echo to spin the dancefloor out into a narcotic frenzy - MDMAzing!

        Very few things in life compare to the spine tingling, adrenalin rush that comes when you hear a great single for the first time, so I reckon the day the Yeah Yeah Yeahs walked into their record company, demanding that the opening track on “It's Blitz” should be “Zero” was, in general, a good day at the office for their A&R man. 'You want the best single of the year so far to be the first track on your album? Erm, yeah, I think we can probably live with that’. “It's Blitz” is no one hit wonder though. Awash with synths, it's an album of conflicts that finds Karen O at her most vulnerable while the band, with a sly wink to NYC disco, create what can only be described as an epic soundscape behind her. Yes, the guitars have (no doubt begrudgingly) conceded top billing to Nick Zinners vintage Arp but at its heart, “It’s Blitz” is still a great ROCK record.


        1. Zero
        2. Heads Will Roll
        3. Soft Shock
        4. Skeletons
        5. Dull Life
        6. Shame And Fortune
        7. Runaway
        8. Dragon Queen
        9. Hysteric
        10. Little Shadow

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