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Sam Mehran

Cold Brew

    Cold Brew is a posthumous collection of instrumental rock music from Sam Mehran recorded in Los Angeles between April and May 2018. Compiled under the guidance of Sam’s father, Abbas Mehran, and curated by Sam’s friends Nicholas Weiss and Katie Wagner, it’s the first time that Sam’s solo music will be released under his own name.

    Sam recorded over one hundred songs for Cold Brew, a selection of which are presented here in their original form, without any additional production or remixing. Cold Brew was always intended to be an instrumental album, driven by effortlessly hooky guitars, warm, golden sound, and puckish attitude. Using dry, driving sonics without much reverb or washy ambience, it’s informed by rock’s history but not reverent towards it.

    Alex Izenberg

    Caravan Château

      Following a four-year silence, enigmatic LAoutsider Alex Izenberg presents his sophomore album ‘Caravan Château’ via Weird World / Domino.

      Recorded largely at Tropico Beauty with Greg Hartunian (Young Jesus) and Derek Korat, and with the help of a handful of collaborators including Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), Jonathan Rado (Foxygen, Whitney, Lemon Twigs), Ari Balouzian (Tobias Jesso Jr) and others, Izenberg creates songs that are easy to adore but hard to define. Izenberg’s sharp songs are the bait that first brings you into ‘Caravan Château’ but that deliberate ambiguity is what brings you back repeatedly, hoping to tease out the riddles of being inside these stunning tunes.


      Sister Jade
      Anne In Strange Furs
      Disraeli Woman
      Saffron Glimpse
      Dancing Through The
      Bouquets Falling In The
      December 30th
      Revolution Girls
      Caravan Château

      Wilma Archer

      A Western Circular

        Within A Western Circular lies an exciting and varied crew of guest artists including MF DOOM, Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands), Sudan Archives, and Laura Groves, all contributing vocals to his rich, dexterous compositions. These collaborations are the by-product of several years of writing and producing. Recently, he’s appeared extensively on the debut albums by Sudan Archives (writing the lead single, 'Confessions', no less) and Nilüfer Yanya (contributing seven songs), alongside work with Celeste, and another writer and production credit on Jessie Ware’s Devotion.

        An album that’s been in the works for the past half-decade, A Western Circular is a bold, reflective piece that directly relates to Archer’s personal experiences of life and death, centered on one particular week where they breathed with equal intensity. The record’s themes of greed, love and loyalty all relate back to that specific time. Inspired by author John Fante, A Western Circular is a spiritual voyage through life’s pushing and pulling: finding beauty in the rough, sadness in the bright. Ostensibly, it’s a poignant reflection on the duality of the human condition.

        On the record, Archer has uncovered new depths and forged an invigorating singular sound - supple and multi-layered, honouring his acoustic heritage and influence, while building a sonic universe that commands contemporary references to everything from Frank Zappa to Yasuaki Shimuzu, Robert Wyatt to Arthur Russell.


        Western Circular
        Last Sniff With MF DOOM
        Killing Crab
        The Boon With Samuel T. Herring
        Cheater With Sudan Archives
        Cures & Wounds
        Decades With Samuel T. Herring & Laura Groves
        Ugly Feelings (Again)
        Worse Off West

        Finnish psych-pop voyager Jaakko Eino Kalevi returns with a new release called ‘Dissolution’ via Weird World. Never one to repeat himself, these seven songs come from a sparkling new constellation in the Kalevi universe as he draws deep for a set that explores the cosmic implications of a life being well lived. On this release, Jaakko teams up with the Berlin- based Taiwanese singer Yu-Ching Huang; as he sings in his native tongue, she responds: “I won’t make contact / I enter the limit state.


        Patrick says: Finland's king of psychedelic curveballs, quirky Balearic and off kilter synth jams returns with 'Dissolution', continuing his groove heavy journey into absurdist pop but with deeper emotional connection and a richer sound than ever before.


        Out Of Touch
        I Am Looking Forward
        The Source Of The Absolute Knowledge
        The Search
        Conceptual Medierranean (Part 2)

        In this age of constant connectivity, switching off has become one of the great luxuries of modern life and it’s one of the reasons Jaakko Eino Kalevi has called his new album ‘Out Of Touch’. He explores what he calls this “essential, blissed out” state on his second album for Weird World as he meditates, in classic Jaakko fashion, on the merrygo- round of the daily grind.


        China Eddie
        Emotions In Motion
        This World
        Ballad Of A Cloud
        Night Chef
        Conceptual Mediterranean (Part 1)
        People In The Centre Of the City
        Fortune Cookie

        ********[The Drink]

        The Drink [********]

          ******** are re-releasing their first and final record ‘The Drink’.

          ‘The Drink’ is a twelve-track album addressing a duo’s contemporary and indifferent existence in The West. ******** are comprised of Ailie Ormston, who works in a kitchen and Ω, one half of the partnership Edinburgh Leisure.

          ********’s vision of the world is portrayed through “rudimentary bass and de(con)structive guitar” (Neil Cooper). With hacked drum machines and preprogramed keyboards, they create compositions that complement their lyrical content, itself demonstrating a harsh and contemptuous reality. The album presents a series of theatrically characterised scenarios; universal summaries of the day-to-day; habitual and excessive; promising and disparaging.

          Recorded during a six-month period and originally released solely on YouTube, the album itself addresses new modes of working and an interest in musical versatility.

          Being unrehearsed, unknowing and capable of compromise are key to the ******** ethos, with an emphasis on changing the form of each song to suit different performative environments. Authorship and individualism are discouraged; preciousness of ownership is challenged. 85% honest, 15% misquoted; 100% sincere.

          You will find them in the pub. Drink the dark, depressive drink.

          “I’m a huge fan of ********!” - Saul Adamcweski, Insecure Men / ex-Fat Whites

          “******** are the future” - Rosy Bones, Goat Girl

          “Like having a pint with Brass Eye. One of my favourite albums, ever.” - Liam Ramsden, Mellah


          The Drink
          I’m A Zookeeper (Not A Goalkeeper)
          Bowling Green
          Practical Song (aka The Logical Song)
          Signs Of Life In The Computer
          Schweppes Bitter Lemon
          Scottish Water



            Xenoula is Romy Xeno. Romy spent her early years in South Africa where she was influenced by the elemental songs of nearby villagers and the (tranquil) rhythms of nature. Here she developed an introspective affinity with flora and fauna rather than with man and machines.

            Teaming up with producer Sam Dust aka LA Priest, whose recent work includes his own debut solo album as well as Connan Mockasin collaboration Soft Hair, Xenoula’s songs are adorned in a chameleon-like coat of shape shifting sonic textures and glide over an energetic core of ground shaking rhythm.

            TRACK LISTING

            Chief Of Tin
            Luna Man
            Cyan Water
            Dawn Bunny
            She Ghosts
            Honey Priest
            Deer Ron
            Leyline Ogres

            Weird World introduce Los Angeles’ Alex Izenberg and his debut album, ‘Harlequin’.

            ‘Harlequin’ may be Izenberg’s debut album proper but it also marks the culmination of over five years of highly prolific writing and recording under a variety of pseudonyms.

            ‘Harlequin’ is almost a study in distraction - a restless, feverish dream sequence which variously invokes Scott Walker’s obtuse, off kilter worlds of sound, Simon and Garfunkel’s psychedelic yet practical string arrangements, the vaudevillian pomp and preening of Wild Beasts’ early material and Grizzly Bear’s pastoral early steps. All this is cut through with moments of total silence, patches of noise, found sound and countless dynamic leftturns and moments of non-sequitur.

            TRACK LISTING

            The Farm
            Hot Is The Fire
            To Move On
            A Bird Came Down
            The Moon
            Waltz Of The Roots

            Soft Hair

            Soft Hair

              Soft Hair are Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust (LA PRIEST / Late Of The Pier). Their eponymous debut album is due for release via Weird World.

              The album’s recording took place over five years amongst the pair’s solo careers and outside lives. After the dispersion of Late Of The Pier, whom Connan supported on tour in 2009 (the first time the two met), Sam travelled in the Far East, Africa, Europe and elsewhere, spending time inventing his own instruments, producing and directing and re-emerging as LA PRIEST in 2015 with debut solo album ‘Inji’.

              Connan meanwhile released the albums ‘Forever Dolphin Love’ and ‘Caramel’ and toured the world extensively, working with artists such as James Blake, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Vince Staples.

              The songs on this album were written and recorded in a wide array of locations, using methods that neither Mockasin nor Dust had used previously, developed by the pair from the start of its creation. As a result the record gives the listener a view into an exotic world with a blend of familiar, unfamiliar and unconventionally attractive sounds.

              How To Dress Well - AKA Tom Krell - releases his fourth album, ‘Care’, via Weird World / Domino.

              Written by Krell, mixed by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, fun.) and featuring co-production from Krell alongside Jack Antonoff, Dre Skull, CFCF and Kara- Lis Coverdale, ‘Care’ is a sensual, dazzling alt-pop tour de force.

              ‘Care’ is the next step in the evolution of Krell’s sound, which began with his first critically-lauded album, ‘Love Remains’, in 2010 and continued up through his widely acclaimed previous album, ‘What Is This Heart?’, released in 2014.

              TRACK LISTING

              Can’t You Tell
              Salt Song
              What’s Up
              Lost Youth / Lost You
              The Ruins
              Burning Up
              I Was Terrible
              Time Was Meant To Stay
              Made A Lifetime
              They’ll Take Everything You Have

              Silicon is Kody Nielson, a songwriter, producer and visual artist from Auckland, New Zealand, formerly of cult Flying Nun band The Mint Chicks, a group he started with his brother Ruban - now of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

              ‘Personal Computer’ is a seductive electronic pop record that pits Nielson’s brilliant soul, funk and disco influenced songwriting against a backdrop of extra-terrestrial noir sonics, calling to mind the varied likes of Flying Lotus, Panda Bear and Portishead in the process.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Personal Computer
              2. Cellphone
              3. Sumarine
              4. God Emoji
              5. Burning Sugar
              6. Little Dancing Baby
              7. I Can See Paradise
              8. Love Peace
              9. Blow
              10. Dope

              Jaakko Eino Kalevi

              Jaakko Eino Kalevi

              Finnish songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and tram driver Jaakko Eino Kalevi follows up on the global exposure of his essential Beats In Space release with a glorious LP of oddball pop songs-not-songs. Vivid, sensual and technicolour, the self titular LP sees the musician meld elements of disco, new wave, R&B, house, dub, pop and prog into a record that’s adventurous, original and full of charm. "JEK" opens the LP in emotive synth-soul form before fan favourite "Double Talk" bathes us in drifting new wave beauty. "Deeper Shadows" fuses pastoral prog melodies with a slick Timbaland style R&B groove and dub production, while "Say" and "Night At The Field" update "More Songs About Buildings And Food" for the modern listener. On "Mind Like Muscle", Destroyer, The XX and John Cale get nice and intimate in Jaako's mind, before he takes a leaf out of Ariel Pink's book for "Don't Ask Me Why". The final three tracks on this kaleidoscopic listening experience take in the leftfield disco of Arthur Russell, Laurie Anderson experimentalism and Jean Michel Jarre's "Souvenirs De Chine" to round off a career defining LP.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Martin says: Jaakko Eino Kalevi's output has drawn comparison with Aerial Pink's, but that would be a little misleading. There is irony in the music, but not just that; he undeniably loves the crisp, faultlessly crafted blend of soft rock, electronic pop and Euro-disco he is affectionately sending up. Perhaps it wouldn't be Finnish if it weren't shot through with a hint of melancholy, but that only adds to its strange charm.

              TRACK LISTING

              Double Talk
              Deeper Shadows
              Mind Like Muscle
              Night At The Field
              Don’t Ask Me Why
              Hush Down
              Ikuinen Purkautumaton Jännite

              'The Hum' comes eighteen months after the band’s debut album Pearl Mystic – a record that steadily went on to become one of 2013′s most impactful breakout statements. Even more ferocious and uncompromising than its predecessor and yet more melodic and focused than the band have ever recorded, The Hum further cements the band’s status as a vital force in British independent music.

              'The Hum' takes the blueprint of 'Pearl Mystic' – proto-punk, garage rock, Washington DC hardcore, 80’s British spacerock – and further stamps it with the band’s seal. Leaner, meaner and more propulsive thanks to the muscular playing of new drummer JN, the record boasts both the most straight-up punk song the band have written to date in eviscerating opener ‘The Impasse’ (“we wanted it to sound like Suicide if they had a full band”, explains MJ) and moments of patient, widescreen beauty only hinted at previously.

              “We were writing Pearl Mystic to an audience in the same way your diary has an audience”, says guitarist SS. “It’s written to one but if no one ever reads it that’s not a big deal. This time round though we knew we had a really clear audience, so The Hum is really about different freedoms and constraints – with Pearl Mystic the possibilities were almost too vast, this time around we had a much clearer idea of what the record should be like and that became freeing because we didn’t need to worry about its direction so much.”

              That word “free” is a good way to approach The Hum, a record that could only be made by a band in total command of their personality. “It’s like that bit on Fugazi’s Instrument documentary where Brendan Canty says that a jam they’ve got sounds ‘good, but not Fugazi’ ”, says MJ – “we sound more like Hookworms rather than anyone else on this record.”

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Martin says: Hookworms formed around a love of DC hardcore and an appreciation for the psychedelic things in life, blending these influences to mutually beneficial effect, marrying the colour and exoticism of psych-rock to the directness and energy of punk, robbing the former of a tendency to pretention and the latter of a tendency to being formulaic. Following 'Pearl Mystic' was never going to be an easy task, but our cross-Pennine cousins have been more than equal to the challenge; with 'The Hum' they have added depth, variety and texture to their power, without losing an atom of potency. There are drone-wash interludes for sure (“iv”,”v’, “vi”), there is buoyant, riotous pop (“Tokyo Radio”), but all the while, lurking predator-like behind the edgy dreaming and MB’s patient, repetitive bass, vocalist MJ’s demons are waiting to explode screaming into life, careering the vehicle vehemently, euphorically upward.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. The Impasse
              2. On Leaving
              3. Iv
              4. Radio Tokyo
              5. Beginners
              6. V
              7. Off Screen
              8. Vi
              9. Retreat

              When we last heard from Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, it was early 2012 and they had just released their third full-length album, the fuzz-dub brilliance of "Lucifer". That album led off with "Beautiful Son", a piano-laced paean to their newborn son. Two years down the line and just like their inquisitive toddler, Peaking Lights are into everything! Shimmering and resplendent, "Cosmic Logic" is teeming with dance grooves that draw on influences as diverse as Jamaican digital dancehall, cosmic Italo, Chicagan acid, Afrobeat, Zamrock, early West Coast hip hop and disco. In fact, if you closed your eyes you'd be forgiven for thinking this eclectic tribute to all things dancefloor was a vintage DFA release. It's fitting then that our favourite husband and wife duo were ably assisted by former LCD bassist and undercover Mancunian Matt Thornley.

              The success of "Cosmic Logic" is the ease with which Aaron and Indra have filtered these new-found influences through the unmistakable Peaking Lights prism, never losing sight of their own identity for a second but merely allowing the natural progression in their evergrowing sound; the lo-fi fuzz of their earliest albums now replaced by a bright, joyous pulse. The multicoloured sleeve is the perfect reflection of the kaleidoscopic sounds within, as the warm new wave of album opener "Infinite Trips", gives way to the Space Lady synth pop of "Telephone Call", bubbling Italo of "Hypnotic Hustle" and synth funk of "Everyone And Us". Each track introduces fresh ideas, which are expertly worked into the band's rhythmic aesthetic, resulting in a constantly surprising LP which still sits perfectly as a whole. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Andy says: Peaking Lights blow the fog away from their sound and reveal themselves to be a joyous mix of On-U Sound dub (which we already knew) and now DFA disco (which we didn't!) It's skewed pop and it's great!

              TRACK LISTING

              Infinite Trips
              Telephone Call
              Hypnotic Hustle
              Everyone And Us
              Little Light
              Eyes To Sea
              Bad With The Good
              New Grrrls
              Tell Me Your Song

              Melody’s Echo Chamber is the name given to the work of Paris-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Melody Prochet. Possessing a penchant for wild-eyed psychedelia, homespun motorik rhythm and an effortless flair for the sort of melodic classicism redolent of chamber song, Prochet is at once both an aficionado of pop’s outer limits and off-kilter to its expectations.

              Melody’s Echo Chamber was recorded between Perth (with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker) and her grandparents’ beach house in Cavalière in France. With her smoky, sensual voice and romantic presence, Prochet embodies a distinctive kind of elegance and bold sense-of-self long associated with France’s more notable musical exports. But as much as her national identity runs through the fibre of the eleven tracks that make up Melody’s Echo Chamber, there’s worldliness at play too; a looking beyond the fringes of personal experience to trawl through Europe’s art pop lineage – kraut, space-rock, dream-pop, electronica - in a way that’s as much cinematic in its scope as it is musical.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Ryan says: If you like Tame Impala you will love this, although the sound is similar, this is cleaner and prettier. More than fitting for Melody's vocals.

              TRACK LISTING

              I Follow You
              You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me
              Some Time Alone, Alone
              Bisou Magique
              Endless Shore
              Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?
              Mount Hopeless
              Snowcapped Andes Crash
              Be Proud Of Your Kids

              How To Dress Well is the stage name of songwriter and producer Tom Krell.

              His debut album ‘Love Remains’ was widely praised for both its conceptual strength and immediate emotional resonance, and saw Krell credited with having given birth to a new, narcotized strain of R&B that has since spawned a host of imitators.

              Now we see him pull back the curtain on a whole new body of work with his new album ‘Total Loss’, released on Weird World and co-produced by Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, King Krule).

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Philippa says: Following his Tri Angle LP outing, How To Dress Well is back with more of his post-R&B, slow-fi, synthwave-tinted melancholic pop.

              TRACK LISTING

              ‘Total Loss’
              When I Was In Trouble
              Cold Nites
              Say My Name Or Say
              Running Back
              & It Was U
              World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You (Proem)
              How Many?
              Talking To You
              Set It Right
              Ocean Floor For Everything

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