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How To Dress Well - AKA Tom Krell - releases his fourth album, ‘Care’, via Weird World / Domino.

Written by Krell, mixed by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, fun.) and featuring co-production from Krell alongside Jack Antonoff, Dre Skull, CFCF and Kara- Lis Coverdale, ‘Care’ is a sensual, dazzling alt-pop tour de force.

‘Care’ is the next step in the evolution of Krell’s sound, which began with his first critically-lauded album, ‘Love Remains’, in 2010 and continued up through his widely acclaimed previous album, ‘What Is This Heart?’, released in 2014.


Can’t You Tell
Salt Song
What’s Up
Lost Youth / Lost You
The Ruins
Burning Up
I Was Terrible
Time Was Meant To Stay
Made A Lifetime
They’ll Take Everything You Have

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