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Marie Queenie Lyons

Soul Fever - 2024 Reissue

    A real soul gem from 1970 on the James Brown affiliated Deluxe label, the first and only album by this mysterious singer: Marie Queenie Lyons.

    The songs are a combination of funky covers, some of which she’d been doing in her live shows, like ‘Fever’ and ‘Try Me,’ and originals co-written by pianist Don Pullen, who was the bandleader on the session.

    Our reissue features an alternative cover photo and includes a booklet with rare photos, extensive liner notes by Andrew “Monk-One” Mason and the first ever interview with Queenie herself!


    1. See And Don’t See 01:00
    2. Daddy’s House 01:00
    3. You Used Me 01:00
    4. Your Thing Ain’t No Good Without My Thing 00:59
    5. Snake In The Grass 00:59
    6. Your Key Don’t Fit It Anymore 00:58
    7. Fever 01:00
    8. I Don’t Want Nobody To Have It But You 00:58
    9. We’ll Cry Together 01:02
    10. I’ll Drown In My Dreams 00:59
    11. I Want My Freedom 00:59
    12. Try Me 00:59

    Principe Y Su Sexteto

    Salsa De Guaguanco - 2023 Reissue

      Príncipe's 1967 debut album. Hard salsa with rocking tropical electric guitar! First time reissue, audio remastered from the original tapes, with in-depth liner notes and augmented by three smoking bonus tracks. Príncipe y Su Sexteto, from Caracas, Venezuela, were early pioneers of "salsa con guitarra eléctrica" (salsa with electric guitar), a subset of the salsa genre where the electric guitar is the main melodic rhythm instrument, often taking the spotlight in place of the piano and brass section.


      A La Memoria Del Muerto - 2023 Reissue

        Produced by Fruko's uncle Mario "Pachanga" Rincón, the LP has an uncompromisingly stark, hard sound that is appealing to today's collectors of 'salsa brava' just as it was impactful on the Colombian scene when it was made. Unlike the first Tesos album, with a two-trumpet line-up and fairly simple arrangements, this more mature recording added another trumpet and two trombones for a more robust brass attack. Additionally, instead of basic salsa, there are many different rhythms - guaguancó, bomba, plena, oriza, bolero, cha-cha-chá, descarga and Latin soul.

        Grupo Pan

        Pan - 2023 Reissue

          First time reissue of one of the essential and most sought-after Venezuelan rock albums, originally released in 1970, along the lines of what other artists such as Santana or El Chicano were doing from the United States in those same years. This reissue includes original artwork, liner notes and exclusive photos.


          Cumbia De E.T.

            Both songs had been previously recorded and included on Afrosound’s 1974 album “Carruseles” - recently reissued on Vampisoul - but these new versions from 1983 feature an updated sound with an extensive use of space effects and unexpected sonic tricks. Taking advantage of the pull the film was having at the time, the result was carefully packaged with an E.T. themed artwork, aiming for commercial success. First time reissue.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Space-age cumbia anyone? Bat shit bonkers but sonically ahead of its time - this is the kinda of 7" lovers of exotica / library / psyche-grooves is gonna wet their pants for!

            Wganda Kenya / Kammpala Grupo

            Wganda Kenya / Kammpala Grupo

              A wild and funky collection of Afro grooves that was ahead of its time in 1977 and has become a collector’s item in recent years, especially due to the growing international interest in Colombian picó sound system culture. Fruko and his studio bands Wganda Kenya and Kammpala Grupo treat us to a diverse set of African and Caribbean styles, laced with crazy synths, psychedelic guitar and infectious pan-African polyrhythms.

              Alfredo Linares

              El Pito

                The first LP released by Lima pianist Alfredo Linares under his own name is brimming with tropical hits from the mid-sixties (including a Frank Sinatra classic.)

                "El Pito" comprises guarachas, guaguancós, jazzy descargas and, obviously, contagious boogaloos, including an outstanding version of the J. Sabater anthem. The album was finally released in the summer of 1967, and 'El Pito' and 'Strangers in the Night' made it into most of the charts. MAG released other similar LPs that same year by artists such as Coco Lagos, Tito Chicoma and Carlos Muñoz. Critics were quick to praise the new sounds on "El Pito", which brought listeners up to date with the tropical sound developments in the United States, to which Linares added touches of jazz.

                Orquestra Reve

                De Habana A Lima Con La Orquesta Reve

                  In 1956, the percussionist and composer from Guantanamo, Elio Revé, founded the orchestra popularly known as La Revé, which in the space of a few years became the Cuban music group par excellence for foreign audiences. "De Habana a Lima..." comprises a dozen songs labeled changüis, mostly written by Cuban composers.

                  Quite an invisible record even for hardcore collectors, and almost impossible to find in any condition, "De Habana a Lima" is now reissued for the first time.


                  Panal - 2022 Reissue

                    Very rare Chilean album that blends folk and rock in a similar way to one of the most successful bands on IRT: Los Jaivas.

                    A roster of very experienced and talented musicians, including some members of Aguaturbia, was recruited for this project and this self-titled album was finally released in 1973.

                    Fierce percussions, stunning guitar riffs and filtered voices create a unique sound across this only album by Panal.

                    First official reissue with remastered sound from the original master tapes.

                    El Trio

                    Todo En Su Medida Y Armoniosamente - 2021 Reissue

                      Mega rare 1974 jazz funk rock album recorded by Argentina's top jazzmen Pocho Lapouble, Ricardo Lew and Adalberto Cevasco (also members of Quinteplus, Jorge Lopez Ruiz's band and Gato Barbieri's group among many others).

                      Includes the irresistible fast-paced funk rock track 'Se Acabó el Recreo' and the ethereal 'Todo en Su Medida y Armoniosamente' and 'Haceme Shaft', featuring Patricia Clark on vocals and unexpected moog arrangements.

                      First time reissue, with remastered sound and original artwork.

                      La Pesada

                      Tomate Y Alandette

                        "Tomate Y Alandette" by La Pesada is one of the best tropical records released by Codiscos. Issued in 1978, the album is a "one off" by an all-star ensemble of musicians and singers, many of whom had played with Fruko y sus Tesos, Los Hermanos Martelo and other Colombian orchestras. The album showcases a diverse and eclectic range of stylistic modes and genres. There is cumbia, salsa, bolero, son montuno, descarga and even calypso. The arrangements and instrumentation range from flute and violin charanga in a "tropico" Cuban mode (augmented by a trombone section) to Colombian percussion-heavy cumbia. 

                        This album digs deeper into the most experimental recordings in the archives of Nelson Records. The label was founded in 1970 by the musicians Maurizio Majorana, Antonello Vannucchi and Roberto Podio (who along with Carlo Pes would be known as I MARC 4), after establishing the Telecinesound studio, right where the New Italian Library Sound was created. They recorded with Armando Trovajoli, Piero Piccioni, Ennio Morricone, Piero Umiliani, Henry Mancini and many others, and created a special sound, mixing jazz, pop, rock and psychedelic music, to produce records aiming to be used by the programmers of the Italian RAI television.

                        The music of "Thrilling Mortale" is mostly special effects, drum breaks, fast bongo rhythms and groovy Hammond background sounds inspired by cinema noise experts who did not use any musical instruments and had only a few objects to recreate the noises of the films; from horse rides to closing gates, everything was done in the traditional way. I MARC 4, instead, would recreate those sounds with bass, guitar, drums, piano and Hammond organ.

                        Many musicians, record producers and film directors still like, look for, rediscover and re-use for their work, and the music on these albums recorded by I MARC 4 between 1970-1976 have reached cult status among library music collectors.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side A
                        1. INTRO
                        2. BONGOS SUSPENCE
                        3. SMOOKIE
                        4. ASFALTO IN AGGUATO
                        5. OSSESSIONE OMICIDA
                        6. BASE PERICOLOSA
                        7. SUSPENCE SUBACQUEO
                        8. CORSA PERICOLOSA
                        9. IMMAGINI

                        Side B
                        1. THRILLING MORTALE
                        2. TEMPORALE
                        3. BOXES
                        4. DRUMMING FREE
                        5. TENSIONE ED ATTESA
                        6. TEMA DI RAVEN I Vers
                        7. IN LABORATORIO
                        8. ATMOSFERE SPAZIALI
                        9. GIALLO

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