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The Groop Played Space Age Batchelor Pad Music

     ‘The Groop Played Space Age Batchelor Pad Music’ is an 8-track mini album, released in 1993.

    Often noted as being one of the most influential and original bands of the 90s, Stereolab were formed by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier in London in 1990 and released 13 studio albums, 15 EPs and numerous singles. Simon Reynolds commented in Rolling Stone that the group’s early records form “an endlessly seductive body of work that sounds always the same, always different.”

    Theirs is a rich, overflowing palette, readily able to blur the gulf between Os Mutantes and the BBC Radiophonic Orchestra; merge Krzysztof Komeda with the Velvet Underground, Francoise Hardy with Neu! and Burt Bacharach with Esquivel. A deluxe blend, in other words, with ingredients plucked assiduously from pop’s coolest outposts: 50’s lounge, Rive Gauche chanson, Brazilian tropicalia, North American art rock, East European film music, Krautrock. hi-fi test recordings, mood music and more. Somehow they distil these apparently incongruent components into an ageless exotica that is all their own.



      ‘Peng!’ is the band’s 1992 debut album. 

      Often noted as being one of the most influential and original bands of the 90s, Stereolab were formed by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier in London in 1990 and released 13 studio albums, 15 EPs and numerous singles. Simon Reynolds commented in Rolling Stone that the group’s early records form “an endlessly seductive body of work that sounds always the same, always different.”

      Theirs is a rich, overflowing palette, readily able to blur the gulf between Os Mutantes and the BBC Radiophonic Orchestra; merge Krzysztof Komeda with the Velvet Underground, Francoise Hardy with Neu! and Burt Bacharach with Esquivel. A deluxe blend, in other words, with ingredients plucked assiduously from pop’s coolest outposts: 50’s lounge, Rive Gauche chanson, Brazilian tropicalia, North American art rock, East European film music, Krautrock. hi-fi test recordings, mood music and more. Somehow they distil these apparently incongruent components into an ageless exotica that is all their own.


      Local Blood Sport / Spies

        Hot on the heels of their album God Speed In The National Limit, Crystal Palace based two piece JOHN release a limited edition double A side vinyl single via Too Pure Singles Club. Having established an incisive combination between energetic noise and somewhat surprisingly poetic content, the two tracks display exactly why you should make every effort to catch the mysteriously named JOHN live. You’d certainly be forgiven for wondering how only two bodies could create the frantically paced brand of noisy rock that they’ve become recognised for, a brand that has lead them onto stages with bands such as Idles, USA Nails and Pulled Apart By Horses. Local Blood Sport and Spies show off different angles of the band, with both songs strung together by lyrics that abstract the most mundane situations of everyday life and set them against a backdrop of solid crunching instrumentation.

        Unqualified Nurse Band

        Death Surf A52 / White Dove

          Too Pure present the third instalment of the 2017 edition of the Singles Club with the awesome Unqualified Nurse band.

          Derby’s Unqualified Nurse Band follow up 2016’s debut album ‘Debasement Tapes’ with the two headed beast that is ‘Death Surf A52’ / ‘White Dove’.

          ‘Death Surf A52’ is a one note juggernaut that opens up into Dream Surf bliss, weaving its way through 50 shades of rock and roll with no intention of slowing down for anybody.

          Significant other ‘White Dove’ staggers and struts and then before you know it you’re howling at the Harvest Moon.

          Both songs recorded by Rich Collins at SNUG Recording CO, Derby and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton. 


          Ltd 7" Info: Clear vinyl 7”.

          Family Scraps


            The Too Pure Singles Club is proud to announce the first single for 2017 will be by Family Scraps.

            Family Scraps is Matthew Johnson (MJ) of Hookworms and Suburban Home Studio and this Too Pure 7" is his first release under the name.

            Mistakes and It Follows are two songs about loss and were recorded at Suburban Home before and after the Boxing Day floods of 2015.

            A full length album will follow in 2017.


            Flock Analogy

              The Too Pure Singles Club is proud to announce the forthcoming 7” by the fantastic Cassels …. Brought together by the low-lights of West Oxfordshire life before they were even teenagers, Cassels are an explosive two-piece comprised of brothers Jim (guitar/vocals) and Loz (drums/vocals) Beck. The band combine massive slabs of grunge riffing with a punk aesthetic and socially charged lyrics expressing themes of isolation, anger, boredom and disillusionment with society at large.

              Grief Tourist


                Too Pure Singles Club announce ‘Strigoi’, the latest release from Grief Tourist.

                Grief Tourist were formed by drummer Lee Vincent and inspired by Ceremony’s ‘Rohnert Park’ album. You can tell, too. “I would send GarageBand recordings to Rich [Wells], who lives in Leeds,” says Vincent. “He would scream over the recordings and record them on a dictaphone in his front room, then send them back. The recordings had that gross quality we wanted, so we definitely wanted to replicate that when we recorded properly. He’s upgraded to screaming in his mate’s carpet shop now.” Morgan Sinclair completed the line-up and off the trio went to a Perspex Flesh show, which also influences their bludgeoning punk.

                Vincent Vocoder Voice

                500,000 Hymnals

                  Too Pure Singles are proud to announce their August release - Vincent Vocoder Voice: foolosopher, dilettante, drunk. “500,000 Hymnals” is a meditation on obstacles to meaning, the clawing to delineate a pursuit of some desperately needed – yet indefinable – action of salvation; the floundering of indecision, twisting for an escape between slamming doors. God speaks us into being, sets us adrift in history … and disappears. “Heidegger's Gruel” is an illustration of such torsion through the embittered eye of a free, wise failure: wisdom becoming a Möbius strip leading one back to idiocy, unable to live, to do the simplest things; emancipation from superstition resulting in a longing for some unnamable greater myth that we find ourselves too wise / stupid to believe in; liberation as vacuum, void … the realisation that we'll never truly escape how the world moulded us, and that finding sanity in an insane world is enough to drive one mad.



                    Teeth is the brand new 7” single by North Wales’ SEAZOO, and is released by the wondrous Too Pure. A pop nugget featuring skuzzed guitars, restored chapel organ and Terry -­‐ the old Korg synth. The B-­‐Side, Skulls, was specially written for the release, but turned out much better than planned. It almost took the A-­‐ Side slot for a second, and has split the band. They’re still speaking to each other, barely. As ever, all sounds lovingly cooked-­‐up and recorded at home.

                    SEAZOO are an act that started out as nothing more than a bedroom-­‐recording project in 2013. Surprising momentum built however, as their Grandaddy/Yo La Tengo/SFA inspired recordings began to gain support from the BBC.

                    Grim Brides

                    Faithless UFO Leap

                      ‘Faithless UFO Leap’ is most definitely the gnarliest thing that the Singles Club has had the ‘joy’ of releasing. It is as much an offence to music as it is brick to the face brilliance.

                      ‘I’m Gonna Be Sick’ continues the punishment and is music for the end of the world. Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road delivered the masters saying that they were un-masterable and Too Pure probably owe them for new speakers.

                      All the label know about Grim Brides is that they have made these two songs and that they are (apparently) from Denmark.

                      Pink vinyl 7”.

                      Paul Draper

                      Feeling My Heart Run Slow

                        This two track vinyl, which includes a stunning collaboration with prog rock musician Steven Wilson, is released on Too Pure records to celebrate their 100th release and is limited to only 500 copies.

                        Various Artists

                        Pay No Attention


                          Celebrating their 100th release this March, the Too Pure Singles Club are marking the occasion this Record Store Day with the limited edition compilation, ‘Pay No Attention’.

                          Born from the Too Pure label, notorious for releasing works from the likes of Electrelane, PJ Harvey, Laika, mclusky, Mouse On Mars, Scout Niblett, Seefeel, Stereolab, Th’ Faith Healers and more, the spirit lives on in the form of the Too Pure Singles Club.

                          A monthly subscription, the Too Pure Singles Club release a brand new 7” every month, limiting them to just 500 copies and lovingly hand numbering each one. Furthermore, artists are given free reign to design their sleeve and the colour of 7” as they please, helping to make every month’s delivery to subscribers wildly different to the last.

                          Dedicated to working with the best of the underground, among the Club’s first century were early releases from the likes of The Crookes, Dead Skeletons, DZ Deathrays, Esben & The Witch, Hookworms, Jeff The Brotherhood, LoneLady, Menace Beach, and Pulled Apart By Horses.

                          Having now reached the 100th 7” mark, Too Pure have compiled ‘Pay No Attention’ to celebrate.

                          Pressed on shocking pink vinyl and being released on Record Store Day 2016, the limited edition LP features 14 choice cuts culled from the labels first century - many of which are subscriber favourites.

                          Limited to 500 copies.

                          Menace Beach / Cowtown

                          Holidays Are Heavy / Wonderful Christmastime

                            First up is Menace Beach with 'Holidays Are Heavy'. As Ryan from the band puts it, "I love the winter cos I like wearing scarves and chucking snowballs at buses. This song is about the fact that even if you can't buy presents and stuff for people, you can always find a way to look out for each other. I also somehow managed to make a chorus that I wanted to sound like Spiritualized, sound like Don Williams but that's cool. Heehaw!"

                            On the reverse side, we have the formidable, party starter's Cowtown, who channel the inner spirit of McCartney's festive jowls with 'Wonderful Christmastime' for this single. Whats not to love?

                            Pass the egg nog.

                            Forever Cult

                            Tunnel Vision

                              Following on from the success of summer single ‘Antonio Banderas’, FOREVER CULT release the quirky fuzzed up pop number ‘Tunnel Vision’ on 7” vinyl via Beggar’s Too Pure Singles Club. Produced by Matt Peel (Pulled Apart By Horses/Eagulls/Autobahn) at Nave Studios in Leeds, ‘Tunnel Vision’ is a blend of squealing whammy guitars, reverb laden falsetto vocals and growling hooks.

                              Kingsley Chapman And The Murder


                              As frontman and creator of northern English artrock band The Chapman Family, Kingsley flirted continuously between success and failure for a number of years before finally calling time on the group in the summer of 2013.

                              From becoming the first ever unsigned band to play the coveted NME Radar Tour in 2009 to performing in Japan, mainland Europe and the USA in 2011 (on the back of releasing their debut album "Burn Your Town") the band were unrelenting, angry and loud. They went out with their heads held high and dignity still intact - releasing a single on the day of their final sold out show in their home town of Stockton-on-Tees in the North East of England. Job done.

                              But those days are gone and after a prolonged period in hibernation Kingsley is back with a brand new band and an exciting new sound to take on all comers and attempt to battle the 21st Century disease of apathy once again.

                              Taking references from the mythology of iconic rock and art The Murder are a dizzying mix of thundering Viking warrior drums, sparkling avant garde pianos, ominous romantic strings and barbed wire guitars all underpinned by Kingsley's savage croon.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition - 150 copies only.

                              Pulled Apart By Horses

                              One Night In Heaven


                                Pulled Apart By Horses have confirmed new tour & release plans for this Spring/Summer and also welcome a new member to the fold.

                                The band celebrate this year’s Record Store Day with a new live album entitled ‘One Night In Heaven’ available on super limited 12” vinyl via Too Pure Records/Transgressive.

                                The album is a recording of a live set from their recent London headline show at Heaven in November 2014.

                                The live album marks the end of an era as Pulled Apart By Horses’ last release with founding member & stick-smith Lee Vincent, but the band are excited to introduce their new drummer Tommy Davison (Department M, These Monsters, Dinosaur Pile-Up).

                                Lee announced his decision to step down from Pulled Apart By Horses towards the end of last month, explaining:

                                “Life has pulled me in a different direction to my fellow Horses and the life of a touring musician just isn't for me any more. I'm immensely proud of everything we've achieved and the music we've created together, and I look forward to witnessing the next phase of PABH with my good friend Tommy filling the drum stool”

                                So now the band move on into the next phase of their career, saying: “We’re extremely excited to introduce you to the brand new fourth member of PABH. Tommy has been a close friend of ours for many years. We simply cannot wait to get on the road with him”.

                                Tommy adds: ‘I’m over the moon to have joined Horses. The boys are like brothers to me so any excuse to hang out with them even more is gladly welcomed”.

                                Limited to 500 copies.



                                  The Too Pure Singles Club is proud to announce their third release of 2015 "Falls".
                                  Hailing from Deeside in North Wales, Falls specialise in blistering riffs.. think Pulled Apart By Horses/ Baby Godzilla and it will give you an idea where the Welsh delinquents are coming from.

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition pink vinyl.

                                  Hippies Vs Ghosts


                                    Hippies Vs Ghosts are primarily Owain Ginsberg from Masters In France / We Are Animal and ‘Wazo’ will be the band’s debut 7”.

                                    Since blasting on to the scene some 18 months ago, under this particular guise, Ginsberg has regularly blown listeners away with his kaleidoscopic, instrumental Morricone meets Krautrock sound, during which time he’s served up a number of quality EPs, one off tracks and a stunning debut album, ‘Mother Tongue’ (one of 2014’s finest).

                                    In a parting gesture to a rather productive 2014, Hippies Vs Ghosts sign off with brand new 7″ single ‘Wazo’. ‘Wazo’ captures the very essence of Hippies Vs Ghosts; Krautrock indebted psychedelia of epic proportions. Propelled onward by a chugging bass and persistent percussives, it hurtles along at breakneck speed with menacing intent, bending and contorting through a sea of swirling noise and scorching riffs. Urgent, catchy, and oh so irresistible!

                                    B-side companion ‘Hibou Calling’ is a much more tempered affair. A gentle acoustic strum, soft percussion and hushed repeated vocals fuse with some floaty sonic sounding atmospherics to soothe the soul and whisk one’s mind away to a lofty transcendental plain.

                                    ‘Wazo’ is released as part of the Too Pure Singles Club.

                                    Post War Glamour Girls


                                    Both 'Gustave' and 'Lolong' are brand new tracks following on from the release of 'Pink Fur' earlier this year and will not be appearing on the bands second album.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition green vinyl.

                                    The Anchoress

                                    What Goes Around

                                      ‘What Goes Around’ is the debut single from The Anchoress - a new project from London-based Catherine Anne Davies, co-produced with Paul Draper (Mansun) and mixed by Cenzo Townshend.

                                      Set for release on May 5th as a limited edition, heavyweight and clear 7", ‘What Goes Around’ is the first taste of The Anchoress’ forthcoming debut album; a refreshing blast of “revenge pop”, with angular guitars and barbed lyrics framing this anthem about karmic balance.

                                      The single premiered on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6Music show, alongside an interview with Paul Draper about the project. The Anchoress is Draper’s first album-length production since the implosion of Mansun in 2003. As well as co-producing the project alongside Catherine, he also plays guitar on six of the tracks featured on the album.

                                      Made over a two-year period, with recording interrupted by a series of events that threatened to derail the project completely (including Catherine injuring her hand so badly during a two day recording session that she was told she might not play again).

                                      She says, “This album has been made on a wing and a prayer, lots of favours, one car crash, one death, one broken hand, and a lot of patience on so many parts. Stir in 3 jobs, 4 studios, 1 arrest, 3 pianos, 40 songs and 1 very patient engineer… and you get some way to understanding what a long road it has been….”

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition clear vinyl pressing.

                                      Deaf Club

                                      Moving Still

                                      Deaf Club, the collective identity of Polly Mackey (Vocals/Guitar), Paul Bates (Bass), Jac Roberts (Guitar), Sian Rosier (Keyboards) and Tom Ryan (Drums), first hit the UK scene in 2011 with their self released, four track EP, ‘Lull’. Instantly receiving critical acclaim, the band followed up with a Kissability sponsored two track cassette ‘Sunday’/’Mirrors’ which sold out in a heart beat.

                                      Building on this already remarkable progress, ‘Moving Still’ is yet further evidence of a young, but powerful creative force rapidly gaining momentum as they hone their craft and refine the sound that defines Deaf Club. Bellowing guitars, an urgent, yearning vocal delivery and a driving rhythm section that hammers the point home. ‘Lights’ perfectly compliments ‘Moving Still’ with a catchy chorus and measured mystique.


                                      City Of Light / This Time

                                      Welcome to the fifth instalment of the 2012 edition of The Too Pure Singles club. Pushed on by a never-ending sense of wanderlust Too Pure introduce the multinational, sultry sounds of Clubfeet.

                                      Clubfeet is the collective identity of five men - Sebastian Cohen (lead vocals, guitar), Yves Roberts (bass, backing vocals), Montgomery Cooper (keys, programming, backing vocals), Bennington Le Bruce (programming, synths, percussion, backing vocals), and Vivian Croft (drums) - from Melbourne, Australia and Capetown, South Africa. Together, they create dreamy, melancholic indie-pop that sounds just as inspiring on a Monaco club floor on a Saturday night as it does on a lazy Sunday in a 1995 VW Golf soft-top cruising down the Amalfi Coast.

                                      Releasing their debut album in 2010 to rave reviews from the likes of Pitchfork (“instantly charming - 7.7”), Spin, Filter, RCRD LBL and Mixmag, Clubfeet have augmented and expanded their output by adding live drums and extra synths deepening and enriching their sound.

                                      Clubfeet are currently recording their sophomore album splitting their time between South Africa, Australia and New York with producer Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Depeche Mode).

                                      ‘City Of Light’ / ‘This Time’ is a perfect piece of pop cool. Imbued with the spirit of lost nights, spent cruising bars before finishing up on the beach at dawn, a little worse for wear but blissfully, drunkenly content. Combining mellow synth sounds, hooky beats and a sense of melody that is both compelling and understated, Clubfeet prove with these two tracks why they should be the darlings of many a record collection the world over.


                                      Fool Moon / Rusk

                                      Coolrunnings is the creative embodiment of Brandon Biondo and Forrest Ferguson. Two very separate musicians coming together to collectively produce and perform the music they write individually. Not so much a band in the traditional sense, as a vehicle for two musicians with an ingrained empathy for the others output.

                                      Originally coming together in 2009 Coolrunnings was born after Brandon and Forrest realised that the songs they were writing were similar in sound. Early on in 2010 a live band was put together and the music was taken to the masses. Coolrunnings have self released two EPs - 2010’s ‘Babes Forever EP’ and the ‘Buffalo’ EP. Their debut self released album ‘Dracula Is Only The Beginning’ was released in April of 2011.

                                      Coolrunnings combine the vocal pop approach of sixties surf rock and interweave it with a psyche folk musical flair more commonly found on contemporary recordings. Add to this mix electronica and indie and the combination produced is something very special and unique indeed.

                                      Introducing New York based, alt. favourite Hesta Prynn. If you haven’t heard her brand of post-hipster-art-pop, you’re about to.

                                      Having spent the past year touring with the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars, Tegan and Sara and Jay-Z and working in studio with everyone from Chuck Brody (Lykki Li, Ra Ra Riot, Wu Tang Clan) to Bear Hands to Clown from Slipknot and Tim Harrington from Les Savy Fav, this former Northern State MC is now set for her first official UK single release, "Turn It Gold".

                                      "Turn It Gold" is an upbeat party track with an indie twist and a hook that just won’t let you be. Hesta (aka Julie Potash) says of the track “I wrote this song about partying in New York with my friends and that song that you just don't want to turn off. The jam that you love. The one you make a gold record in your headphones by playing over and over again”.

                                      “Hesta Prynn is the cool funny alt. superstar you wish presented the news every night” – NME.

                                      “M.I.A. and Miike Snow’s Lovechild” - NY Post.

                                      Civil Civic

                                      Lights On A Leash

                                      Well here it is, the 12th and final chapter in the 2010 saga of total musical idiocy. This year has seen the Too Pure Singles Club release some truly great 7”s by the likes of Esben & The Witch, Milk White White Teeth, The Travelling Band and the awesome Cowbell. With this catalogue of catastrophe in mind the label bring you the final single of the year; a two track blast of multinational cacophony that’s guaranteed to have you dancing all the way through to the new year.

                                      Civil Civic is an international alliance between Aaron and Ben, two individuals living in London and Barcelona.

                                      "Lights On A Leash" is a veritable mind melt of sonic manipulation. Twisting and turning at seemingly random points to create a truly absorbing and visceral whole that should, provided you’re not dead from the neck up, get you out of your seat and dancing around the room like a patient undergoing shock therapy.

                                      Panda & Angel

                                      Crooked Rain / The End Is Not So

                                      Panda & Angel became a band when Josh recorded Carrie Murphy, then the singer in Touchdown Eagle. He loved her voice, and her song writing and asked her if she would like to get together and write some songs with him.

                                      Having just finished an album with his other band S (Suicide Squeeze Records) he had some time and the two began work on what would become the songs that make Panda & Angel so special. Shortly after, Laura came in on bass and they hooked up with drummer Sera Cahoone (now a folk singer on Sub Pop recordings).

                                      Panda & Angel say their only goal ‘is to write songs people like’ and in this day and age of artistic posturing and atavistic claims to the depth of the musical soul it’s refreshing to hear a band are out there making music honestly and sincerely on their own terms.

                                      We Are Animal


                                      We Are Animal hail from North Wales near Mount Snowdon where they trek off into the Welsh wilds to walk, contemplate and put together the music and melodies that make up the bands sound. Impressively accomplished song writing and a knack for a great hook do everything to convince you that there is no way this band can only be a few months old.

                                      But that’s the long and the short of it, the band started in December 2009 and has been prolific both in their output and their live presence ever since. In keeping with this work ethic the band record all the songs the day they are written, bar one or two vocal parts, on a BOSS 8 track in various locations such as old quarries and abandoned builidings dotted around their native Welsh country side. This unpretentious approach towards DIY methods of making and producing recordings means that the sum total of their output is something exciting, entrancing and shot through with a melodic cool it’s hard to quantify.

                                      The Rogers Sisters

                                      The Invisible Deck

                                      Comprising of sisters Jennifer and Laura Rogers as well as Miyuki Furtado, honorary member of the clan, The Rogers Sisters are fast staking a claim to being one of the most exciting bands around. Hard to pin down, they're much more than any one thing. You can certainly hear that they were brought up on, and able to draw from, such a rich diet of influences – Prince, ESG, Talking Heads, 80's US stadium rock… to name just a few – it's no surprise that the bar (Daddys) the Sisters run in their native Brooklyn has the best jukebox in town.

                                      The Rogers Sisters

                                      Why Won't You

                                      The Rogers Sisters are hard to pin down. You can certainly hear that they were brought up on, and able to draw from, a rich diet of influences – Prince, ESG, Talking Heads, 80's US stadium rock… to name just a few – but that doesn't take away from the originality of their music and ability to pen killer tunes, with "Why Won't You" being a prime example of this. It oozes NYC cool with its bass line rumble and scratchy guitars. Great stuff.

                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                      7" Info: The 7" includes "Sooner Or Later (Remix)" on the B-side.

                                      CDS Info: The CD single includes "Sooner Or Later (Remix)" on the B-side.

                                      The awesome 1992 debut album from one of the most unique and compelling female artists of the past 20 years. A powerful, groundbreaking set, "Dry" serves as an introduction to Harvey's fierce, blues-tinged guitar and highly visual lyrical angle that picks at the scabs of female iconography. On these raw, angry songs she's joined by musicians Stephen Vaughan (bass) and Robert Ellis (drums, vocals, harmonium). Includes classic songs "Sheela-Na-Gig", "Dress" and "Oh My Lover". Essential.

                                      Young People

                                      All At Once

                                      Now a duo of Katie Eastburn and Jarrett Silberman, "All At Once" was recorded in LA and the end result is an astonishing listen – eleven delicately crafted tracks that collectively make for their strongest work to date.

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