No Shouts No Calls

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Record Label
Too Pure

About this item

‘No Shouts No Calls’ is the fourth studio album by Brighton based Electrelane. Originally released on Too Pure back in 2007 it’s widely considered the band’s most accessible work to date and it delivers a set of urgent, romantic epics.

Tracks like ‘The Greater Times’ and ‘To The East’ are direct yet complex, with soaring melodies, and the contrast between intimate, almost too-personal words and the swelling sounds around them is exquisite.

And while the album is dominated by the intense, impatient joy of ‘At Sea’, which rides glorious swells of keyboards and fuzzy guitars, its lightly heartbroken moments are just as lovely: ‘Saturday’ boasts beautiful call-and-response vocals and lyrics that feel like a nursery rhyme about a breakup; ‘Cut And Run’ pairs a lighthearted melody and ukulele with the painful realization that a relationship is likely over.

‘No Shouts No Calls’ instrumentals are just as strong as the vocal tracks, and they revel in the pure emotional power of sound. ‘Tram 21’s mischievous organ and guitar interplay is jaunty and slightly trippy, while ‘Five’ is the album’s searing, insistent powerhouse.

‘No Shouts No Calls’ might be some of Electrelane’s most accessible work, but it’s far from safe; in fact, its sweet vulnerability is exactly what makes it so special.

Finally available again on lavish double vinyl.

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