The St Pierre Snake Invasion

Dick E Mozart

Image of The St Pierre Snake Invasion - Dick E Mozart
Record Label
Too Pure

About this item

“Dick E Mozart” is 1:16 of grunge fuelled hardcore brilliance backed with the equally brilliant “Appendages”

The St Pierre Snake Invasion are a 5-piece rock band based in Bristol, England. They consist of Damien Sayell (Vocals), Sam James (Drums), Szack Notaro (Guitar), Dave Larkin (Bass guitar) and Patrick Daly (Guitar). The band took their name from an historical event from 1902 when the eruption of a volcano on the island of St Pierre, Martinique, sent an army of 6 ft. long snakes to the mulatto quarter of St Pierre in a mad dash to avoid the flowing lava. They killed over 50 people before the town’s street cats fought them off. A tsunami soon followed, killing all in its path, leaving only two survivors.

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