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Live At Third Man Records

    ADULT. have been stalwarts of national independent music for almost two decades, releasing their perfectionist hybrid of darkwave and synth-pop with respected labels Thrill Jockey, Kill Rock Stars, Ghostly International and, most recently, Mute. The soundscapes this Detroit duo sculpts by synthesizer stabs and sparse drum machine rhythm are icy, dense and precise. This release showcases the group in rare form, complete with the totally unexpected and kind of jarring sound of raucous audience laughter in place of typical applause as the intro as well as a light audible fuzz created by the third member of the group that night, their fog machine ;) Best of all, two of the tracks, Misshaped and Does the Body Know?, make their premiere on this release. ADULT. have outlasted any number of micro-electronic music scenes with whom they could have been grouped and, with their live show down to a science, prove that they will be worth a damn for a long time coming.

    Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

    Live At Third Man Records

      Known for his work with The Gun Club, The Cramps and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Kid Congo and his band, The Pink Monkey Birds, have carved out a place for themselves in the competitive world of underground music by taking the building blocks of primeval rock and roll and pushing them to their furthest conceivable limits. This philosophy will undoubtedly strike a chord in fans of foundational punk music (and especially Ramones fans).

      The live recording from the Third Man Blue Room features two banger tracks — “Psychic Future” and “La Araña” — hot off their 2016 album La Araña Es La Vida on In The Red Records. Compared to the studio tracks, these live recordings are just slightly faster, a bit tidier and defi nitely more urgent. The shining star has gotta be the rhythm section, especially on “La Araña”, which belts out an addictive thump from start to fi nish.

      Death From Above

      Heads Up Demos

        Hot-off-the-Third Man Press, Death From Above’s completely unheard and unreleased demos from their first release, the Heads Up EP, gets the vinyl treatment. This black vinyl 7" comes with three cover art variants — distributed at random.

        Laughing Hyenas

        Life Of Crime

          While their style didn’t change much over the course of their first three albums, they kept improving on the formula and on Life Of Crime, they reached their peak! Brannon is a punk rock whirlwind with the conviction of an old bluesman, his relentless howl make this one of his finest vocal performances to date and make this a truly disturbing and terrifying listen.

          This is the last record of the “Butch Vig Trilogy” — a beautiful, creative partnership that resulted in three untouchable records and helped point bands like Nirvana and Sonic Youth in Vig’s direction.

          Laughing Hyenas

          Hard Times + Crawl / Covers

            Hyenas went down to Memphis to the legendary Easley Studios to record their final LP with the one and only Doug Easley. On Hard Times, we see the Hyenas influences are more Howlin’ Wolf/Muddy Waters than they are Nick Cave/Iggy Pop. Every bit as emotionally ruthless as their previous releases, the Laughing Hyenas went out on a high note with Hard Times.

            2 years after releasing Life of Crime, Kevin Strickland and Jim Kimball had left to form Mule. Many people thought this marked the end of the band; not the case. Todd Swalla (of Necros) stepped in on drums and Kevin Ries on bass. Over the new slightly toned down direction, the sound of the band somehow seemed even more extreme.

            The White Stripes

            Icky Thump (Black Friday 2018)

              Black vinyl, Packaging: Direct-to-board double pocket LP jacket, standard weight vinyl. finally released with an official TMR catalog number! All the features of the Warner release, plus a couple extra surprises.

              Kevin Morby

              Live At Third Man Records

                Formally a member of New York folk group Woods, Kevin Morby has made a name for himself with his four acclaimed solo releases (the first album Harlem River is absolutely beautiful). These songs, "Destroyer" and "Black Flowers", come from his third record Singing Saw, which was chosen for Pitchfork Best New Music.

                "Destroyer" is an autobiographical minimalistic keyboard ballad, a distant cousin of the full band album version. "Black Flowers" on this single borrows less from the sweeping orchestras of Leonard Cohen's catalog and more from the melancholic austerity of Bert Jansch.

                Liza Anne

                Live At Third Man Records

                  Recorded right before the release of her Arts & Crafts instant-fan-making debut Fine But Dying, both the A-side "Take It Back" and the B-side "Overnight" are from local popster Liza Anne's self-released album Two. "Take It Back" is moving, propulsive indie pop at its finest, somehow better with the strong conviction of their message captured live.

                  "Overnight" starts out as a threadbare folk rock tune and compounds and builds up until, finally, the smoke clears again right before the finale, creating an impactful air around the last words sung.


                  Bad Times / Not Myself

                    We are proud to release the second ever vinyl release from garage stomping, punk slugging rockers Datenight. Datenight have been playing what feels like every good show in Nashville for the past couple years. Their manner of smearing punk music with extra distortion and a dollop of pop, in the vein of Toy Love and the Oblivians, is incredibly contagious and just fun to see live. Anchored by impenetrable brickwall drumming, their A-side single “Bad Times” is an energetic maelstrom centered around the chorus mantra “can’t do it all by myself!”, which acts as a welcome invitation to the crowd to yell along with them.

                    Spray Paint


                      The Third Man team have been fanatics of Spray Paint’s sound for a minute. Their sound hits the sweet spot between the atonal movement of no-wave and nihilistic post-punk, like Mark E. Smith covering MARS. This chronicle of their live set in the Blue Room is excellent evidence. The fi rst track, “Cussin’”, originally released as an A-side in 2014, is even more tense and volatile in this live recording, held together by the loose glue of its hypnotic rhythm section. In light of the noxious political present, these live songs feel very urgent and necessary.

                      The Rebel

                      Riding In The Sun / Why Must I Pay

                        Known best as the frontman of Scottish arty punks the Country Teasers, Ben Wallers has been expanding his smart and avant-garde deconstruction of punk music as The Rebel. With these songs, there is distinct focus on the state of being on the outside looking in. This is not music burdened by the hustle and bustle; rather, it’s measured and critical and feels rooted outside city pressure. The songs are characterized musically by drum machine and synth stabs with loose-handed guitar, that is to say desolate and questioning. On the b-side, “Why Must I Pay” carries a biting critique; all macrostructures, not just punk or music, come into a disassembling, blinding spotlight - healthcare, monetary systems, humankind’s “gains.” Leave preconceived notions at the door and take notes.

                        Sun Seeker


                          Sun Seeker has carved out a universe all their own in Nashville, TN. Biddeford, their first EP and second release on Third Man Records, is near combustion level with beautiful atmospherics, willful lyricism and a supernatural ear for atypical pop hooks which should ring immediately familiar to fans of their debut 7’’ “Georgia Dust”. Six charming vignettes explore friendship, romance, and the daydreams populating the space between them.

                          EP highlight and single, “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night”, gives us the best of singer and principal songwriter Alex Benick – his ability to breathe life and a depth of scenery into a song, especially with the clever rhythms of drummer Ben Parks and guitarist Asher Horton’s near-perfect pop instinct.

                          Sun Seeker has climbed into broad daylight, into blessed dynamics, and every song blossoms as a result of it.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: Sun-soaked guitars and hazy basses roll around the mix, topped with beautifully shining vocal melodies and imbued with vague melancholic leanings. It's a beautiful and endearing outing from Sun Seeker, and one set to endure for a time to come.

                          Lilly Hiatt &Aaron Lee Tasjan

                          Luck Mansion Sessions

                            On September 19th - 24th 2016 Luck Reunion and Third Man Records took over a mansion in East nashville creating an analogue studio space with the goal of inspiring collaboration. Artists were invited to perform live and record 2 songs as part of a series called the “Luck mansion sessions”. We provided a sandled chef, a house mixologist named “Floyd’, and unlimited tape. this is what happened...

                            Aaron Lee Tasjan and our team go way back. We fell in love with Aaron in New York while in the back rooms of the 11th street bar and have followed and supported him as he's come into his own as one of Nashville's best songwriters and guitar players. We reached out to him as we put this plan on paper and asked who he would love to sing with - It didn't take long before the name Lilly Hiatt popped up. We are glad it did. She sings like a true angel. Their collaboration on Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues", and John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery" are incredible.  

                            Rayland Baxter & Dylan Leblanc

                            Luck Mansion Sessions

                              On September 19th - 24th 2016 Luck Reunion and Third Man Records took over a mansion in East nashville creating an analogue studio space with the goal of inspiring collaboration. Artists were invited to perform live and record 2 songs as part of a series called the “Luck mansion sessions”. We provided a sandled chef, a house mixologist named “Floyd’, and unlimited tape. this is what happened...

                              Dylan LeBlanc joined the Luck family at the 2016 event and even though his set was rained out in the chapel he brought his amazing band over to the barn and played a short set for our storm weathering friends in the barn as they waited for it to pass. You can see glimpses of his ELO cover and more on our social feed. When we were putting this project together we knew with Dylan's masterful musicianship and and songwriting, not to mention friends and band The Pollies, something special would come from it.. and it definitely did. Dylan invited friend and another vocal and musical powerhouse, Rayland Baxter to join him. We had no idea what we were in for. When the two of them sat down in the parlor we knew at 1st strum and stroke of the cello from Courtney Blackwell that something magical was happening. You could hear a pin drop as they took us on a journey through their two songs. Enough said... 

                              Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex

                              Live At Third Man Records

                                Neil Michael Hagerty is best known as the laconic frontman of 90s noiseforward
                                rockers Royal Trux. Back in September of 2016, NMH and The Howling
                                Hex showcased an off-kilter garage stomp fused with avant-blues aggression.
                                The two songs presented here are the surest insight into the mind of someone
                                who helped redefi ne rock ‘n’ roll by completely destroying it, but has since
                                settled into more cogent outbursts.
                                • Hometown: Washington DC / Denver, CO
                                • Recorded September 23, 2016 in Third Man’s Blue Room


                                Live At Third Man Records

                                  Power is the import from the punk-rich city of Melbourne, Australia, where some
                                  of our favorite music has been birthed this decade, with a strong emphasis
                                  on punk, garage rock, and unique amalgamations of “alternative music”. For
                                  the uneducated and uninitiated, Power’s music most notably employs volume
                                  and velocity, taking strong cues from seismic Aussie proto-punk from the ‘70s.
                                  Both sides of the Serpent City/Road Dog single begin exactly how you’d want
                                  - a squeal of amp feedback fading into bangover riffage. A more anthemic
                                  shitstorm does not exist.

                                  The White Stripes

                                  Get Behind Me Satan

                                    The White Stripes’ 2005, fifth studio album reminds listeners of the fundamental nature of their production. While still maintaining their iconic elements listeners can immediately identify with The White Stripes. Jack White trades in his classic, guitar heavy elements for piano ballads, mandolin, acoustic guitar and even some touches of marimba.

                                    The Rolling Stone declared this album so “wild, it could make you weep over how pitilessly the Stripes keep crushing the other bands out there.”

                                    ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ ranked Number 3 on both US and UK Charts, trumping their preceding albums’ rank on US Charts. The album’s first track and single, ‘Blue Orchid’, became a fast radio hit in the US and UK, making it the band’s second UK Top 10 hit.

                                    The album’s second single, ‘My Doorbell’, boasts a piano and drums charge, reviewed by NME as the “funkiest tune The White Stripes have ever put their name to.”

                                    Slant Magazine invites listeners to “take solace in the unbridled honesty of simple, solid rock n’ roll” of ‘Get Behind Me Satan’, while Pitchfork crowns the album as some of The White Stripes’ best work.

                                    ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ is that raw, foot-stompin’, soulful sound that will take your imagination to that peaceful front porch in some cosy Southern cabin so sit back and stomp your foot to the melodic acoustic guitar, piano, stirring vocals and crickets.

                                    First time commercially available on 180gram black vinyl. Comes with digital download code of the album.

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