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These New Puritans

Hidden [MMXX] - Vinyl Reissue

    As the These New Puritans canon has grown through the years, Hidden has always stood as the great indicator of the group's detail, precision and ambition. Originally released in 2010, when both Jack and George Barnett were just 22 years old, Hidden was the second album the twins released as These New Puritans.

    The album itself was produced by TNP's Jack Barnett and Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis, Boymerang) and mixed by Dave Cooley (J Dilla, MF DOOM), it draws on both the rhythmic lexicons of dancehall and 20th century post-minimalism, the recording features 6ft Japanese Taiko drums, a thirteen piece brass and woodwind ensemble, sub-heavy beats, prepared piano & a children's choir. The result is equal parts brutal and melancholy, standing the test of time, sounding as pioneering and bold a decade on.

    Hidden is a record that crushes together menace and beauty: after the prelude of woodwind that is “Time Xone”, “We Want War” remains one of the most startling tracks to be released as a single in this millennium - a sound like swarms of invading, metallic wasps, robotic voices intoning, the martial rattle of layers of drums, Jack Barnett’s vocals an incantation. The militant funk of “Three Thousand”, strange skittish jazz in “Hologram”, and “Drum Courts - Where Corals Lie” feels like an ancient, elegiac folk song carried forth on a storm. A record of intense variety, soul and depth, Hidden is remarkable by anyone’s standards, let alone one made by a group of people barely out of their teens.

    Through the extremes of recording, These New Puritans had a critical hit. It was rightly lauded for its singularity and adventure at the time and found the group a legion of loyal fans and was given NME’s prestigious Album of the Year 2010 accolade. Further to the record, it spawned the Hidden Live tour, featuring a large ensemble, conductor Andre De Ridder, and a kids choir. 


    Disc 1
    1. Time Xone
    2. We Want War
    3. Three Thousand
    4. Hologram
    5. Attack Music
    6. Fire–Power
    7. Orion
    8. Canticle
    9. Drum Courts–Where Corals Lie
    10. White Chords
    11. 5

    Disc 2
    12. Hologram Pianos
    13. We Want War Brass & Woodwind
    14. 5 Mallets
    15. Hologram Chamber Mix
    16. Drum Courts Hidden Live Paris
    17. Irreversible¬¬–En Papier Hidden Live Berlin

    These New Puritans

    The Cut

      The Cut is a sister release to their critically-acclaimed 2019 album, Inside The Rose, and is a vast collection of new music, orchestral interludes and reworkings, and remixes by friends and collaborators including the likes of Ossian Brown (Clyclobe, Coil), Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound), and Scintii (Taiwanese singer-producer, featured on Inside The Rose). Marking the finite end of the Inside The Rose era, The Cut is available  in limited edition CD format, featuring hand-cut slit fabric artwork.


      1. The Mirage
      2. Infinity Vibraphones Orchestral Mirror
      3. Beyond Black Suns (Scintii Remix)
      4. If I Were You (Love At The End Of The Human Age)
      5. Infinity Vibraphones Postlude
      6. Angels Come Down
      7. Anti-Gravity Piano Mirror
      8. A-R-P Piano Mirror
      9. Beyond Black Suns (Andrew Liles Ambient Mix)
      10. New Fire
      11. Sphinx In Pieces
      12. Inside The Rose Orchestral Mirror
      13. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Maenad Veyl Remix)
      14. Inside The Rose #MeToo Mix (Andrew Liles)
      15. Angels Brass Canon
      16. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Phone Note)
      17. Into The Trees (Ossian Brown Recomposition)
      18. Intro Tape, Pt. I
      19. Intro Tape, Pt. II

      These New Puritans

      Inside The Rose

        These New Puritans, the great heretics of British music, return with Into The Fire, their first new studio recording since 2013’s critically acclaimed album Field of Reeds.

        To work on the follow-up to Field Of Reeds, Jack Barnett moved to Berlin, not in a 'trust fund edgelord in a black coat outside Berghain' sort of way, but purely because he could afford to get studio space in a large old Communist-era radio studio. "I'm not really in Berlin because I love the mystique of [the city] or anything like that, so the whole miserable winter thing doesn't really hold anything for me," he told me a few years ago. "It could be anywhere, I'm the sort of person where my environment doesn't have a massive effect on what I do, I don't think it would change the music particularly." There, he forged forward as part of a two-member core operation with twin brother George (Thomas Hein has departed to take a PhD in neuroscience). Additional contributions came from long-time collaborators Graham Sutton and conductor Andre De Ridder, yet even with this palette, this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, Field Of Reeds II. How could it be? That's not to say this is a comedown. It's a consolidation, yes, but rather than tread water These New Puritans continue to explore and augment their own landscape.

        The Into The Fire artwork is a collaboration between George Barnett and the award winning photographer and director Harley Weir.


        1. Infinity Vibraphones
        2. Anti–Gravity
        3. Beyond Black Suns
        4. Inside The Rose
        5. Where The Trees Are On Fire
        6. Into The Fire
        7. Lost Angel
        8. A–R–P
        9. Six

        These New Puritans

        Into The Fire (Ltd Edition Flame Coloured 7”)


          These New Puritans, the great heretics of British music, return with Into The Fire, their first new studio recording since 2013’s critically acclaimed album Field of Reeds. Into The Fire, featuring Current 93’s David Tibet, is available via Infectious Music from all digital retailers and a 7-inch coloured vinyl is now available for pre-order, backed with a remix by These New Puritans as Mick The Asbestos. The Into The Fire artwork is a collaboration between George Barnett and the award winning photographer and director Harley Weir.


          SIDE A
          1. Into The Fire

          SIDE B
          1. Into The Fire (Mick Abestos Remix)

          These New Puritans


            "Hidden" is the highly anticipated comeback from a band whose debut "Beat Pyramid" earned them huge critical acclaim. It's an epic return, featuring six foot Japanese taiko drums, a thirteen piece brass and woodwind ensemble and Foley sound effect recording techniques.
            Produced by These New Puritan’s Jack Barnett along with Graham Sutton, and mixed by Dave Cooley (J Dilla, MF Doom) the single is strange as it is confrontational. It draws equally on the rhythmic lexicons of dancehall, 20th century post-minimalism, and the plastic textures of modern US Pop.
            The album’s heavy layers of rhythm combined with the classical minimalist instrumentation will challenge, perplex and mesmerise the listener and more than reward any attention lavished upon it. Sometimes brutal, sometimes melancholy, and sounds like nothing else.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Laura says: Heavy percussive rhythms provide the backbone here, embellished with choral chants, brass, woodwind – in fact just about everything but the usual indie-band staple - guitars. (Well, if they're in there, they're pushed way back!) It's an intriguing album, kicking off with a solemn brass-led intro it then plunges into the 7 minute epic of the single "We Want War", which is an amazing amalgamation of heavy Steve Reich-esque percussion, Eastern rhythms, half whispered vocals, blasts of brass and even a choir. The stand out track for me is the dark, claustrophobic "Three Thousand" that reminds me a little of Massive Attack.
            The rest of the album follows a similar path to these three opening tracks at times brutal and percussive, at others heavy and oppressive, and at others almost soundtracky with the brass and woodwind reminiscent of Prokofiev’s eerie masterpiece “Peter And The Wolf”.
            It’s quite proggy and maybe a bit overindulgent at times, but it’s a unique and amazingly ambitious follow up to "Beat Pyramid" that’s well worth your time.

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