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The Cut is a sister release to their critically-acclaimed 2019 album, Inside The Rose, and is a vast collection of new music, orchestral interludes and reworkings, and remixes by friends and collaborators including the likes of Ossian Brown (Clyclobe, Coil), Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound), and Scintii (Taiwanese singer-producer, featured on Inside The Rose). Marking the finite end of the Inside The Rose era, The Cut is available  in limited edition CD format, featuring hand-cut slit fabric artwork.


1. The Mirage
2. Infinity Vibraphones Orchestral Mirror
3. Beyond Black Suns (Scintii Remix)
4. If I Were You (Love At The End Of The Human Age)
5. Infinity Vibraphones Postlude
6. Angels Come Down
7. Anti-Gravity Piano Mirror
8. A-R-P Piano Mirror
9. Beyond Black Suns (Andrew Liles Ambient Mix)
10. New Fire
11. Sphinx In Pieces
12. Inside The Rose Orchestral Mirror
13. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Maenad Veyl Remix)
14. Inside The Rose #MeToo Mix (Andrew Liles)
15. Angels Brass Canon
16. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Phone Note)
17. Into The Trees (Ossian Brown Recomposition)
18. Intro Tape, Pt. I
19. Intro Tape, Pt. II

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