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The Glow

    On their first two albums Aussie band DMA’s wore their love for early 90s Brit pop well and truly on their sleeve. Although they’ve dabbled with synths before, on their third album they’ve taken their love of rave to edge themselves nearer the dancefloor. They manage to combine rock’n’roll energy with a euphoric groove that nods to Primal Scream and the Chemical Brothers.


    Barry says: Following on from last years' riotously received 'MTV Unplugged' the DMA's return with their newest LP of driven rock, catchy hooks and jangling arm-waving indie anthems. Lovely stuff.

    These New Puritans

    The Cut

      The Cut is a sister release to their critically-acclaimed 2019 album, Inside The Rose, and is a vast collection of new music, orchestral interludes and reworkings, and remixes by friends and collaborators including the likes of Ossian Brown (Clyclobe, Coil), Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound), and Scintii (Taiwanese singer-producer, featured on Inside The Rose). Marking the finite end of the Inside The Rose era, The Cut is available  in limited edition CD format, featuring hand-cut slit fabric artwork.


      1. The Mirage
      2. Infinity Vibraphones Orchestral Mirror
      3. Beyond Black Suns (Scintii Remix)
      4. If I Were You (Love At The End Of The Human Age)
      5. Infinity Vibraphones Postlude
      6. Angels Come Down
      7. Anti-Gravity Piano Mirror
      8. A-R-P Piano Mirror
      9. Beyond Black Suns (Andrew Liles Ambient Mix)
      10. New Fire
      11. Sphinx In Pieces
      12. Inside The Rose Orchestral Mirror
      13. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Maenad Veyl Remix)
      14. Inside The Rose #MeToo Mix (Andrew Liles)
      15. Angels Brass Canon
      16. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Phone Note)
      17. Into The Trees (Ossian Brown Recomposition)
      18. Intro Tape, Pt. I
      19. Intro Tape, Pt. II

      Recorded live with only Ry and his guitar, every song on ‘Dawn’ has a threadbare power - the arrangements are stripped back so there’s nothing separating the listener from the songs’ content.

      Comparable to artists such as Bon Iver, Radiohead, Bjork, Nick Drake.


      Hold Me Love

      With The Strokes fresh off their first European show in four years, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. is focused on breaking an even longer seven year lull between solo LPs. ‘Momentary Madness’ is his third album after ‘Yours To Keep’ and ‘¿Cómo Te Llama?’.

      The ten track album includes the singles ‘Born Slippy’ and ‘Losing Touch’.

      ‘Momentary Masters’ features production from longtime Strokes engineer Gus Oberg. Unlike previous releases, Hammond called on the aid of a number of musicians for the recording sessions, including guitarists Mon Khmer’s Hammarsing Kharhmar and Bleachers’ Mikey Hart, bassist Jordan Brooks and drummer Jeremy Gustin.


      1 Born Slippy
      2 Power Hungry
      3 Caught By My Shadow
      4 Coming To Getcha
      5 Losing Touch
      6 Don't Think Twice
      7 Razors Edge
      8 Touché
      9 Drunched In Crumbs
      10 Side Boob



        Hailing from Sydney, upstart trio DMA’s have been causing a stir down under, with a sold out national tour and bucketloads of hype surrounding them.

        The buzz has followed them across the pond, with NME, XFM and Radio 1 all onboard, giving airtime love to their debut ‘Feels Like 37’ and a tangible electricity in the air in anticipation of this mini album.

        International festival slots await and with an peerless live reputation, stardom is surely set to swiftly follow. Armed with a stack of radio bothering guitar led tunes and bolstered by swagger, their unshakable self-belief is more than well placed.

        These New Puritans

        Expanded (Live At The Barbican)

          These New Puritans’ album ‘Field of Reeds’ was a beacon of experimental music last year, bathed in the adoration of critics.

          ‘TNP: Expanded (Live at The Barbican)’ captures the incredible performance from 2014 of These New Puritans performing with a full orchestra at The Barbican Centre.

          “Joined by an orchestra and the spellbinding Portuguese fado singer Elisa Rodrigues, the brothers Barnett capture the beautiful, foreboding majesty that marks their music” - The Guardian



            This ain't called "Meltdown" for nothing. It takes all the pop thrills, kinetic melodies, slam-dunking riffs that made the world love Ash, then douses them in petrol and drops in a match. After the fireworks, out come 11 white-hot slabs of pure rock power. From the butane rush of the single "Orpheus" to the skyscraping peaks of "Evil Eye" and the fierce-yet-beautiful love "Starcross'd", this is Ash at their melodic best with a ton of new engines strapped on for extra power.

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