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The Bevis Frond

The Clocks - 2024 Reissue

    ‘The Clocks' was originally issued in 2007 as a CD-only limited edition of 110 for members of 'The Bevis Frond Online Community'. It comprised 19 previously unissued tracks. Most of these were home demos featuring just Frond frontman Nick Saloman on all instruments and vocals. Since then, it has never been re-issued in any format. It is therefore with great pleasure that Blue Matter are re-issuing it for the first time, and now as a vinyl double album and limited CD. Due to certain circumstances, three of the original tracks could not be used, so these have been replaced these with another three previously unheard tracks from Nick Saloman's extensive archives. These songs include the seven minute 'She's Taken It All', originally intended for 2004's 'Hit Squad' album but dropped at the last minute due to timing constraints. The beautiful 'You Better Make Do' and the edgy 'Devil Doll' have also been added. We are delighted to be able to make this 'long lost' album available once again and think it will be a welcome addition to the Bevis Frond canon.


    Side One.
    1 Worlde Is Older
    2 The Clocks
    3 Home Is Where The Head Is
    4 Cut To The Quick
    Side Two.
    5 Bless Him
    6 Anything You Say
    7 Devil Doll
    8 God
    9 When I’m Gone
    10 I Need The Rush.
    Side Three.
    11 Watch The Sun
    12 You Better Make Do
    13 Little Ray
    14 She’s Taken It All.
    Side Four.
    15 Things He Said
    16 I’ll Save Myself
    17 I Wasn’t There
    18 I’m Better Now
    19 Shades 

    The Bevis Frond

    Live At The Great American Music Hall (RSD24 EDITION)



      The Bevis Frond

      Focus On Nature

        Focus On Nature is the new studio album from celebrated post-psyche singer songwriter Nick Saloman and his band The Bevis Frond. Seventy-five minutes of glorious melodies that span 60s psych, English folk, Seattle art-punks The Wipers, the buzzsaw pop of Dinosaur Jr and Hendrix-esque explorations. There’s always an element of playful Englishness to their music.

        Heavily influencing the likes of The Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, Elliot Smith, Pavement and Dinosaur Jr, the cult icons have produced another off-kilter mix of melodic piano-led melancholy, acoustic ruminations, scratchy garage rock with a punky edge and full-on guitar histrionics.

        Like its much-praised predecessor, ‘Little Eden’, the new record studies the world’s weariness but fills out a bigger canvas; fast food and global warming, broken hearts and long gone nights out, everyday immortality and being God’s gift all share space. It’s like Townshend at his most thematic; Big Star in all their acoustic glory, perfectly balancing the punky garage rock combo who end up running on ‘Empty’ with Gilmour breaks that elevate it all to grandeur.

        “Still mixing pop, punk and psych to giddy effect.” The Guardian

        “Self-reflection is twinned with a rueful survey of the current state of the nation.” Uncut


        1. Heat
        2. Focus On Nature
        3. God's Gift
        4. Vitruvian Man
        5. A Mirror
        6. Leb Off
        7. Here For The Other One
        8. Happy Wings
        9. Empty
        10. Wrong Way Round
        11. Mr Freds Disco
        12. Jack Immortal
        13. Hairstreaks
        14. Maybe We Got It Wrong
        15. Brocadine
        16. Big Black Sky
        17. The Hug
        18. I Can't Breathe
        19. Hung On A Wire

        The Bevis Frond

        The Long Stuff

          'The Long Stuff' was originally issued in 2002 as a CD-only limited edition of 110 copies for members of 'The Bevis Frond Online Community'. It comprised a select batch of lengthy, previously unissued tracks. Some of these were home demos featuring just Frond frontman Nick Saloman on all instruments and vocals. There was also an unused track recorded for the 1995 album ‘Superseeder’ featuring Ade Shaw on bass and Andy Ward on drums. Since then, ‘The Long Stuff’ has never been re-issued in any format. It is therefore with great pleasure that Blue Matter are re-releasing it for the first time, and now as a vinyl double album and limited double CD. Due to certain circumstances, one of the original tracks could not be used, so that has been replaced by a different unheard demo called ‘Here’s a Little Love Song’. Also, we have added three further unissued tracks, another home demo called ‘Skyline Commander’, plus a leftover song from the sessions for the recently released ‘Little Eden’ album called ‘Yet Another’. Finally, we felt compelled to add a storming 24 minute live version of the classic track ‘Superseded’ recorded at Cardigan’s Doctor Sardonicus festival in 2019. So, to sum up, the first album of this double set features all bar one of the tracks that were previously on the original ‘Long Stuff’ CD in 2002, while the second album entirely comprises previously unreleased material. 

          The Bevis Frond

          Little Eden

            ‘Little Eden’ glows with vintage McCartney-esque couplets before rolling out a chiming signature riff on ‘As I Lay Down To Die’ and adopting Jimi-like phrasing on ‘And Away We Go’. A psychedelically-hewn panoramic take on brutalism Britain punctuated with pure pop melodies and beautifully-observed English melancholy. This is an album that rekindles your love of music – from the harmonies that are oh-so Teenage Fanclub and Lemonheads, to the grunge and awe of Dinosaur Jr. There’s perspective and retrospective tale-spinning where we wait “for the wonderful world to come” (©‘Start Burning’), an imaginary future soundtracked by the spirit of Arthur Lee, brought into focus with witty wordplay on songs that are littered with spine tingling guitar breaks.

            TRACK LISTING

            Disc One:
            A1 Everyone Rise
            A2 And Away We Go
            A3 Brain Fatigue
            A4 You Owe Me
            A5 They Will Return
            B1 Find The Mole
            B2 Do Without Me
            B3 Hold Your Horses
            B4 The Man In The Garden
            B5 As I Lay Down To Die

            Disc Two:
            C1 Cherry Gardens
            C2 Numb In The Head
            C3 There's Always Love
            C4 Little Eden
            C5 Here Come The Flies
            C6 Pasted All Over
            D1 Start Burning
            D2 My Own Hollywood
            D3 Never Knew What Hit Me
            D4 Dreams Of Flying

            The Bevis Frond

            Valedictory Songs - RSD Edition

              Recorded in Gold Dust Studios with a new sense of optimism and a fuller sound down to lots of extra energy (Nick believed it might be their last ever record) and the addition of piano and keyboards brings an instrumental direction.

              Released on double LP with gate-fold sleeve for Record Store Day.

              The Bevis Frond

              What Did For The Dinosaurs - RSD Edition

                Originally released in 2002, two years after Valedictory Songs, The Bevis Frond returned with a more progressive sound with complex structures and instrumentation.Bursting with their trademark guitar licks, impeccable songwriting and a more upbeat sound.

                Out on double LP with gatefold sleeve for Record Store Day.

                The Bevis Frond

                The Auntie Winnie Album


                  The Bevis Frond have successfully traversed the ‘traditional’ side of songwriting to produce a prolific and un-comparable body of genuinely beautiful, yet genre baiting songs that are hard to ignore” Louder Than War. Released on 12” purple coloured vinyl for Record Store Day 2017, ‘The Auntie Winnie Album’ will be reissued for Record Store Day alongside ‘Bevis Through The Looking Glass’ and ‘Triptych’ as part of the band’s 30th Anniversary. Initially released in 1988, the companion piece to ‘Bevis Through The Looking Glass’ comprises of unreleased material from the Woronzow archives. The last of his earlier releases that sees the influential multi-instrumentalist Nick Saloman perform solo throughout. A labour of love and fiercely independent, his prolific output has seen as many releases in as many years and an uncompromising vision under his own label Woronzow. Hailed as “a Hendrix devotee every bit as tough and contemporary as the serrated guitar chorales of Sonic Youth and Pixies” by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke, his immense psych-stoner-rock has seen him become a cult figure in his own right. The Bevis Frond’s legion of loyal fans includes Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr and Mary Lou Lord, who have all covered his music. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Disc 1 A1 Malvolio's Dream Journey To Pikes A2 Foreign Laugh A3 Down Again A4 Will To Lose A5 Repressor A6 Winter's Blues B1 The Miz-Maze B2 Close B3 Without Mind B4 City Of The Sun C1 Traction C2 Long Day C3 Twice Torn, Once Forgotten C4 Spa Hotel D1 Visions Through Dilated Eyes D2 African Violet D3 Hillview D4 Automatic Bomb Virgins D5 Possession

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