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Peel Sessions

    ‘Devasting, with slow, burning songs that shudder and wince’ NY TIMES

    Peel Sessions is an essential nine-track set catching Boston’s mighty Come at the peak of their powers. The collection includes two sessions recorded for John Peel in both 1992 and 1993, plus a previously unreleased live track ‘Clockface’ from 1991, unwrapping the blueprint of their sonic idealism. Raw, loud and live, exactly where the band’s dissonant blues noise rock originates.

    1992’s four track session is direct from their debut; but more mangled, strangled and abrasive. The follow-up set from a year later includes live favourite ‘Mercury Falls’ and ‘City Of Fun’ neither of which surfaced as studio recordings.

    The sessions feature the masterful guitar interplay of two central pivots of the post-post-punk and alternative noisnik underground, Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Pullman, Thurston Moore, Ryley Walker, Lemonheads) and Thalia Zedek (Uzi, Live Skull, solo). The session’s line-up is completed by the addition of Sean O'Brian and Arthur Johnson’s visceral bass and percussion, documenting an essential era for the band.

    Peel Sessions follows their recently released ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ reissue, part of Fire Records forthcoming reissue series for the seminal group.


    Side A
    Dead Molly (Peel Session, 1992)
    Bell (Peel Session, 1992)
    William (Peel Session, 1992)
    Off To One Side (Peel Session, 1992)

    Side B

    Wrong Side (Peel Session, 1993)
    Sharen Vs. Karen (Peel Session, 1993)
    Mercury Falls (Peel Session, 1993)
    City Of Fun (Peel Session, 1993)
    Clockface (Live In Boston, 1991)

    The Groundhogs

    Thank Christ For The Bomb

      Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’ is released with bonus tracks on CD. A hugely influential album cited as the embryo for punk, grunge and beyond. Featuring epic 1970 concepts from this far reaching trio much praised by Underworld’s Karl Hyde, Captain Sensible, Stephen Malkmus and a host of others. ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’ is a visionary tale of cold war fear, alienation and everyday drama. “This is a masterpiece!” New Musical Express. A thinking man’s rumination on alienation, the album is a game of two halves; side one tackling the thermo nuclear threat while side two traces riches to rags alienation in everyday London. Also featuring Radio 1 sessions and live versions of key tracks including a lengthy take of ‘Soldier’ recorded for the BBC’s In Concert series. First of a trio of ground-breaking albums that steered the band from the Blues into a heavier, more prog-based sound and a true reflection of their much-praised live sound. 


      1 Strange Town
      2 Darkness Is No Friend
      3 Soldier
      4 Thank Christ For The Bomb Side
      5 Ship On The Ocean
      6 Garden
      7 Status People
      8 Rich Man, Poor Man
      9 Eccentric Man
      10 Garden (Radio 1 Sessions)
      11 Eccentric Man (Radio 1 Sessions)
      12 Garden (Live At Leeds)
      13 Eccentric Man (Live At Leeds)
      14 Soldier (Radio 1 Sessions)

      Bardo Pond

      Looking For Another Place


        180 gram LP (part of a trilogy – complete on RSD 2015). Bardo Pond follow up last year’s RSD release ‘Rise Above It All’ with the second of a trilogy of RSD exclusive releases. Continuing their exploration and interpretation of existing tracks, this time they turn their attention to ‘Ride Into The Sun’ by the Velvet Underground and ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ by Brian Eno. The results are astounding and in the case of ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ wonderfully surprising, with Isobel’s voice embellishing a rendition of startling Bardo pop. Loosely formed in 1989 by guitar wielding art student siblings, Michael and John Gibbons, Bardo Pond became a reality in 1991 with the addition of vocalist and flautist, Isobel Sollenberger, bassist, Clint Takeda and drummer, Joe Culver (replaced in 1999 by trainee librarian, Ed Farnsworth). Bardo Pond are the flagship band of Philly's "Psychedelphia" space rock movement, which also included the likes of Aspera, Asteroid No. 4, the Azusa Plane, and tangentially the Lilys. They favour lengthy, deliberate sound explorations filled with all the hallmarks of modern-day space rock: droning guitars, thick distortion, feedback, reverb, and washes of white noise.


        1. Ride Into The Sun (The Velvet Underground)
        2. Here Come The Warm Jets (Brian Eno)

        The Moles

        Flashbacks And Dream Sequences - The Story Of The Moles - 2xLP / 2xCD Edition


          The complete collection from Australian band The Moles. The work of songwriter Richard Davies, who moved to the States and went on to join Eric Matthews in Cardinal, the story of the Moles is told through the release of ‘Untune the Sky’ and ‘Instinct’, which is now reissued on vinyl and CD along with a comprehensive CD containing bonus material from various EPs and singles including, the ‘Tendrils And Paracetamol’ EP, ‘The Moles EP’ and the ‘Propeller’ 7inch single, which brings the track “Propeller” to digital format for the first time, and finally ‘Odds and Ends’. Formed in Sydney in the late '80s, The Moles debuted in 1990 with the EP ‘Untune the Sky’, followed a year later by another EP, ‘Tendrils and Paracetamol’. After the 1992 release of their first full-length release -- also titled ‘Untune the Sky’ -- the group relocated to New York, where they released a pair of seven-inch singles (packaged together as the Double Single EP). A move to London followed, and although they garnered great acclaim from the British press, the band nonetheless broke up around the beginning of 1993. In 1994, however, Davies resurrected The Moles again for the album Instinct; a band effort in name only, it essentially marked the beginning of Davies' solo career, although he did not make his formal bow until 1996's ‘There's Never Been a Crowd Like This’.


          Vinyl :
          Untune The Sky :
          Side A
          1. Wires
          2. Accidental Saint
          3. Rich Man
          4. Curdle
          Side B
          1. Surf’s Up
          2. Europe By Car
          3. Bury Me Happy
          4. Nailing Jesus To The Cross…

          Instinct :
          Side A
          1. Minor Royal March
          2. Eros Lunch
          3. Already In Black
          4. Instinct
          5. Cars For Kings Cross
          Side B
          1. Cassie Peek
          2. Raymond, Did You See The Red Queen?
          3. Treble Metal
          4. The Crasher…

          CD Track Listing
          DISC ONE
          1. Wires
          2. Accidental Saint
          3. Rich Man
          4. Curdle
          5. Surf’s Up
          6. Europe By Car
          7. Bury Me Happy
          8. Nailing Jesus To The Cross
          9. Minor Royal March
          10. Eros Lunch
          11. Already In Black
          12. Instinct
          13. Cars For Kings Cross
          14. Cassie Peek
          15. Raymond, Did You See The Red Queen?
          16. Treble Metal
          17. The Crasher…

          DISC TWO
          Tendrils And Paracetamol EP :
          18. Tendrils And Paracetamol
          19. This Is A Happy Garden
          20. Breathe Me In
          21. Lonely Hearts Get What They Deserve.
          The Moles EP:
          22. What’s The New Mary Jane
          23. Going Down
          24. Saint Jack
          25. Let’s Hook Up And Get Some.
          Propellor 7”:
          26. Propellor
          27. With Body Wifes Seven Days. Odds And Ends :
          28. The Crown Souls
          29. Rebecca
          30. Rich Man (original Mix)
          31. Drink Talking
          32. Bury Me Happy (early Version)
          33. Flex
          34. We Need An Electric Guitar
          35. Mystery Song

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