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Here it is! The first fruits of labour from the new DABJ HQ studio space. Kenny Wasp and Dan Monox (DABJ) team up with Big Miz for four tracks of serial killin' dance floor bombs. The guys have been road testing them worldwide for the past year and it's now time to unleash them to all discerning music buyers. This is also the first release on the label that the DABJ guys have actually been involved in when it comes to writing the music, not bad going for 30 releases in!

Look out for more from DABJ over the next few months as the newly tweaked studio space grinds into action...

Enjoy and lets JAIL THE LOT!

Etta James & Sugar Pie Desanto / John Gary Williams

In The Basement (Soul Flip Edits)

Soul Flip come through with a couple of mega...err...soul flips here, plucking some sound source material and working their magic. On the A-side we get a phat big beat refix of Etta's evergreen "In The Basement", which pushes the track a mile in opposite direction of Theo's Detroit workout, opting to add a hefty back beat and up the ante in Brighton beach style. Over on the flip, John Gary Williams' soul version of George's gorgeous (and only slightly plagiaristic "My Sweet Lord") gets the dance floor overhaul with subtle boosts and extensions from the team.

Various Artists

Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground

    Who do we become when we live our dreams? It’s all here—the high hairdos, the dreams and schemes, the tender camp, the wedding bell fantasias and chaste tragedies. Sister acts, studio receptionists, classmates, angelic voices of the 1960s; some legendary, many hidden in the basement of expired rainbows. Gathered on this deluxe double LP (or CD) are 28 (56 on the compact disc!) foiled escape attempts, now free to soar in girl group heaven.

    It's nearly a year, to the day, since Elliott killed himself and this is the record he was working on. Well he must have nearly finished it because this is one of the best albums I've ever heard. It's stunning. The songs are simply breathtaking. As ever, it's melodically very "White Album" but it differs from his other work in that there's a number of rumbling, heavy, towering rock songs. They're still super-tuneful, but incredibly exciting with their fractured, 'Sister Lovers', teetering out of control dynamic. This whole record has a more organic, live feel than his last two major label albums, and the ballads for which we've loved him are all present and correct: probably his prettiest collection of slowies, which nicely offset the gothic, heavy tumblers. With his tremulous voice, beautiful words, faintly trippy backwards burbling squiggles and finger-picking dexterity, he's created some of the best 'singer/songwriter' music ever. It makes his death even sadder because I think this may well be the best record Elliott's ever made. Album of the year. No contest.


    2xLtd LP Info: 180 gram vinyl with download code.

    Bob Dylan

    The Basement Tapes Complete - Bootleg Series Volume 11

      Released on Columbia Recods /Legacy Recordings, this new release is compiled from meticulously restored original tapes, many only recently found. This historic, limited edition, deluxe 6 CD set (138 trks!) is the definitive chronicle of the artist's legendary 1967 recording sessions with the band.


      FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

      Bob Dylan

      The Basement Tapes Raw - Bootleg Series Volume 11

        Released on Columbia Recods / Legacy Recordings, this new release is compiled from meticulously restored original tapes, many only recently found.


        3xLtd LP Info: The limited, deluxe vinyl package contains extensive booklet and 3 180gm heavyweight vinyl pieces.

        Lush Rimbaud

        Action From The Basement

        Great new album from this Italian four piece who dash out a noise rock akin to Brainiac, Fugazi, the Pixies and possibly worship at the altar of Touch And Go Records circa 93-95, but that's no bad thing, in fact it's a fresh take on the noise rock staple, more dimension added to the power, there's a disjointed pop that filters through the well orchestrated mush of melody, jangle and hi speed rock and roll.

        The Basement

        I Just Caught A Face

        They've been a bit quiet for a couple of years, but now, The Basement return with the first taster from their long overdue debut album, "Illicit Hugs And Playground Thugs". "I Just Caught A Face" is a great Byrds-ish jangler, with hooks a plenty. A great return.


        CDS Info: The CD single includes "Close The Door", "Say Goodbye Tonight" and the video for "I Just Caught A Face".

        The Penetrators

        Basement Anthology 1976-84

        The Penetrators' "Basement Anthology" chronicles this criminally overlooked bands recordings from 1976-1982. Their sound was firmly rooted in the tradition of the rebellious rock'n'roll of the 60s and branded with generous amounts of the attitude and style that marked the first wave of American punk bands. "Basement Anthology" is a time machine back into an age that chronologically is not that long ago but culturally is beyond reach. In a time when eyeliner and synthesizers were listed as ground breaking musical influences the Penetrators upstate isolation bred a band worthy to hold the torch of garage blasting during what was then considered dark times. Two unreleased videos from 1982 of "Shopping Bag" and "Teenage Lifestyle" complete this retrospective. None of the material on "Basement Anthology" has ever been released on CD before.

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