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See Those Colours Fly

    The songs of See Those Colours Fly possess a hallucinogenic and dreamlike quality - coloured by ineffable magic but always guided by hooks. The album is firmly in the grand tradition of Breathless music - epic, ethereal, otherworldly - The result is perhaps the most perfectly distilled album of the group's career. Mixed by Kramer.

    "When Dominic Appleton sang on 4AD's This Mortal Coil projects, his regal voice was arguably the most admired of that era..." UNCUT ****


    Between Happiness And Heartache

      30th anniversary deluxe edition on Heartache Pink vinyl, in luxurious gatefold sleeve, plus inner bag with with previously unavailable portraits of the band by Kevin Westenberg. Includes download with bonus track, Everything I See.

      "Without exaggeration Dominic Appleton is by far, my favourite living male vocalist. He has such a beautiful, sad voice and comes up with melodies that do the same." Ivo Watts-Russell. 

      John Murry

      A Short Piece Of Decay

        John Murry was adopted at birth into the family of William Faulkner. Some have speculated that the Faulkner blood might also run in his veins, but that should be left for a Southern Gothic novel yet to be written (or perhaps re-written)..Raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, in the shadow of Elvis, his undiagnosed autism led to troubles at an early age which led to prescribed medication, which led to unprescribed medication which led to being institutionalised for addiction and mental health issues at a too young age. Eventually, discarded onto the streets of Memphis, he found music, which became the one constant positive force in his life. Memphis led to San Francisco and San Francisco led to heroin and heroin led to a near fatal overdose on the corner of 16th and Mission, so harrowingly memorialised in his song Little Coloured Balloons.

        Music again came to his rescue and led him to Tim Mooney (American Music Club) and the group of musicians that helped create his 2012 masterpiece "The Graceless Age". The album was hailed by MOJO magazine and received a 5 out of 5 rating, UNCUT called it a "masterpiece", both magazines included it in their Top 10 albums of the year; American Songwriter put it in their Top 5 of the year and The Guardian included it in their best of the year as well. The accolades rolled in and John toured the world. He entranced and devastated audiences with his raw, unfiltered live performances, and it looked like his trajectory was set, that music had won and would have the final word. And then Tim Mooney, John’s mentor, his beacon, his bedrock, died suddenly and unexpectedly… and John’s world fell back in to chaos.

        Over the next few years, John would lose the footing that he had struggled so hard to establish. He would lose his wife, his daughter, temporarily his freedom and ultimately his country. Somewhere along this volatile journey, John crossed paths with Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies . John had opened for the band at a show in Glasgow and Michael watched side-stage transfixed by John’s performance. Over the next few years the two of them kept in touch, they talked about the music business, politics, books, but most of all they talked about music. And they talked about making an album together.

        Eventually John completed his descent and landed in Kilkenny, Ireland where he found some solid ground as part of a welcoming arts community. Michael then convinced him to travel to his Toronto studio where Michael put a band together consisting of brother Peter Timmins (Cowboy Junkies) on drums and Josh Finlayson (Skydiggers, Gord Downie, Lee Harvey Osmond) on bass. John brought along Cait O’Riordan (The Pogues, Elvis Costello) whom he had met in Ireland and who wanted to be a part of John’s journey. The five of them put aside five days to record all bedtracks and overdubs, with the brief that they would let the songs dictate where the journey took them, spontaneity was the order of the week. Michael Timmins describes the sessions, "I felt that it was important that John got out of his own way and that we set up a situation where he would just play and sing and the rest of us would just react, no second guessing, just react and capture the moment. It was a very inspired and inspiring week of playing and recording. Very intense. And I think we captured the raw essence of John’s writing and playing".

        A Short History Of Decay is an intensely personal document of an artist’s fall from grace. It contains all the tragic elements of that unwritten Southern Gothic novel: the revelations of a man coming to terms with the personal shortcomings, the flaws and the perverse twists of fate that led him to the end of one journey and the beginning of another.


        Barry says: Murry has always been known for his true life confessionals, and this outing is no different. Hard hitting rocking Americana anthems like 'Defacing Sunday Bulletins' and 'Under A Darker Moon' sit confortably alongside minimal acoustic odes like 'Wrong Man', or driven guitars and melancholic harmonies of 'Come Five & Twenty'. Lovely stuff all-round.


        1. Silver Or Lead
        2. Under A Darker Moon
        3. Wrong Man
        4. Defacing Sunday Bulletins
        5. When God Walks In
        6. Come Five & Twenty
        7. One Day (You’ll Die)
        8. Countess Lola’s Blues (All In This Together)
        9. Miss Magdalene
        10. What Jail Is Like


        Green To Blue

          Godfathers of Space Rock Melancholia, Breathless return with 'Green To Blue', eleven bittersweet songs of love and loss, including three songs mixed by Kramer, best known for his work with The Butthole Surfers, Galaxie 500 and Low. And with additional guidance from Ivo Watts-Russell, who Dominic Appleton worked with as a featured singer on This Mortal Coil's 'Filigree And Shadow'.

          'Green To Blue' also features original Breathless drummer Tristram Latimer Sayer and backing vocals from fellow This Mortal Coil contributor Heidi Berry.

          Available as an eleven track double album on vinyl and CD, both in lavish gatefold sleeves, 'Green To Blue' is Breathless', melancholy masterpiece, their 'Only The Lonely', or 'Pink Moon', exquisitely sad, and sweetly maudlin, brimming with love lost laments.

          'Green To Blue' harks back to the sound of classic Breathless, with layers of vocals enveloped in reverb, floating over walls of echoed guitars and rumbling drums, traces of Barrett era Pink Floyd interwoven with fragments of Eno, Joy Division and early 4AD. Yet this is very much the sound of 2012. Dominic Appleton's voice of a fallen angel, totally unique in it's breathtaking beauty. The colour washes and explosive post rock soundscapes now interspersed with dreamy shoe-gaze pop songs, twangy guitar and swooning E Bow.

          The Tenebrous Liar

          Run Run Run

          The Tenebrous Liar feature photographer Steve Gullick founder of magazines Careless Talk Costs Lives and Loose Lips Sink Ships, well known for his photos of Nirvana, Nick Cave, Spiritualized and Neil Young. Steve is also a member of …Bender with Gallon Drunk front man James Johnston.

          The Tenebrous Liar returns to the fray with "Run Run Run". As ever, The Tenebrous Liar front man Steve Gullick's black and white photography captures perfectly the atmosphere of the brooding music that The Tenebrous Liar have created within the sleeve on hot wax. Very much a companion record to their previous 2010 "Jackknifed & Slaughtered" LP, "Run Run Run" further hones down and intensifies The Tenebrous Liar's singular musical assault. Once again helmed by the gifted producer, Richard Warren (Soulsavers/Spiritualized), a renowned singer/songwriter/recording artist in his own right, the compelling "Run Run Run" brilliantly reflects the very real fears and tensions that enveloped the band during the album's recording period, when the combo lived in the studio in which they were actually working.

          'If Leonard Cohen brings a smile to your face and you are partial to a bit of low-fi then Tenebrous Liar is the band for you.' - The Sun

          'Brooding songs, fusing Cohen, Earth and the more dissonant aspects of Queens of the Stone Age and, whisper it, Nirvana - a raging slab of aural murk that brings to mind the same unease a Halloween jaunt round an abandoned asylum might.' - Rock - A - Rolla

          Tenebrous Liar

          Tenebrous Liar's Last Stand

          Tenebrous Liar feature legendary rock photographer Steve Gullick, also founder of magazines Careless Talk Costs Lives & recently voted 8th coolest person in Britain in The Observer. What the press have said: 'Tenebrous Liar purvey a dark, doomed and deliciously damaged style of cosmic/ambient rock melancholy, which is nevertheless hugely uplifting' - Time Out. 'It's not pretty, it's largely devoid of hope and direction, yet ­ crucially - it still has the power to uplift. It's really good.' - Mojo

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