Green To Blue

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Tenor Vossa

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Godfathers of Space Rock Melancholia, Breathless return with 'Green To Blue', eleven bittersweet songs of love and loss, including three songs mixed by Kramer, best known for his work with The Butthole Surfers, Galaxie 500 and Low. And with additional guidance from Ivo Watts-Russell, who Dominic Appleton worked with as a featured singer on This Mortal Coil's 'Filigree And Shadow'.

'Green To Blue' also features original Breathless drummer Tristram Latimer Sayer and backing vocals from fellow This Mortal Coil contributor Heidi Berry.

Available as an eleven track double album on vinyl and CD, both in lavish gatefold sleeves, 'Green To Blue' is Breathless', melancholy masterpiece, their 'Only The Lonely', or 'Pink Moon', exquisitely sad, and sweetly maudlin, brimming with love lost laments.

'Green To Blue' harks back to the sound of classic Breathless, with layers of vocals enveloped in reverb, floating over walls of echoed guitars and rumbling drums, traces of Barrett era Pink Floyd interwoven with fragments of Eno, Joy Division and early 4AD. Yet this is very much the sound of 2012. Dominic Appleton's voice of a fallen angel, totally unique in it's breathtaking beauty. The colour washes and explosive post rock soundscapes now interspersed with dreamy shoe-gaze pop songs, twangy guitar and swooning E Bow.

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