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Run Run Run

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Tenor Vossa

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The Tenebrous Liar feature photographer Steve Gullick founder of magazines Careless Talk Costs Lives and Loose Lips Sink Ships, well known for his photos of Nirvana, Nick Cave, Spiritualized and Neil Young. Steve is also a member of …Bender with Gallon Drunk front man James Johnston.

The Tenebrous Liar returns to the fray with "Run Run Run". As ever, The Tenebrous Liar front man Steve Gullick's black and white photography captures perfectly the atmosphere of the brooding music that The Tenebrous Liar have created within the sleeve on hot wax. Very much a companion record to their previous 2010 "Jackknifed & Slaughtered" LP, "Run Run Run" further hones down and intensifies The Tenebrous Liar's singular musical assault. Once again helmed by the gifted producer, Richard Warren (Soulsavers/Spiritualized), a renowned singer/songwriter/recording artist in his own right, the compelling "Run Run Run" brilliantly reflects the very real fears and tensions that enveloped the band during the album's recording period, when the combo lived in the studio in which they were actually working.

'If Leonard Cohen brings a smile to your face and you are partial to a bit of low-fi then Tenebrous Liar is the band for you.' - The Sun

'Brooding songs, fusing Cohen, Earth and the more dissonant aspects of Queens of the Stone Age and, whisper it, Nirvana - a raging slab of aural murk that brings to mind the same unease a Halloween jaunt round an abandoned asylum might.' - Rock - A - Rolla


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