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Syd Barrett

An Introduction To Syd Barrett - 2022 Reissue

    An Introduction To Syd Barrett, is a reissue of the 2010 collection that brought together for the first time the tracks of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett on one compilation.

    David Gilmour, who originally worked on Syd Barrett's two solo albums, as co-producer of The Madcap Laughs and as producer of Barrett, was the executive producer for the album. Damon Iddins and Andy Jackson at Astoria Studios remixed five tracks including ‘Octopus’, ‘She Took A Long Cool Look’, ‘Dominoes’ and ‘Here I Go’, with David Gilmour adding bass guitar to the last track. Pink Floyd's ‘Matilda Mother’ also received a fresh 2010 Mix.

    The album features the original 24-page booklet and graphics plus all lyrics, and was designed including the cover art by long time Pink Floyd associate the late Storm Thorgerson and his estimable studio.

    An Introduction To Syd Barrett provides a handy overview of this visionary talent, this madcap genius whose star shone brightly yet burnt out all too quickly.

    Syd Barrett

    Barrett - 180 Gram Vinyl Edition

      On ‘Barrett’, Syd's second solo album, he was joined by Pink Floyd members Rick Wright and David Gilmour. Gilmour and Wright also acted as producers. Syd needed this help as things were getting a touch more fractured for him  and obviously you can hear this in the music.  It is still  a great  record though, from a trailblazing, unique talent.


      Andy says: Whimsy, melody and magic. Last outing from a legend.


      Side One:
      1. "Baby Lemonade"
      2. "Love Song"
      3. "Dominoes"
      4. "It Is Obvious"
      5. "Rats"
      6. "Maisie"

      Side Two:
      1. "Gigolo Aunt"
      2. "Waving My Arms In The Air"
      3. "I Never Lied To You"
      4. "Wined And Dined"
      5. "Wolfpack"
      6. "Effervescing Elephant"

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