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Finnish four-piece Siinai makes a triumphant return this year with psychedelia infused concept album Supermarket due out May 2014 via Splendour. The instrumental quartet released their Nordic Music Prize nominated debut Olympic Games (Splendour) to international acclaim in 2011, elevating the project beyond the thriving Helisinki expirimental-rock community. The quartet then joined forces in with the ever prolific Moonface to create the dark and moving collaboration album Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar), tirelessly touring the album throughout Europe and North America until they decided to return underground and begin work on the new material. Conceived as a soundtrack for the supermarket nations, Siinai's Supermarket is a hypnotic odyssey through the shelves and the colorful aisles of the subconscious. Let the shopping trance begin.


1. En-Trance 3:01
2. Shopping Trance 8:15
3. Aeiouyäö 3:52
4. Jonotus / Queue 11:30
5. Prisma 7:05
6. Smiling Cashier 4:56
7. Vasikka 4:34
8. Exit 5:03

“Norwegian outfit Maribel could soundtrack the most hallucinogenic dream or hellish nightmare at the flick of a switch.” DrownedinSound.

For Fans of: Jesus and Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, My Bloody Valentine, Henry Mancini. Critically acclaimed Oslo four-piece Maribel have resurfaced with the release of second album ‘Reveries’ on Oslo-based label Splendour (of Montreal, Casiokids, Siinai).

Blending shoegaze and dream-pop with cinematic influences, Maribel create dark, distorted pop. The tracks are guided by the breathy siren call of their newly added East-German lead singer Rebekka Marstein. As female vocals intertwine with those of songwriter/ lead guitarist Pål Espen Kapelrud, one is likely to recall the oft-referenced My Bloody Valentine or The Raveonettes.

Pål Espen references less obvious influences beyond early 4AD records; “If you listen closely there’s a lot of jazz inspiration on this album. I’ve been listening a lot to the classics: Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Astrud Gilberto etc. It’s not like it sounds exactly like that, but I tried hard to create a similar kind of mood that those great singers did… Rebekka [Markstein] has kind of a jazzy touch to her voice and it fit perfectly to the mood I wanted to create. Aesthetically speaking it doesn’t hurt that she looks like a French movie star from the 60s. She completed the album in many ways.” On the back of their debut album “Aesthetics” (produced by Serena-Maneesh frontman Emil Nikolaisen) the band received high praise from the Norwegian press and earned critical plaudits from the likes of Drowned in Sound (UK), Soundvenue (DK) and GAFFA (DK) amongst others. It also saw Maribel implode, break-up and then reform with a new line-up including Pica Pica’s Rebekka Markstein on vocals and Bjarne Stensli (Harrys Gym) on percussion.


1. Falling Down The Stairs
2. Jezebel Jive
3. Meow!
4. You Bring The Sadness
5. Pretty Nights
6. Perfumed
7. Slumber Street
8. Devil's Sigh
9. The Thief

Critically acclaimed Oslo four-piece Maribel have resurfaced recently by announcing their second album Reveries this January on Oslo based label Splendour (120 Days, His Clancyness, Siinai). Blending shoegaze and dream-pop with cinematic influences Maribel create dark, distorted throwback pop. The tracks are guided by the breathy siren call of their newly added East-German lead singer Rebekka Marstein. As female vocals intertwine with those of songwriter/ lead guitarist Pål Espen Kapelrud, one is likely to recall the oft-referenced My Bloody Valentine or the Raveonettes.

‘Jezebel Jive’ is the band’s first single from their forthcoming debut LP “Reveries”. For their follow-up, they chose to co-produce the record with Bjarne Stensil (Harrys Gym) and received help from Emil Nikolaisen of Serena-Maneesh on synth and string arrangements, Nicolai Hængsle Eilertsen of Big Bang on organ and Stensil himself on percussion and drum programming. Maribel has toured in Scandinavia and the UK, including a warming up for Crystal Stilts and Interpol. In addition Maribel managed to captivate audiences at festivals such as Øya, Hove, SPOT, By:Larm and many others.

Of their set at SPOT in 2010 Clash Magazine said, “Obvious influences from My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Slowdive (isn’t referencing to those bands the whole point anyway?) didn’t get into the way of what came to be an intense, feedback-laden sonic experience hinting at a very exciting follow-up. Looking forward to it.”

“Maribel’s ’Jezebel Jive’ is one of the finds of the year.” – Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins).

Of Montreal / Casiokids

Expecting To Fly / London Zoo

This limited edition Record Store Day 7”. (1000 copies worldwide) pairs indie‐pop virtuosos of Montreal with the Norwegian language electro‐pop/ afrobeat tunesmiths Casiokids. Over the last fifteen years, of Montreal has imitated everyone (86 covers and counting), while developing its own inimitable sound ‐‐ a unique mixture of indie‐pop, glam‐rock, funk, and R&B. Though private and reserved, frontman Kevin Barnes wears his fame like a feathered fedora: on the children's show Yo Gabba Gabba, in collaborations with Spike Jonze, on stage spanking pigs with Susan Sarandon, on horseback in NYC's Roseland Ballroom, and even spontaneously performing six songs nude during a concert in Las Vegas. On this 7” Kevin’s cover of Buffalo Springfield’s classic “Expecting to Fly” is raw and heartfelt. With a bizarre effect created by delay and the honesty of a simple arrangement it is a beautiful take on a great song. Casiokids bring us their new single “London Zoo” which will be included as a bonus track when Moshi Moshi releases their debut reocd “Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar” in the UK. Hailing from the same celebrated Bergen scene that has produced Datarock and Annie, Casiokids were so‐named for the beat‐up old keyboards with which the band members first conceived their club‐ready sound. Formed with the intention of making electronic music more visual, the band has since added guitar and drums to produce a collection of incredibly catchy tunes often sung in their native Norwegian and influenced by afro‐beat, techno and out‐and‐out pop. You may not understand the words but the music speaks for itself.

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