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Finnish four-piece Siinai makes a triumphant return this year with psychedelia infused concept album Supermarket due out May 2014 via Splendour. The instrumental quartet released their Nordic Music Prize nominated debut Olympic Games (Splendour) to international acclaim in 2011, elevating the project beyond the thriving Helisinki expirimental-rock community. The quartet then joined forces in with the ever prolific Moonface to create the dark and moving collaboration album Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar), tirelessly touring the album throughout Europe and North America until they decided to return underground and begin work on the new material. Conceived as a soundtrack for the supermarket nations, Siinai's Supermarket is a hypnotic odyssey through the shelves and the colorful aisles of the subconscious. Let the shopping trance begin.


1. En-Trance 3:01
2. Shopping Trance 8:15
3. Aeiouyäö 3:52
4. Jonotus / Queue 11:30
5. Prisma 7:05
6. Smiling Cashier 4:56
7. Vasikka 4:34
8. Exit 5:03

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