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Velvet Davenport

Get Out

Brand new limited 7" from VD, blowing the dust out of their Barrett-esque psyched pop, this brings 60s pop to the future - amazing. 'Our previously loved psychedelic friends, Velvet Davenport have just sent over their newest slice of 60’s infused pop. On their recent LA vacay they met up with like minded nostalgists Ariel Pink and Gary War, the resulting “Get Out” is an acid flashback into a more liberal state of mind'. -


Haunted House / Love Inside Of You

As usual Shdwply have unearthed and released another winner! This is just great great pop, an album mooted for later in the year..

'What a great year in music it has been, all these lo-fi seedlings popping up all around us and making our lives better. With that said, I bring you Florida, not to be confused with those other Florida bands. This Florida incorporates a ghoulish brand of lo-fi pop akin to John Maus and Ariel Pink but not to a point where it becomes bland or insipid, more so Florida took some of the same influences of David Bowie that John Maus and Ariel Pink did, in that way they are alike. Of course just when I think I've pinpointed the bands sound I hear a song full of psychotropic drone, appeasing the John Cale fan in me. This band has a great 7-inch
out on Shdwply Records and I most certainly encourage you to purchase it.' - Weekly Tapedeck.

Definitely one of the more ambitious and mysterioso bands of this run-down, Super Vacations provide a perfect example of a group turning the limitations of home-recording to their advantage, assembling a beguiling psych rock sound from the palette of slightly warped rock 'n' pop elements at their disposal. Inevitably, Super Vacations' songwriting is sketchy, but nonetheless, they've got a good handle on the kind of sound they're going for, allowing them to stand proud alongside the very best of the 90s neo-psych-pop mob (Lilies, The Swirlies, pre-ego meltdown Brain Jonestown Massacre etc.) without ever having to venture beyond their basement.

Woah, this is very special, a cosmic hazy indie-folk gem from the mind of Boston's Robert Robinson, who is the principle song writer of Sore Eros, and has been an occasional player with Ariel Pink. "Second Chants" is an album of soulful dream folk from a field in Conneticut, conveying hazy hopefulness reverbed with gleeful experimentation from start to finish, bringing to mind the gentle introverted power of Bon Iver and the experimental-psychedelic leanings of Panda Bear. This debut full length LP is described by Robert as being 'influenced more by the changing of the leaves in the autumn and the snow in the winter, rather then the palm trees of Los Angeles' - a quality which speaks volumes for itself. Luscious textures fall softly to a forest floor, damp leaves crackle and hiss beneath your feet. A true gem, this could be one of the best things to emerge in 09, it's simply stunning!


1. Smile On Your Face
2. In My Heart
3. Hey, Look At The Sky!
4. One By One
5. Before Animals
6. The Dream Self
7. Below It Begins
8. Lips Like Wine
9. Over And Over
10. Landslide Fear
11. Whisper Me
12. Go Back, My Love
13. Tightest Touch

SHDWPLY records reign in their indie un-credentials on their first four track split 7". In-between releasing records on his own Feow imprint with cohort Jana Hunter, Arthur Bates a.k.a Wicked Poseur transmits his skewed, vibrant lo-fi crunch straight outta Houston Texas. "Acrylic Tomb" has an urgency and melodic sensibility which is instantly gratifying yet Arthurs dead pan delivery dismisses any pre-conceptions you try to form. 'Everything this man does stinks of being sick and talented.' – Indian Jewelry. Little Trooper are from Norfolk Virginia and make you feel like you've unearthed an old Shins demo cassette from a box in the garage.

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