Wicked Poseur / Little Trooper


Image of Wicked Poseur / Little Trooper - Split
Record Label
Shdwply Records

About this item

SHDWPLY records reign in their indie un-credentials on their first four track split 7". In-between releasing records on his own Feow imprint with cohort Jana Hunter, Arthur Bates a.k.a Wicked Poseur transmits his skewed, vibrant lo-fi crunch straight outta Houston Texas. "Acrylic Tomb" has an urgency and melodic sensibility which is instantly gratifying yet Arthurs dead pan delivery dismisses any pre-conceptions you try to form. 'Everything this man does stinks of being sick and talented.' – Indian Jewelry. Little Trooper are from Norfolk Virginia and make you feel like you've unearthed an old Shins demo cassette from a box in the garage.

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