Haunted House / Love Inside Of You

Image of Florida - Haunted House / Love Inside Of You
Record Label
Shdwply Records

About this item

As usual Shdwply have unearthed and released another winner! This is just great great pop, an album mooted for later in the year..

'What a great year in music it has been, all these lo-fi seedlings popping up all around us and making our lives better. With that said, I bring you Florida, not to be confused with those other Florida bands. This Florida incorporates a ghoulish brand of lo-fi pop akin to John Maus and Ariel Pink but not to a point where it becomes bland or insipid, more so Florida took some of the same influences of David Bowie that John Maus and Ariel Pink did, in that way they are alike. Of course just when I think I've pinpointed the bands sound I hear a song full of psychotropic drone, appeasing the John Cale fan in me. This band has a great 7-inch
out on Shdwply Records and I most certainly encourage you to purchase it.' - Weekly Tapedeck.


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