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"It’s True What They Say" is the debut EP from Edinburgh-based, husband-and-wife duo Sarah / Shaun aka Sarah and Shaun McLachlan

'Sarah and I both have a love for nostalgia,' explains Shaun. 'We watched that amazing old 80’s Sci-Fi, (John) Carpenter movie, Starman, a few months back. Myself and my brother David used to watch it all the time. We must have been, roughly, 5-7 at the time. I remember loving the movie but the end, you know, with the beautiful, atmospheric, synth ending, I love that particular moment the most - best part of the movie, you know, when he goes home… It’s heartbreaking but stunning, all the same. It’s the music that moves you most… It did when I was 5 and it still does to this day. It must have had some form of a (much deeper) impact on me.'

The duo narrates stories across themes of love, hope, family, friends, dreams and sadness - the good that comes with the bad in everyday life, not just on a personal scale but within a community as well.

'Starbed is the first song I have ever written and just came out of the blue really, with Shaun playing a melody and me singing along,' says Sarah. 'It’s simple and just about two people in love. Love songs are always the best songs, after all… Music has been a big part of my life from a young age. I was unwillingly dragged to piano and violin lessons, which I’m thankful for now! I’d say the first band I really became obsessed with growing up were the Beatles, and on the back of that a lot of 60s music and fashion. From then on, I had a love for music. Shaun definitely opened my ears to a lot of sounds and got me thinking about soundtracks and all the noises that can be made. We love just spending time experimenting in the house with instruments, pedals etc and Ali is a real magician to work with, too…'

The recordings took place over the summers of 2022 and 2023, with fellow Delta Mainline member Ali Chisholm (aka Jaguar Eyes) plus long-term friend and collaborator Gavin King. Further collaboration then came via the ‘net from the (international) likes of Chris Dixie Darley (Father John Misty), Darren Coghill (Neon Waltz) and Daniel Land (The Modern Painters), among others (see a full list of credits below).

Both Sarah and Shaun have a love for uber-soundtrack producers such as Hanz Zimmer, Max Richter, Cliff Martinez plus live acts such as Beach House, Spiritualized, M83, Suicide, Moby and OMD (to name a few). Shaun also credits the work of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (from Survive) on the Stranger Things score…

The result is a cinematic, synth-wavey, dream poppy and downright beguilingly beautiful body of work. And they’re just getting started…


Matt says: Beautifully formed dream-pop here from this husband-and-wife duo. There's an astral projection at play which, combined with the detailed instrumentation and skilled song writing; makes for a highly evocative listen which has already got plenty of tastemakers, DJs and producers clawing after copies. Don't sleep!


A1. Dust Tears
A2. It's True What They Say?
B1. Keep Your Eyes Closed
B2. Starbed
B3. Dust Tears (Instrumental) 

This is a document of a band that does not exist anymore. They once appeared at the Sonic Transmissions festival in Austin, TX, and left behind this live recording. It rips. There will be no further activities for this group and they are not available for interviews.


1. I (Live)
2. II (Live)
3. III (Live)
4. IV (Live)
5. V (Live)
6. VI (Live)
7. VII (Live)

Ron Trent

Presents WARM - What Do The Stars Say To You

    In 1990 Ronald Lee Trent Jr. was the teenage creator of Altered States – a raw, futuristic techno-not-techno anthem, which in retrospect was something of a stylistic anomaly for the young artist. Across subsequent years, with time spent in Chicago, New York and Detroit, came the development of his signature sound, and renown as a world class purveyor of deep, soul infused house/garage. This story has already been told, and on casual inspection, the well-worn platitude ‘house music legend’ is an old shoe that still fits. However, in fact, he’s actually so much more, and has been for quite a while. A genuine musician, songwriter, and ‘producer’ in the proper, old-school sense, the artist today has more in common with Quincy Jones than he does your average journeyman DJ track-hack.

    To those in the know, these broader skills haven’t gone unnoticed, which is why on the highly collaborative, career-topping new LP ‘What Do The Stars Say To You’, it took little persuasion to recruit serious star power. Brazilian royalty Ivan Conti and Alex Malheriros from Azymuth, violin maestro Jean Luc Ponty, ambient hero Gigi Masin, hype band Khruangbin and more performed, whilst NY cornerstone François K provided mastering duties. At various points Ron himself played drums, percussion, keys, synths, piano, guitar and electronics.

    Harking back to the 70s and 80s boom in adventurous, luxurious albums, WDTSSTY is a love letter to the longplayer, where rich musicality and a liquid smooth, silky flow make seemingly odd genre bedfellows acquiesce harmoniously. Each song its own high-fidelity odyssey, Trent incorporated a broad range of live instruments and electronics into a sophisticated, euphonic whole. Described by him as being “designed for harmonising with spirit, urban life and nature”, this is aural soul food, gently easing you into balmy nights, where everything is alright.

    Originally wanting to be an architect, Trent’s views his approach to collaboration and music in general as having the same principles. A firm believer in the nourishing qualities of sound, he sees direct parallels between the two disciplines, being as the purpose of good architecture is to improve quality of life. “With WARM, through sound design, I built frameworks for the musicians, who furnished and occupied these struc tures beautifully, which was a big compliment for me”, he comments.

    The conditions required for a good collab are more than simply structural though, as Trent expounds, “I’m a huge fan of everyone on the record, especially Jean Luc and Azymuth, who’re part of my DNA. Each track was made with that guest in mind – for example, when I started writing ‘Sphere’, I immediately thought ‘this IS Ponty’. I played the keys in his style, and did a guide violin solo using a synth, which he then redid, amazingly. ‘Cool Water’ is based around Azymuth themes, so when I sent it to Ivan, he could immediately see himself in the piece; He got what I was going for straight away. For ‘Melt Into You’ I hit up Alex on Instagram, sent him the track, he liked it, and within 24 hours he’d sent back six different bass passes!”


    Matt says: The deep house legend’s downbeat and highly musical offering features a wealth of collaborators and sees him mature like good whiskey – full of flavour and depth.


    A1. Cool Water Feat. Ivan Conti (Azymuth) And Lars Bartkuhn
    A2. Cycle Of Many
    A3. Admira Feat. Gigi Masin
    A4. Flowers Feat. Venecia
    A5. Melt Into You Feat. Alex Malheiros (Azymuth)
    B1. Flos Potentia (Sugar, Cotton, Tabacco) Feat. Khruangbin
    B2. Sphere Feat. Jean-Luc Ponty
    B3. WARM
    B4. On My Way Home
    B5. What Do The Stars Say To You

    The Dream Syndicate

    What Can I Say? No Regrets... Out Of The Grey + Live, Demos & Outtakes

      The Dream Syndicate’s 1986 album is back on CD for the first time in 24 years. Hidden inside of ‘Out of the Grey’ are some of Steve Wynn’s strongest songs - “Slide Away” is delightful pop, “Now I Ride Alone” is moody and intense “like the hardboiled typewriting of novelists Jim Thompson, Ross MacDonald, and James Cain” that Wynn dug back in July ‘85. The epic “Boston” imagines the era in which Van Morrison was holed-up in that city circa 1967-68 writing the songs that comprised Astral Weeks while “50 in a 25 Zone” is a vehicle for a band-driven, slow burn groove.

      Deliciously remastered with new liner notes from the band’s historian Pat Thomas, the package compiles 51 songs spread across 3 CDs, including a previously unreleased live album (from July 1985) and many unreleased demos and out-takes. The deluxe reissue also features interviews with Steve Wynn, Mark Walton, Paul Cutler, and Dennis Duck - plus plenty of rare photos.

      Discs 2 and 3 reveal a wealth of unreleased material – including a never-before-heard July 1985 live album which has the ‘balls to the wall’ energy hard not captured in the studio. The songs were so fresh on that July night - they had not been recorded in the studio yet. On Disc 3, you’ll hear alternate versions of several Out of the Grey songs recorded as ‘demos’ before the album versions. These studio versions also have the raw energy of the live show, plus the band plays rare cover versions by Pink Floyd, Cream, Santana, Green on Red, Alice Cooper, Temptations, and Dolly Parton.

      51 songs including 34 never-before heard Dream Syndicate recordings – released under the title of: What Can I Say? no regrets... Out of the Grey + live, demos & outtakes… in other words, you need this!


      Disc 1 – Out Of The Grey
      1 Out Of The Grey
      2 Forest For The Trees
      3 50 In A 25 Zone
      4 Boston
      5 Blood Money
      6 Slide Away
      7 Dying Embers
      8 Now I Ride Alone
      9 Drinking Problem
      10 Dancing Blind
      11 You Can't Forget
      12 Let It Rain
      13 Cinnamon Girl
      14 Ballad Of Dwight Frye
      15 Shake Your Hips
      16 I Won't Forget
      17 The Lonely Bull

      Disc 2 - Live At Scorgies NY, 1985
      1 Out Of The Grey (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      2 50 In A 25 Zone (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      3 That's What You Always Say (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      4 Slide Away (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      5 Dancing Blind (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      6 Blood Money (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      7 Dying Embers (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      8 It Hits You Again (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      9 Now I Ride Alone (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      10 John Coltrane Stereo Blues (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      11 Still Holding Onto You (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      12 When You Smile (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
      13 Days Of Wine And Roses (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)

      Disc 3 - Odds & Sods
      1 Here On Earth As Well (Demo, 1985)
      2 Dancing Blind (Demo, 1985)
      3 Blood Money (Demo, 1985)
      4 Dying Embers (Demo, 1985)
      5 Slide Away (Demo, 1985)
      6 It Hits You Again (Demo, 1985)
      7 Now I Ride Alone (Demo, 1985)
      8 Eighteen
      9 Another Brick In The Wall
      10 Brain Damage
      11 Out Of The Grey Waltz
      12 The Munster's Theme Song
      13 Sixteen Ways
      14 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
      15 Low Rider
      16 Papa Jam
      17 I Ain't Got Nobody
      18 Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark
      19 Badge
      20 Dancing Blind (Live At The Stone SF, 1984)
      21 Blood Money (Live At The Stone SF, 1984)

      Soul Asylum

      Say What You Will...Everything Can Happen

        • Soul Asylum’s debut album.
        • Produced by Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü).
        • First time on vinyl since original pressing
        • Reissue co-produced by Twin/Tone co-founder Peter Jesperson and Grammy®-winning producer Cheryl Pawelski. Soul Asylum first hit the Minneapolis music scene in early 1981.

        Originally produced by Bob Mould, this reissue is co-produced by Twin/Tone Records co-founder and Replacements manager, Peter Jesperson and Grammy®-winner and Omnivore Recordings, Cheryl Pawelski. This fresh vinyl pressing of Soul Asylum’s debut, Say What You Will . . . Everything Can Happen is the first since it’s original 1984 Twin/Tone release and has been restored and mastered by Grammy®-award winning engineer, Michael Graves at Osiris Studio and cut by Chris Muth at Taloowa.

        The White Stripes

        I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself / Who's To Say

          Remember Vault Package #19 with those 4 coveted clear vinyl White Stripes 7" singles from the Elephant era? Surprise! The black vinyl versions are now available! The four singles ("Seven Nation Army," "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself," The Hardest Button to Button," and "There's No Home For You Here") feature badass non-album b-sides, 3 of which are covers of songs from some of Detroit's turn-of-the-millenium best and brightest (Brendan Benson, Jason Falkner, Dan Miller (Blanche), Soledad Brothers), and one of which is a live White Stripes medley of "I Fought Piranhas" and "Let's Build a Home," recorded at New York's legendary Electric Lady Studios.

          Most of these tracks have been remastered from the original analog sources, and the artwork on all the singles has been improved upon by the Third Man Creative Hive. 

          Arctic Monkeys

          Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

            Well it's here at last, the most hotly anticipated debut album since, ooooh I dunno! And don't let the hype put you off, it certainly doesn't disappoint! Clever, cocky lyrics; wry commentary on modern life that Jarvis'd be proud of (must be a Sheff thing!). Add to that loads of hooks and killer tunes and you've got one of the most exciting debut albums in ages! Like The Libertines could've been, if only they'd been Northern!

            The Commercials

            Its Not What You Say Its How You Say It

              For fans of Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day and Dashboard Confessional, The Commercials from Philadelphia have been together for five years, played on the Vans Warped Tour 2003 and bestride the hardcore and emo genres with their blend of confrontational, intense emocore.


              Say What You Mean What You Say

                From the opening number "Snap Out Of It" you'll know you're onto a winner with Attention! Featuring members of three successful emo bands (The Stereo, The Gloria Record, New End Original), Attention has forged and polished their own dynamic and exciting brand of emo which is set to eclipse their previous work. Perhaps the reason JT (vocals, guitar), Jeremy (Bass), David (drums) and Erik (guitar, vocals) have made such strides in such a short time is because they have been able to draw from past experiences and learn from previous mistakes. "Say What You Mean What You Say" is a classy debut from an emo band that are sure to please any fan of the genre.

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