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Hysterical Strength

    DEADLETTER were one of the most talked about band's of 2023, with their critically acclaimed debut EP 'Heat!' gaining nods from tastemakers including NME, CLASH, DIY, DORK and The Guardian, 2024 brings in the band's debut album, Hysterical Strength.

    Having played together in groups prior, DEADLETTER was formed at the start of 2020, days before the pandemic struck. After some lineup experimentation, the addition of Will King (Guitar), Sam Jones (Guitar) and Poppy Richler (Saxophone) completed the group. Bound together by a recognition of frenetic energy and rhythm and leaving any wider ideological goal open to interpretation by the listener, it’s clear the release of their debut album heralds the next level for DEADLETTER.


    1. Credit To Treason
    2. More Heat!
    3. Mother
    4. Bygones
    5. A Haunting
    6. It Flies
    7. Hysterical Strength
    8. Relieved
    9. Deus Ex Machina
    10. Practise Whilst You Preach
    11. Mere Mortal
    12. Auntie Christ 

    The Joy Hotel


      Newly signed to SO Recordings and with a debut album proper in hand, The Joy Hotel have become a word-of-mouth success story in the Scottish DIY scene, and have since taken their live show across the UK and Europe, playing festivals including Hidden Door, Doune the Rabbit Hole, Connect, TRNSMT, Twisterella, Latitude, Sound City and The Great Escape.

      The band spent eleven days at Rockfield, the legendary studio in Monmouth, Wales, recording live-to-tape. When they left, they had a sound. It is often contradictory, in that it combines the songwriting sensibilities of pop and country with arrangements reminiscent of the psychedelic scene of the 60s, six-part vocal harmonies with elements of noise rock, beautiful balladry with a sense of humour, and a cinematic quality. The result of those eleven days is debut album 'Ceremony', a record that searches for the profound in the seemingly routine, and reaches out with arms wide open to wring celebration out of each moment.


      1. I Decline
      2. Forever Tender Blue
      3. First Joy
      4. Jeremiah
      5. Black Balloon
      6. Rapid Eye Movement
      7. Old Man's Eyes
      8. While You're Young
      9. No Use
      10. Twenty Three (A Comedy) - Part 1
      11. Twenty Three (A Comedy) - Part 2
      12. Killing Time
      13. Small Mercy

      Enter Shikari

      Dancing On The Frontline

        Almost a year to the day since the release of their UK #1 album A Kiss for the Whole World, Enter Shikari are announcing a new companion record Dancing On The Frontline. The new record brings together remixes, non-album singles (featuring the likes of Wargasm, Cody Frost, AViVA and Fever 333’s Jason Aalon Butler), plus live recordings from the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show and Future Sounds shows. The record's opening track 'Goldfish (Shikari Sound System remix)' is out now.

        Dancing On The Frontline also comes with a Blu-ray of the band's headline performances at Slam Dunk Festival 2023 and Germany's Vainstream Festival. Their much-lauded live show has since been all around the world, covering the USA, Australia, Europe, UK, Ireland and more. Audiences in the UK also witnessed the band's biggest ever headline tour to date of the country's arenas, an audio-visual spectacular that The Guardian awarded four stars and heralded as "the beginning of Enter Shikari’s greatest chapter."

        In October the band will bring special guests You Me At Six out on the road with them, as they journey through North America on what will be You Me At Six's final ever shows in the continent, ahead of their split in 2025.


        1. Goldfish (Shikari Sound System Remix)
        2. Bloodshot (Shikari Sound System Remix)
        3. The Void Stares Back
        4. Bull
        5. STRANGERS
        6. Losing My Grip
        7. It Hurts (BBC Radio One Future Sounds Session Version)
        8. Bull Feat. Cody Frost (BBC Radio One Future Sounds Session Version)
        9. 2 Be Loved (BBC Radio One Future Sounds Session Version)
        10. (pls) Set Me On Fire (BBC Radio One Rock Show Session Version)
        11. A Kiss For The Whole World (BBC Radio One Rock Show Session Version)
        12. Bloodshot (BBC Radio One Rock Show Session Version)

        Seasick Steve

        A Trip, A Stumble, A Fall Down On Your Knees

          It's been almost 20 years since Seasick Steve's celebrated appearance on Jools Holland's Hootenanny launched the unknown American singer-songwriter to worldwide fame, and his beat-up three-string Japanese guitar and old wooden stompbox made musical history. The overwhelming response surprised nobody more than Steve himself, and was like a lightning strike; the impact of which is still being felt close to two decades later, as he has gone onto play almost every major festival in the World, rack up over 2 million album sales, and release three UK Top 10 albums.

          His new record A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees is released on 7th June 2024 via So Recordings and available to pre-order now. It's a record he proudly says is his favourite to date, and is announced alongside a run of UK instore and outstore shows. Steve says: “This album was made by mistake, as the title suggests we just tripped and stumbled into it, and it became my favourite album ever and the piece of work I’m most proud of to date. There’s not a week goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for that night on the Hootenanny which has brought us here to this record”.


          1. Move To The Country
          2. Internet Cowboys
          3. San Francisco Sound '67
          4. A Trip And A Stumble (For Leya)
          5. This Way
          6. Backbone Slip
          7. Let The Music Talk
          8. Funky Music
          9. Cryin' Out Loud
          10. Elisabeth

          BIG SPECIAL


            Words are not to be taken for granted. Especially when they’re being bellowed, full blast, by a broad-shouldered poet with the brimstone fire of a preacher and the honesty and wisdom of a layman, over ground-shaking live beats and between anthemic blasts of melody and rousing riffage.

            Words matter. History matters. People matter. And BIG SPECIAL matter.

            For BIG SPECIAL - Joe Hicklin (vocals) and Callum Moloney (drums) - their sound is one that comes from vital, frustrated young working-class voices that don’t always get heard on the scale they should do. It’s a frustration that comes to the fore through a voice that is at times coarse and raw, but sensitive, desperate and soulful at others. Hicklin's brimstone-fired voice marches from guttural punk barks and serrated spoken word to soaring soul and back again, arriving siphoned from their forebears, crushed under the weight of history, and retooled for a new generation. It’s wrought, raw and angry at a world lacking options, the thinning of the common understanding between the social classes of England, exasperation at repeating cycles, and the feeling that you’re watching your own life unfold from the outside.

            These are songs that channel that voice you hear when you look in the mirror and see your true self – fight songs for a world gone wrong.

            TRACK LISTING

            01. BLACK COUNTRY GOTHIC
            02. I MOCK JOGGERS
            04. SHITHOUSE
            05. THIS HERE AIN’T WATER
            07. BLACK DOG / WHITE HORSE
            08. BROADCAST: TIME AWAY
            09. ILL.
            10. MONGREL
            11. BUTCHER’S BIN
            12. DUST OFF / START AGAIN
            13. TREES
            14. FOR THE BIRDS
            15. DiG!

            Enter Shikari

            A Kiss For The Whole World

              Enter Shikari are a rock band from St Albans, UK. In 2020, they released their sixth album - Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible - which also gave them their sixth album to debut in the UK Album Chart top 5. Frequently collecting Best Live Artist awards, Enter Shikari’s seventeen-year career thus far has seen them rise from teenagers touring the UK grassroots venues, to festival main stages and arena headliners worldwide.

              It was in the Spring of 2022 that the band descended to the coastal town of Chichester, and a delipidated farmhouse, to rebuild their studio setup and capture their renewed momentum on record. Using only solar power to track the album–in what Reynolds says was to “bring back some sense of naivety” – the life-giving properties and Technicolor palate of A Kiss For The Whole World were made real. Reynolds continues: “Back to basics. This band - my best friends - bundled into an old farmhouse, miles away from anywhere.

              Off-grid, and ready to rediscover ourselves. This album is powered by the sun, the most powerful object in our solar system. And I think you can tell. It’s a collection of songs that represent an explosive reconnection with what Enter Shikari is. The beginning of our second act”.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              01. A Kiss For The Whole World X
              02. (pls) Set Me On Fire
              03. It Hurts
              04. Leap Into The Lightning
              05. Feed Yøur Søul
              06. Dead Wood

              Side B
              01. Jailbreak
              02. Bloodshot
              03. Bloodshot (Coda)
              04. Goldfĭsh ~
              05. Giant Pacific Octopus (i Don’t Know You Anymore)
              06. Giant Pacific Octopus Swirling Off Into Infinity…

              Hundred Reasons

              Glorious Sunset

                Acclaimed Brit quartet Hundred Reasons return with album number five ‘Glorious Sunset’ (their first studio album in fifteen years). The path to the first Hundred Reasons album in a decade and a half may well have taken many detours for the Aldershot quartet as lives, roles and responsibilities diverged but ultimately their route back to one another came as something of a natural process. The creative urge seemingly never left the band - Colin Doran (vocals), Larry Hibbitt (guitar, vocals), Andy Gilmour (bass), Andy Bews (drums) – and their first sessions back together became less about re-capturing the magic of their previous four studio albums, or addressing unfinished business, and more satisfying a growing urge to be creative together once more. They set about fanning the flame of a spark that was never truly extinguished, aiming to capture spontaneity in its rawest form, and later hone and perfect their work with the band’s own Larry Hibbitt on production duties. Consequently, Glorious Sunset is as vivid, exciting and as fresh a collection as they have ever produced - distinctly Hundred Reasons and full of fire. Lead singer Colin Doran says of the first writing session; “I came away from that session not just feeling closer to the other guys, having not seen them for some time, but thinking the music was f****** awesome. We all looked at each other and knew it was a go.”

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Glorious Sunset
                2. New Glasses
                3. It Suits You
                4. Replicate
                5. Done
                6. Right There With You
                7. Insultiment
                8. So So Soon
                9. The Old School Way
                10. Wave Form

                Colin Macleod

                Hold Fast

                  Tradition, community and the rugged ways of the island life: it all soaks into Hold Fast by Colin Macleod, his first album for SO Recordings. From the plangent, spacious Americana of the string laden opener Queen of the Highlands to his heartfelt love letter to home This Old Place, Hold Fast tells the tale of a man returning to the island where he was born after trying to make it in the world. Contrasting parts — Springsteen-style widescreen rock on The Long Road and Sleep, introspective acoustic folk on Made of Stone and 33 (one of two tracks on the album featuring Sheryl Crow) — contribute to a poignant whole.

                  And although it may sound like a story culled from Macleod’s own experience, being a singer songwriter who indeed left his tight-knit island community in search of glory, it is a work of fiction. It just happens to be fiction embedded in truth. "The stories in this album are a culmination of a mis-spent youth. Although the tales are fictional, there not a million miles from the truth, or from my own story, but hopefully more of a cautionary tale. What goes on in the shadows of an island? what happens when the summer light is replaced by long winters? Beautiful places often have a sorry tale to tell, but also a community to help pick you up if you fall by the roadside. This album is the story of one such journey. " - Colin Macleod

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Queen Of The Highlands
                  2. The Long Road
                  3. Warning Signs
                  4. Old Soul*
                  5. Sleep
                  6. Made Of Stone
                  7. 33*
                  8. Runaway
                  9. Looking For God
                  10. This Old Place

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