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Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs And Her Band

    I love these musicians [Sam Amidon, Karl Blau, Charlotte Greve, Shahzad Ismaily] - I've played with some of them for two years and some for over twenty - We met up last spring at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn and rehearsed for one day before recording this album at the nearby Owl Parlor on March 29 and 30, 2023

    It fills me with joy to hear my songs reinterpreted through the spirits of these masterful musicians (who are also my dear friends). I hope you enjoy this document, too. Thank you to Oren Bloedow at The Owl Parlor for creating a beautiful space for us to perform and record this music." Pressed on Black- In- Ultra-Clear color vinyl.


    1. Autumn Song
    2. White Cherry
    3. Ring Song
    4. Time Will Show You
    5. Signal 
    6. Seaside Haiku
    7. Pink Light
    8. New Arms
    9. My Lantern
    10. I Can See Your Tracks

    Laura Veirs

    Phone Orphans

      They are about my family, my lovers and me. I recorded them alone in my living room into my voice memo app. I like their relaxed feel. These songs were mastered but we made no edits to the recordings. I hope you enjoy this intimate glimpse into my artistic process. All songs by me except "Up is a Nice Place to Be" by Rosalie Sorrels and "The Archers" with lyrics adapted from a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca.


      1. Creatures Of A Day 
      2. If You Could Hold Someone 
      3.Rocks Of Time 
      4. Tree
      5. Climber 
      6. Up Is A Nice Place To Be 
      7. The Archers 
      8. Tiger Ocean Instrumental 
      9. Smoke Song 
      10. Valentine 
      11. Magnolia Sphere 
      12. Swan Dive 
      13. Next One, Maybe 
      14. Piano Improv 
      15. Beautiful Dreams

      Laura Veirs

      Carbon Glacier

        Originally released on CD in 2004, later released on vinyl in 2007 and out of print since 2010 and widely seen as a groundbreaking album in the Laura Veirs canon. “With her landmark fourth album, Veirs evoked the Pacific Northwest in climactic imagery” - Uncut.

        “Carbon Glacier is a cold, beautiful and engaging record that translates the bleak, isolated vastness of nature into the bleak, isolated vastness of the modern city-sprawl, leaving one voice to sing in solitude.” - Pitchfork.

        “This is an oddly beautiful album - far more engaging than you’d expect of one written in a grey Seattle winter, pondering mortality, Moby Dick and the great sheet of blackened ice after which it’s named.” - The Guardian.

        Producer/drummer Tucker Martine (Modest Mouse). Martine allows the experimentation to bloom in all the right places, resulting in a record that never overworks itself, despite being packed to the gills with ghostly glockenspiels, organs, random percussion, and trombone.


        A1. Ether Sings
        A2. Icebound Stream
        A3. Rapture
        A4. Lonely Angel Dust
        A5. The Cloud Room
        A6. Wind Is Blowing Stars
        A7. Shadow Blues
        B1. Anne Bonny Rag
        B2. Snow Camping
        B3. Chimney Sweeping Man
        B4. Salvage A Smile
        B5. Blackened Anchor
        B6. Riptide

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