Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs And Her Band

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Raven Marching Band

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I love these musicians [Sam Amidon, Karl Blau, Charlotte Greve, Shahzad Ismaily] - I've played with some of them for two years and some for over twenty - We met up last spring at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn and rehearsed for one day before recording this album at the nearby Owl Parlor on March 29 and 30, 2023

It fills me with joy to hear my songs reinterpreted through the spirits of these masterful musicians (who are also my dear friends). I hope you enjoy this document, too. Thank you to Oren Bloedow at The Owl Parlor for creating a beautiful space for us to perform and record this music." Pressed on Black- In- Ultra-Clear color vinyl.


1. Autumn Song
2. White Cherry
3. Ring Song
4. Time Will Show You
5. Signal 
6. Seaside Haiku
7. Pink Light
8. New Arms
9. My Lantern
10. I Can See Your Tracks

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