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Shame On Dry Land (OST)

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Baba Stiltz has written and produced the award winning soundtrack for the Swedish Movie "Shame On Dry Land (Syndabocken)". Awarded the Guldbagge price for best feature film soundtrack in 2024, the music is dense, at times oppressive, than again light-Mediterranean, all perfectly accompanying the story's vibe. 

Baba Stiltz moving between Stockholm & LA. A myth, a young legend. Writing music since the tender age of 13, not bound by genres or expectations. Used to do Skweee before he defined his own sound of tech-house - skipped that (temporarily?). Now moving on to more folkloristic styles: country, rock, indie… you name it. Good music.


A1) Welcome Dimman
A2) Kicki
A3) Island
A4) Shame On Dry Land
A5) Follow Me
A6) Fredrik’s Gone
A7) Again
A8) Body Drop
A9) Moped Escape
A10) Karema Goodbye
B1) Voyeur
B2) Follow Him
B3) Standoff
B4) Reconciliation
B5) Love Theme
B6) Dress Rehearsal
B7) Kill Krum
B8) Believe
B9) Underwater Love

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