Simone De Kunovich

Flow My Tears

Image of Simone De Kunovich - Flow My Tears
Record Label
Public Possession

About this item

A eurodans / trance-indebted epic on the ever-reliable Public Possession. Simone De Kunovich updated those classic 90s tropes with a modern production sheen and tighter arrangements than the sprawling 10+ minute sagas from back in the day. Never the less, these tracks are uplifting, empowering and transportive - lost-in-the-smoke eyes-wide-hut - havin' it right off mate....


Matt says: This is my jam for the weekend! (Although I might pitch it down a bit). Coalescing the best bits of trance and eurodans before tightening up the arrangements and updating the drum palette. It ain't reinventing the wheel but it should put one hell of a smile on the dancefloor.


A1) Flow My Tears
B1) Super Mana Drain
B2) Warp World

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