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Prins Thomas

Graut (Fango Remix)

The second of Prins Thomas' custom built peaktime destroyers blasts out the missile tube as a juggernaught of pummeling sequence and heat treated percussion, blazing an endless arc across the sky. Eventually the whomping, glomping burp of textbook PT bass joins the party, ensuring maximum cosmic techno pressure. On the flip recent Piccadilly favourite Fango tags in for the remix, locking a hypnotic synth loop, car alarm sequence and tape chewing leadline into a rigid club groove for a kind of uplifting EBM oddity.


Sil says: Unrecognisable Prins on this one. He goes full on jugular attack with this dark heavy techno number, but his signature sound and playfulness are all ever present. Top peak time drone attack!


A. Graut
B. Graut (Fango Remix)

Prins Thomas completes the series of remixes from recent album "5" with a triptych of killers from Wata Igarashi, Orbe and Rivet. Dimension-traversing, wormhole diving antics from Wata Igarashi kick off the 12" with two highly astronomical versions of "Bronchi Beat". The first ('Exhale') is a spirally, gurgling, lysergic beast; like the stems of the original track themselves are choking under heavy gravity and liquid plasma. The second ('Inhale') is more introspective, looking inward via seesawing sonar bleeps and bubbling acid line. Hivern native Orbe looks to the stars with concentric arps, bobbing beats and more analogue phlegm spilling from its orifices. Finally, "Æ" is given a Rivet reduction; removing all but the pummeling kicks, creeping sense of foreboding and unadulterated experimentation. So darn good! 


A1. Bronchi Beat (Wata Igarashi Exhale Remix)
A2. Bronchi Beat (Wata Igarashi Inhale Remix)
B1. Bronchi Beat (Orbe Remix)
B2. Æ (Rivet Remix)

Rejoice, for here is the latest LP from Prins Thomas, long standing Piccadilly hero and legend of Norwegian cosmic/ambient/house/techno/psyche/ - this is getting silly, he essentially does what he wants and it's always amazing. Whatever genre he's dipping his toes in, Thomas' productions always share a few key qualities - expansive, cinematic scope, hypnotic rhythms, propulsive bass and the kind of epic, overarching melodies that sound frankly ecstatic at a high volume. Operating on his own Prins Thomas Musikk imprint, and free from the conceptual constraints of"Principe Del Norte", Thomas treats us to his most diverse long player to date, gracefully translating his love of shoegaze, acid, prog and funk into a groove-filled sound all of his own. Opener "Here Comes The Band" blasts us into a kosmische orbit with heavy Hawkwind bass and churning synth, before the tempo drops for the mellow and melancholic "Villajoyosa", a brilliant blend of odd acid bass, schmindie guitar and funk drums. From there "Bronchi Beat" drops us into slow-release ambient techno (of sorts) before "5.13" harks back to the cosmic boogie of L&PT's "Turkish Delight" or Thomas' second solo LP. "Æ" gives us churning drugged up disorientation, "Ø" goes off on an Ibizan stakeout while "Lunga Strada" zooms through the German heartland, only to end up in the heat of an imaginary sunset. There's still four tracks to go, but I'm struggling to contain my excitement within our strict word count. You can write your own notes when you buy your copy.


Patrick says: Thomas shakes off the genre constraints (I've never noticed any to be honest) to combine everything he loves about music into another sonic voyage. Indie guitars, motorik drums, acid synths and techno bass, all soaked with PT's psychedelic touch!


1.Here Comes The Band 5:48
2.Villajoyosa 5:11
3.Bronchi Beat 7:17
4. 5:13
5. Æ 7:16
6. Ø 6:21
7. Lunga Strada 7:55
8. London Til Lisboa 8:14
9. Å 5:27
10. Venter På Torske 4:29
11. Aske Hermansen 7:18

A 1.Here Comes The Band 5:48
2.Villajoyosa 5:11
3.Bronchi Beat 7:17

B1. 5:13
2. Æ 7:16
3. Ø 6:21

C 1. Lunga Strada 7:55
2. London Til Lisboa 8:14

D 1. Å 5:27
2. Venter På Torske 4:29
3. Aske Hermansen 7:18

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