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Lunga Strada - Pilotwings Remixes

    Well isn't this some utterly exciting shit! Norway's kosmische kingpin Prins Thomas keeps the killers coming on his new slf titular label, handing the stems for recent LP track 'Lunga Strada' to Lyonnaise upstarts The Pilotwings, who do their thing wonderfully. The BDFM duo ditch the breakbeats here, opting instead for an AMIGA 500 proto-tropical freakout, imbuing a sultry sunrise groove with pattering mallets, skewed funk synths and all sorts of platform game idents. Slinky, goofy and good for a right old knees up, this is technicolour tackle for the zaniest DJs. Over on the flip the Frenchmen hit us with some batshit bonus beats, powering through polyrhythmic percussion, wiggy fx, guttural chants, space echo and a Tarzan yodel for good measure. Excellent!


    Patrick says: I'm all over this one! Sunny, tropical and off-its-tits, Pilotwings flip on PT's 'Lunga Strada' cartweheels between new age, Balearic house, tropical disco and James Pond funk, taking us all along for the ride. Flip it and you've got yourself a very tasty DJ tool packed with batshit FX.

    Rejoice, for here is the latest LP from Prins Thomas, long standing Piccadilly hero and legend of Norwegian cosmic/ambient/house/techno/psyche/ - this is getting silly, he essentially does what he wants and it's always amazing. Whatever genre he's dipping his toes in, Thomas' productions always share a few key qualities - expansive, cinematic scope, hypnotic rhythms, propulsive bass and the kind of epic, overarching melodies that sound frankly ecstatic at a high volume. Operating on his own Prins Thomas Musikk imprint, and free from the conceptual constraints of"Principe Del Norte", Thomas treats us to his most diverse long player to date, gracefully translating his love of shoegaze, acid, prog and funk into a groove-filled sound all of his own. Opener "Here Comes The Band" blasts us into a kosmische orbit with heavy Hawkwind bass and churning synth, before the tempo drops for the mellow and melancholic "Villajoyosa", a brilliant blend of odd acid bass, schmindie guitar and funk drums. From there "Bronchi Beat" drops us into slow-release ambient techno (of sorts) before "5.13" harks back to the cosmic boogie of L&PT's "Turkish Delight" or Thomas' second solo LP. "Æ" gives us churning drugged up disorientation, "Ø" goes off on an Ibizan stakeout while "Lunga Strada" zooms through the German heartland, only to end up in the heat of an imaginary sunset. There's still four tracks to go, but I'm struggling to contain my excitement within our strict word count. You can write your own notes when you buy your copy.


    Patrick says: Thomas shakes off the genre constraints (I've never noticed any to be honest) to combine everything he loves about music into another sonic voyage. Indie guitars, motorik drums, acid synths and techno bass, all soaked with PT's psychedelic touch!


    2xLtd LP Info: 2LP + including MP3+WAV Version, HQ Art with Gold Print, Black Polylined Innersleeves.

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