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At the start of 2021 I realized I hadn't paid much attention to my own productions lately, rather spending time doing remixes or mixdowns for others or like many others, worrying over what the future will bring.

I started going through tracks and ideas I had started on but not completed and now as another annus horribilis nears the end I have 2 albums ready for 2022 release, entitled "8" and "9".

Although I promised myself to never say it I personally think they're my best work so far and I hope someone else will get the feeling of "a light at the end of the tunnel" when listening to these tracks just like I feel when listening back to them.

There are contributions from the very capable hands of Bugge Wesseltoft("8") and John Carroll Kirby(on both "8" and "9"), besides that it's just me.


Barry says: A beautiful set of productions from the ever-wonderful Prins Thomas. Inc. some drifty Balearic guitar, rich throbbing bass and crisp, crystalline percussion. Wonderfully modern but with a nostalgic edge, echoing Pt's earlier productions but with a slightly more serene, plaintive edge.


* Tracklist LP:(Part 2 Of A 2 LP Album (Tracks 1.-6. See Part1 = PTM008))
7."Evig Ung" 04:00
8."Layback Rollout" 06:02
9."Earthbound" * 06:49
10."Film 005" 00:52
11."I Love U" 05:33
12."Tåke Over Fjorden" 09:28
13."Film 006" 04:01

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