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    Madrugada is the Spanish word for those strange, seductive hours before sunrise. A familiar stretch of time for the seasoned raver – and for MJ Cole, an artist who’s spent much of his career exploring those magical moments. Yet despite so many nights in the clubs, some of his most powerful memories of the madrugada hours have nothing to do with dancefloor euphoria.

    “I've experienced a lot of early mornings, but having been up from the night before,” he says, remembering one special morning on the Severn Bridge, driving home from a solo gig and watching the sun come up. “For me, the early morning is a significant period.” With MJ Cole presents Madrugada, he sets out to capture that special feeling with an album unlike anything he’s done before.


    1. A Visit To Lolita
    2. Far Closer
    3. Cathedral
    4. Knocking
    5. Sonoran
    6. 90 Miles
    7. Solo Waltzer
    8. Strings For Jodie
    9. Reimagination
    10. Psalm 892
    11. Dizzy New Heights
    12. Resolution

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