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DJ Nobu & Wata Igarashi

Flares / Abuku

    Frequent collaborators DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi come together for an anticipated joint release on fabric Originals. This will be the first offering by the fabric imprint for fabric’s 25 Year celebrations.The split single release features two luminaries ofthe techno realm with the DJ Nobu track ‘Flares’and Igarashi’s ‘泡 (Abuku)’, which translates as‘bubbles’ or ‘foam’ in Japanese. The productions explore two of the multifaceted sides of the techno genre. Nobu revels in a driving urgency that is not without delicate nuance. Igarashi embraces the more euphoric and psychedelic side of 4-4. Both hit the sweet-spot of club-floor pleasure and headphone delight.


    DJ Nobu - ‘Flares’
    Wata Igarashi - ‘泡 (Abuku)’

    DJ Bone

    Black Market EP

      "Black Market EP" is DJ Bone’s first output after a long production hiatus. A widely-respected DJ, producer, and  turntablist of the 90’s and 00’s; not to mention an early pioneer of the podcast format with his legendary 'DJ Bone Attacks' informing a whole generation of techno lovers which would become devote DJ Bone fans. Like Jeff Mills, Carl Cox and DJ Rush, he pioneered the use of three decks mixing techno and full throttle.

      Drawing on the full 4/4 force of Detroit techno, ‘Rising’, ‘Fulmination’ and ‘In Solution’ charge with his renewed passion - bursting with heavenly strings, rippling synths, moody pads and energetic vocal stabs. ‘Power Of The Three’ is a rolling DnB workout, proving Bone’s skills reach all corners of the dancefloor. 

      A true pioneer dedicated to the art of techno, he’s the perfect fit for a new label from a legendary club like fabric, pointing both to the birthplace of the genre and ahead to its future. Recommended. 


      Matt says: Stone cold Detroit legend DJ Bone back with four brand new tracks after a seemingly endless hiatus. Exactly what you want from Bone - high tech, machine code rhythms, expansive techno that urges you to both dream and dance. There's even a cheeky DnB number thrown in. You know what to do!


      A1. Rising
      A2. Fulmination
      B1. In Solution
      B2. Power Of The Free

      Eris Drew & Octo Octa

      Day After A Night With U / Stars & Water

      Fabric launches a new offshoot: Fabric Originals. The imprint aims to release special projects from the artists that form the present and future of boundary pushing club music globally in single, EP, album and compilation form. To launch the label a new split 12” from hi-NRG pioneers Eris Drew & Octo Octa is unveiled. Eris Drew draws on elements of 90s big beat with a propulsive twist, adding chest-rattling bass notes to anchor the track’s eyes-down 4/4 rhythm. Created in reaction to this dancefloor wonder, Octo Octa’s "Stars & Water" takes on a much more commanding tone finding cues from a classic house sound and employing deft polyrhythms to build progressive energy. As you'd expect from the label's ethos and the artists involved - it's progressive, inovative; yet retains that magical infectious quality required for modern club music hits. We're feelin' it! 


      A. Eris Drew - Day After A Night With U
      AA. Octo Octa - Stars & Water

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