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And Then There Were Four

    Featuring Andre Innes, Martin Duffy & Darren Mooney of Primal Scream. “In 2018 after a particularly messy session involving Pacharan, a Spanish version of Pernod, the name and then there were four was bandied around as my fellow travellers fell by the wayside, sounded like a Spaghetti western…and the idea was hatched. We began recording in Artesonao studios in Malaga, myself and Ed Chapman, a renowned English artist, we were ably assisted by Rachel Hewitt on violin we recorded a dozen or so tunes in a week.

    We recruited the services of Darrin Mooney and Martin Duffy of Primal Scream on drums and keys, Andrew Innes of Primal Scream assisted on additional guitars, celeste and bells…lots of bells. Robert McGovern came out to Malaga to play on a few tracks also. We had the voice of Justine Petty – Burrows a Canadian chanteuse to be a foil to my less than acrobatic voice. The record was a return to my favourite music of my youth, soaking up Dylan, Scott Walker, Tim Buckley, Tim Rose, Tim Hardin and the soundtracks of Morricone, like an old compilation tape from 1986” – Sheer Taft 2022


    Side One
    1. And Then There Were Four
    2. Everybody's Been Somebody's Fool
    3. Gypsy River
    4. After Midnight
    5. The Sun Is Ours
    6. Mezcal Dream
    7. Four Ride Out
    Side Two
    1. Enemigo De Todos
    2. Alegria
    3. Chasing Down A Dream
    4. The Ghost
    5. Time
    6.Requiem For Pablo
    7.(There Goes) A Friend Of Mine

    David J With Tim Newman

    Analogue Excavations & Dream Interpretations Volume 2 (RSD22 EDITION)


      Volume 2 of the above. Sleeve notes by Tim Newman. Naturelle Vinyl, which is like Milky Clear

      Deux Filles

      Shadow Farming

        In 1982-83, Deux Filles appeared to be a pair of young French girls Claudine Coule & Gemini Forque, brought together by tragic circumstances to make a heady, pastoral avant-garde post punk woven with sampled dialogue and occasionally their own vocals.In truth it was former child actor, fledgling teenage pop idol and soon to be film soundtrack composer Simon Fisher Turner, and Colin Lloyd Tucker, both members of an early incarnation of The The, who took the concept as far as dressing as girls for the album sleeves and even playing a gig in full disguise. The music itself is utterly enchanting; a sublimely realised take on Eno-esque ambient, Gallic pop and European style progressive rock. And now they're back with two beautiful side-long suites ‘Intuition’ & ‘Sweet Animal Suite’


        01/ Call Of The Waders Entrée & Evolver
        02/ Human Baby Boomer
        03/ Sidewinder
        04/ Sapsucker’s Sarabande
        05/ At The Waterhole Intermezzi
        06/ Shivering Timbers
        07/ Monkey Charming For Beginners
        08 Tea In John Clare’s Garden
        09 Harras
        10 The Vultures Gather Chaconne
        11 Wading Out


        Why Foot? - Love Record Stores 2021 Edition

          Love Record Stores Edition available instore from 10am on Saturday September 4th, any remaining copies will be available on online from 9pm on the same day.
          Limited to one per person.

          Foot are: Don Fleming, Jim Dunbar and Thurston Moore – vintage analogue synthesizers. This album has been Remodelled by Tim Newman and his associates from the Track ‘Early Foot’, which originally appeared on the God Bless Records CD ‘foot’ in 1998, recorded as part of the Canal Street Series at Jimbo’s Pad, NYC in the early days of Nemocore, winter 1996. Liberated from the traditional constraints of time signature and key signature and fixed changes. Where sound responds to music. 


          Rising - Love Record Stores 2021 Edition

            Love Record Stores Edition available instore from 10am on Saturday September 4th, any remaining copies will be available on online from 9pm on the same day.
            Limited to one per person.

            Expanded reissue of the 1995 Electronica / House / Techno Double LP by Rolo McGinty of The Woodentops. Resequenced & remastered with 3 extra tracks (2 previously unreleased) plus the Mix of Rockerfeller that made a stir on Trance Europe Express 2. Excellent music composition, sequencing, layers and shifting directions on every track. Up-there with the best in House-Techno. If this was by Larry Heard or Terrence Parker - this would have been hailed a classic...Superb album! 

            Ben Edge

            New Tradition

              New Tradition is the debut Solo Album by Ben Edge, who's past musical projects include Thee Spivs and Ben Edge and the Electric Pencils. Releasing on Vinyl to coincide with the exhibition of Ben Edge's paintings in June at the Crypt Gallery at the St Pancras New Church in London, in collaboration with the Museum of British Folklore.Ben who is a painter and visual artist, has undertaken a project over the past four years in which he has obsessively been visiting, filming and painting the folk customs, rituals and ceremonies of the British Isles and this group of songs was inspired by the sights, sounds and folkloric world in which Edge has immersed himself.

              The cover art is one of Edge’s paintings and depicts the Garland king of Castleton, Derbyshire. The album was produced by Matthew Shaw (Shirley Collins, Tex La Homa, Spectral and the Pop Group) The coming year will be a busy one for Ben Edge with the Launch of his documentary film and series of Paintings 'Frontline Folklore' that will be exhibited in collaboration with the Museum of British Folklore and of course when the world permits playing live and performing the songs of 'New Tradition'.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. New Tradition
              2. Centre Point
              3. Who Knows Where I Will Be
              3. Cowboys And Indians
              4. Tell Me Anyway
              5. Righteous Blues
              6. Bedlam
              7. Mutilated Land
              8. Blue Moon
              9. Reason For Living
              10. Burryman's Place
              11. Burn Your Boats And Bridges

              Jowe Head

              Strawberry Birthmarks

                Jowe Head's first post-Swell Maps recordings from 1980 and a further session from 1982 after his first LP 'Pincer Movement' was released in 1981. 6 tracks from these recordings were released on Constrictor in Germany in 1986 alongside tracks from Pincer Movement as 'Strawberry Deutschmark' but the other 13 here are previously unreleased. Completely remixed by Jowe Head in 2020 for Glass Modern. "I recorded these tracks in my home at Londesborough Road, Stoke Newington, between 1980-1982, using a TEAC 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. All instruments played by me: electric guitar, fretless bass, electric fire, typewriter, sticks, a battered trumpet and an old harmonium. Overdubs recorded at GWBB in 1983. Remixed at Perch Street in 2020. Words and music composed by me”. (Jowe Head, November 2020

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Insect Valley
                2. Back Door To Heaven
                3. Easter Bunnies
                4. Loose Tongue
                5. Clear The Floor
                6. Carrot And Cane
                7. Son Of Tar Baby
                8. Lime Tango
                9. Phantom Of The Airwaves
                10. Cooling Fins
                11. Some Other Day
                12. Tar Babies
                13. Nearest Faraway Place
                14. Chad Valley 15. February
                16. Shiney Black Shirt
                17. Insect Flavour Valentine
                18. Snake Eggs

                Richard Youngs


                  Strong follow up to 2018’s “Belief “(O’Genesis) & “Endless Futures” (Glass Redux RSD release) Richard Youngs is also a member of Amor) “Dissident is a hallucination of a legendary lost Samizdat-style recording of the legendary lost Richard Youngs Band. It’s not clear to me that it is against anything in particular, and as such it is not literally dissident. In fact, I’m a little lost how or why it is dissident, save for being informed by the imagined provisional recordings of pre-Glasnost protest. Perhaps the wordless scratch vocals are voicing dissent, but I remember having fun. So much so, I couldn’t stop myself from fleshing out the rough nylon guitar songs to a full band arrangement, recorded in multiple spaces” – R. Youngs Imagine Richard Youngs as the junior member of a cabal of prolific and puritanical English musician-mystics, including The Fall's Mark E Smith, Van der Graaf Generator's Peter Hammill, Martin Carthy and The Clangers composer Vernon Elliot, and still his nature will elude you Stewart Lee, Sunday Times. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Filling My Mind With Stars
                  2. Just A Monotone
                  3. Lonely Suburban Eyes
                  4. North Sea Song
                  5. (Searching For A) Dead Language  
                  6. Paradise Begun
                  7. Assymetry
                  8. Unseeing
                  9. I Would Rather Fall Into Your Head
                  10. We Are Going Outside
                  11. High Low Vertigo
                  12. Caravans 

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