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New Tradition

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New Tradition is the debut Solo Album by Ben Edge, who's past musical projects include Thee Spivs and Ben Edge and the Electric Pencils. Releasing on Vinyl to coincide with the exhibition of Ben Edge's paintings in June at the Crypt Gallery at the St Pancras New Church in London, in collaboration with the Museum of British Folklore.Ben who is a painter and visual artist, has undertaken a project over the past four years in which he has obsessively been visiting, filming and painting the folk customs, rituals and ceremonies of the British Isles and this group of songs was inspired by the sights, sounds and folkloric world in which Edge has immersed himself.

The cover art is one of Edge’s paintings and depicts the Garland king of Castleton, Derbyshire. The album was produced by Matthew Shaw (Shirley Collins, Tex La Homa, Spectral and the Pop Group) The coming year will be a busy one for Ben Edge with the Launch of his documentary film and series of Paintings 'Frontline Folklore' that will be exhibited in collaboration with the Museum of British Folklore and of course when the world permits playing live and performing the songs of 'New Tradition'.


1. New Tradition
2. Centre Point
3. Who Knows Where I Will Be
3. Cowboys And Indians
4. Tell Me Anyway
5. Righteous Blues
6. Bedlam
7. Mutilated Land
8. Blue Moon
9. Reason For Living
10. Burryman's Place
11. Burn Your Boats And Bridges

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