Jowe Head

Strawberry Birthmarks

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Glass Modern

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Jowe Head's first post-Swell Maps recordings from 1980 and a further session from 1982 after his first LP 'Pincer Movement' was released in 1981. 6 tracks from these recordings were released on Constrictor in Germany in 1986 alongside tracks from Pincer Movement as 'Strawberry Deutschmark' but the other 13 here are previously unreleased. Completely remixed by Jowe Head in 2020 for Glass Modern. "I recorded these tracks in my home at Londesborough Road, Stoke Newington, between 1980-1982, using a TEAC 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. All instruments played by me: electric guitar, fretless bass, electric fire, typewriter, sticks, a battered trumpet and an old harmonium. Overdubs recorded at GWBB in 1983. Remixed at Perch Street in 2020. Words and music composed by me”. (Jowe Head, November 2020


1. Insect Valley
2. Back Door To Heaven
3. Easter Bunnies
4. Loose Tongue
5. Clear The Floor
6. Carrot And Cane
7. Son Of Tar Baby
8. Lime Tango
9. Phantom Of The Airwaves
10. Cooling Fins
11. Some Other Day
12. Tar Babies
13. Nearest Faraway Place
14. Chad Valley 15. February
16. Shiney Black Shirt
17. Insect Flavour Valentine
18. Snake Eggs

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