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Giona Ostinelli

Darling OST

    How does it sound when you’re slowly being driven insane? Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to bring you a soundtrack that aurally illustrates this in great detail in the form of Giona Ostinelli’s mesmerising score to DARLING. Written and directed by Mickey Keating (POD) and starring Lauren Ashley Carter (THE WOMAN) and genre favourite Sean Young (BLADE RUNNER), the film is a psychological horror in the vein of pictures like such Roman Polanski’s REPULSION, and features a young woman who becomes a caretaker of an isolated New York mansion and is driven slowly insane while walking the corridors.


    A1. NYC Pt. 1 (1:23)
    A2. Darling (1:22)
    A3. The City (2:17)
    A4. Why Did You Come Here Tonight ( 2:04)
    A5. Abyssus (2:22)
    A6. Dragging The Body (2:18)
    A7. James Abbott (1:51)
    A8. Crucifix (2:04)
    A9. Falling ( 2:29)
    A10. Pacing Around ( 1:56)
    A11. Coming To Life (1:06)
    A12. The Phone Call (1:31)
    B13. Invocation (1:33)
    B14. NYC Pt. 2 (1:13)
    B15. The Door (1:34)
    B16. The House (1:13)
    B17. Conversation (3:43)
    B18. Following Him ( 1:10)
    B19. Henry Sullivan ( 4:46)
    B20. Abyssus Pt. 2 (2:05)
    B21. Inferno (1:07)
    B22. Makeup (1:17)
    B23. Encounter (2:39)
    B24. Exploring The House (4:48)
    B25. Scriabin Preludes Op. 11 (3:28)
    B26. NYC Pt. 3 (1:05)
    B27. Demon (0:49)
    B28. Second Phone Call (1:12)
    B29. I Couldn't Let Him Live (3:21)
    B30. Darling Reprise (1:09)

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